Awesome Water Garden Ideas for Beginners

Decorating and improving your outdoor space is very important. If you can decorate this space in a good way, you can use this space to relax and release your stress. After a stressful day its be very pleasant if you can “playing” outside with some activities even just gardening or enjoy the surrounding. One of the cheap activities that you can do is making a water garden. Here are some ideas that you can try.

1.     Utilize Used Wine Barrel into a Mini Pond

The first idea that you can do to bring water feature in your outdoor space is by taking advantages of unused wine barrel. You can turn this item to become a mini pond. You can buy in the thrift shop. Then you can cut it into the size and shape that you want. Fill the wine barrel with water and water plants. Voila, your mini pond is done.

An old wine barrel turned into a water feature would make a great outdoor focal point. Because this water park has small size, you can put it on the edge of the garden. Adding a tap for the water feature will make the display stand out even more. You can also add a few trivia to make a stunning garden. Combined with some green grass plants will create a natural and fresh garden. Two tied old wine barrel from countryliving.

The perfect idea for your water garden design is to use several stacked wine barrels. Equipped with aquatic plants to give a natural finish. You can put this water accent in the corner of your garden so that it becomes a perfect garden focal point so that it stole people’s attention. You can also pair some of the plants with a vineyard pot to complete the décor. Water garden with wine barrel from homebnc.

This piece showcases the best of a beautiful DIY mini pond in your garden. Choosing simple materials such as an old barrel, a few gallons of water, and a few lilies or other aquatic plants will create interesting water accents. Placing it on the edge of the garden will attract people’s attention and make your garden attractive. This installation is worth trying because it gives a perfect appearance. DIY mini pond garden from homebnc.

2.     Use Old Ceramic Bowl for Water Garden

It sounds good to use your old ceramic bowl into a beautiful tabletop water garden. Better for you use in a large size then you can fill it with some rocks. Arrange the rock on the bottom of the bowl and add water as you want. Don’t forget add some mini water plants to get a beautiful look.

The water garden with ceramic bowls has a very natural and brilliant concept. Here you just fill it with water and place several types of aquatic plants so that they can float beautifully. Placing plants in the corner of the garden will also enhance the decor of the room and will create an attractive garden. Choosing an old ceramic bowl will be a great water feature. Old ceramic bowl from  deavita.

This miniature fountain is the perfect addition to your small deck. Your old concrete bowl which has been transformed into a mini water garden will give your garden a peaceful and fresh feel. You can take advantage of various types of aquatic plants that can bloom beautifully. Placing it in a corner of the terrace will complete your look and make your garden decoration even more stunning. Old concrete bowl from deavita.

3.     Make a Bigger Pond with Stock Tank

If you have a large backyard, consider to have a large pond with stock tank. This idea will work perfectly to freshen up your outdoor. You can add some water plants, rocks, and also you can fill it with some fish. To look more cheerful vibes, if you have spare time, you can paint the stock tank with your favorite color.

It doesn’t matter if you have a large backyard inside you want to have a large pool. All you have to do is put the stock tank together and fill it with water and some kind of plant. Let them grow and you will see how they can beautify your backyard. Using this idea will make it easier for you to decorate an attractive garden and will steal people’s attention. Types of lilies and hyacinths are great choices. Stock tank bigger pond from diys.

Fill your stock tank full of water, then add some types of aquatic plants to make it look livelier but attractive to beautify your backyard. Place it in the middle of the garden to give this decoration a watery feel. Don’t forget to add some greenery to the side of the tank for fresh, natural-looking decor. Boulders and pebbles also complete this decoration. Round stock tank full from countryliving.

4.    Turn the Old Metal Bucket into a Mini Water Fountain

Try looking for an old metal bucket in your barn and turn it into a mini water fountain. You can buy a mini fountain installation kit in the store and install it in the bucket. The sound of water from the mini fountain will bring you a shooting and relaxed feeling. This homemade water feature creates a different atmosphere in your outdoor.

This DIY is one of the uses for galvanized residual tubs to create water accents in your garden. Metal bucket fountain can decorate your water garden corner nicely and perfectly. You just put it in an area that is often visited. Add some greenery and blooming flowers to make a fresh garden that catches the eye of a large crowd. This homemade water will bring a calming and relaxing feeling to the sound of water splashing out of it. DIY galvanized water fountain from countryliving.


You can use metal buckets and taps to make a mini fountain in your garden. How to make it very easy and of course it will not eat up your budget too much. Water accents like this will make your garden attractive and will steal the attention of many people. Add greenery next to metal buckets for a stunning garden. You can add tank stock to hold all the gravel and greenery for an eye-catching garden. Metal buckets water accent from countryliving.

In addition to the garden, you can add water accents from kettles and metal materials in your backyard. Adding a vineyard and some greenery and colorful blooms will make your patio attractive. You can put this water accent in the center of your garden to become the perfect garden focal point. Adding this decoration will bring out a soothing and relaxing feeling to the sound of water splashing out of it. Kettles and metal materials water fountain from countryliving.

It sounds good and easy to make, right? Follow those ideas above and make these water garden ideas into your plan list on the weekend and then try making one for adorning your outdoor space.

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