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DIY Macrame Chair Decor Ideas for Home Wedding Party

Macrame decoration is a great addition to a wedding, thanks to its rustic, effortless beauty. DIY macrame chair décor is a cheap but beautiful way to improve the décor in a home wedding party. With just ropes and affordable crafting goods, you can create Boho decorations and impress your sitting guests.

Here are several ideas to create DIY macrame chair décor for a home wedding.

1.     Macrame with Flowers

Combine a simple macrame with flower arrangements for the seats. They do not need to be complicated; if you cannot afford roses, sunflowers, daisies, or gerberas can look beautiful too. Place the flowers on the top part of the chair backs, while the macrame hangs freely.


Decorate your wooden wedding chair with white macrame that hangs just behind the back of the chair. This macrame will appear more feminine and beautiful when complemented by rose accents that bloom perfectly. This chair decoration is suitable for use in all seasons so that it is much in demand by potential couples to decorate their wedding as best and as perfect as possible. Macrame chairs with rose accent flowers blooming from somethingturquoise.

The white macrame that is applied to the back of this chair is a decoration that shows the perfection of your wedding decoration this year. You can use faux rose flowers to keep them looking blooming when used throughout the day, choose this flower with more than one color to make the impression more cheerful and colorful. A mix of orange, white and peach roses would work well when designing this polished wood chair. Polished wooden chairs accented with faux roses from somethingturquoise.

2.     Tasseled Macrame

Make your DIY macrame chair décor more sophisticated by weaving it into tassels. Instead of letting the ropes hang like fringes, tie a bunch of them into slim tassels. They will look neater and more sophisticated when you hang them on the chairs.


Don’t let your macrame design be monotonous and boring, you can use the tassel at the bottom for an unusual and unique finish. Hang this macrame tassel behind the backrest so as not to disturb your sitting area to keep it comfortable to use throughout the wedding, purple flowers are a beautiful addition and easy to find. White macrame tassel from somethingturquoise.

The tassel that is applied to this macrame chair gives a different appearance to your wedding decoration so you can try to perfect this decoration to the fullest. This tassel is found on the underside of the macrame which is clearly visible and detailed, the sofa cushions which have a pattern become a perfect finish as well as a finishing touch that brings a little classic touch that has not been eaten by the times. Tassel applied under the seat macrame from somethingturquoise.

3.     Macrame with Green Touch

Greenery gives a fresher, more free-form look compared to flower arrangements. You can create a green accent from wild grasses, adorned with tiny flowers. You can also decorate each macrame with round summer wreaths.

Are you tired of plain chair macrame? If so, then you can add green plants in combination with three blooming roses. These green plants make the wedding atmosphere cooler during the day, while the accents of flowers give a fragrant aroma and make your guests feel comfortable in a long wedding event. The combination of green plants with flowers to decorate the macrame chairs from onefabday.

White macrame will look boring when applied behind the back of your chair, you can try a new look by adding green plant leaves that are arranged as best as possible. Large flowers are also a beautiful accent and make the appearance of wedding decorations more feminine and fresh. Try these chair decoration ideas the best you can for a flawless finish that doesn’t disappoint. White macrame with green leaf decoration from somethingturquoise.

4.     Colorful Wedding Chair Macrame

White macrame is a classic look for wedding chair ornaments. However, you can go with the less traditional way by choosing colorful ropes. They are perfect for a wedding party with non-traditional color schemes, such as black, pink, beige, or seafoam green.

Not only using white macrame, you can also try beige macrame which looks more vintage when applied to gold wedding chair decorations. Choose an iron chair with soft cushion to make it more comfortable to use for a long time. This macrame decoration is completed with a beautiful colorful floral centerpiece that looks gorgeous. Beige macrame with a colorful floral centerpiece from onefabday.

If you are using a wooden wedding chair, then the ombre macrame is the right decoration that you can easily try. You can combine pink with white in this macrame as a blend that blends well and is perfect. Hang this macrame with a strong rope so that it doesn’t fall easily when used to sit. Ombre macrame with white and pink color combination from onefabday.

5.     Dreamcatcher Macrame

This whimsical form is a popular design for chair macrame decoration. You can place this decoration on each chair as hope for a happy, dreamy marriage. A basic dreamcatcher is pretty enough, but you can improve it for a wedding decoration by adding flowers.

Wooden folding chairs that are used as wedding event furniture will look boring without any decorations. Therefore, you can try pairing the macrame dreamcatcher with accents of flowers and green plants to complement the design of this chair to make it look more beautiful. Folding chairs equipped with reclaimed wood tables provide a simple vintage impression but still look charming. Wooden folding chair accented with macrame dreamcatcher and flowers from brides.

The last option you can try to decorate your wedding chair is the macrame dreamcatcher which has a plain white color. You can install this macrame on a transparent plastic chair that looks more modern and contemporary. Plus they both work well for a wedding décor look that brings out a bohemian-style vibe. Macrame dreamcatcher on plastic chairs transparent from onefabday.

DIY macrame chair décor is a great way to create a freestyle, Boho atmosphere at a wedding party. Make your home wedding memorable by adding this unique adornment to every chair.

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