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Awe-Inspiring DIY Fairy Garden Ideas You Must Try

Whether you like magical tales or just enjoy mini landscaping, a fairy garden can bring attraction to the yard look. Therefore, why not make one yourself at home? These DIY fairy garden ideas will definitely lead you to create some cute, dreamy-like decorations. So, keep reading and get inspiration to draw a magical feeling into your home!

1.     Use the Flower Wooden Planter Box to Create a Beautiful DIY Fairy Garden

Aside from its function as a place to plant flowers, a wooden planter box will be a great base for building your miniature landscape. Just add some mini decorations like small fences, miniature gnomes, and so on, to create a whimsical scene of a fairy world.

Make a DIY fairy garden design with a wooden planter box equipped with wooden legs that are quite tall. This fairy garden is equipped with several cute and adorable miniatures, such as houses, fences, green plants, and flags. After all the miniatures have been neatly arranged, you can place them in the garden decoration, more precisely in the corner or near the wall so that they do not roll over and cause chaos. DIY fairy garden with wooden legged planter box from diygarden.

Do you want a more modern and colorful fairy box look? If so, repaint it in a bright blue complemented by a yellow splash on a round engraving in the center. The white iron gate accent with the stone path is a focal point that you can try. If you have a small planter box, then you don’t need to use too many miniatures, because this will cause the layout to be not optimal so that it looks messy. Bright color planter box for DIY fairy garden from decoart.

2.     Decorate Your Bonsai Tree with Some Miniature Decoration

Instead of landscaping the ground base from scratch, take advantage of your potted bonsai tree to make a lovely DIY fairy garden. Simply use the tree as the focal point and place some miniature decorations throughout its surrounding.

Basically, Bonsai is a living painting art that is packaged in mini pots. There are also things that can be illustrated in Bonsai art, for example by placing a tree on the side of the pot and filling in the gaps using rocks arranged to resemble cliffs and equipped with miniatures of people fishing. With one of the tree branches pointed at the top of the rock, telling as if it was real in nature. Design a bonsai tree with stone accents and miniature fishing people from architectureartdesigns.

If you have a bonsai tree that is shady and has branches that spread all over, you can try to present a story in it. For example, by placing a miniature simple wooden house right under your bonsai tree, it is as if there is life there. You can use a clay pot with a large enough size as a container for planting media. Design a bonsai tree with miniature houses from architectureartdesigns.

3.     Transform Your Tiered Terracotta Pot into the Fairy’s Home Garden

Whether it’s a new or the broken one, a tiered terracotta pot can be a nice ground base for creating a fairy’s home garden. For starting this DIY fairy garden project, try preparing some beautiful miniature decorations like an arched bridge, some cute gnomes, or pebbles.

If you have several broken clay pots, then use them as a DIY fairy garden design idea that saves the maximum cost, this idea can also recycle old items into creative indoor or outdoor decorations. Do not forget to include green plants and moss as refreshing accents that can be obtained easily, the reclaimed wooden house that is placed in the top pot is the main focal point that you must have. DIY tiered terracotta pot for fairy garden on a budget from thewhoot.

You can make a broken clay pot into a DIY fairy garden which is very easy to make. While these small pot pieces can be arranged vertically as if to illustrate the existence of a ladder leading to the top of the pot. The sprinkling of some purple stones gives a bold impression which makes the fairy garden more cheerful and colorful. This miniature iron chair with a butterfly accent backrest looks more cute and unique. Bold color DIY terracotta fairy garden from thewhoot.

4.     Turn the Willow Basket into a Lovely Fairy Garden House

Give your old willow basket a new breath by using it to create a fairy garden house. Next, try arranging your preferred mini decorations, and the mission is accomplished.

This willow basket made of rattan material gives a more natural and environmentally friendly impression. Take advantage of this basket as a container for a DIY fairy garden that can be carried anywhere you want because it is equipped with a curved holder. These two trees with different flowers add color that never gets boring, while moss is a green landscape that matches the natural ingredients of this willow basket. Rattan willow basket for DIY fairy garden from coolcreativity.

If you want a more shiny DIY willow basket fairy garden look, then re-polishing the outer surface is the best idea and it’s a great idea to try. Next, apply moss and some miniatures such as bridges, houses, and beautiful fairies which are used as the main accent that is cute and attracts attention. Before adding these miniatures, you can fill the basket with the soil around your house. Refinish the willow basket fairy garden from thekeeperofthecheerios.

5.     Give Your Glass Terrarium a Magical Touch

Bring a magical feeling into your glass terrarium by placing some fairy decorations there. The terrarium decor itself already produces a dramatic look. So, if it is used as a fairy garden, this decoration will surely become more spectacular.

If you choose a glass terrarium as a container for your DIY fairy garden, then use transparent glass material that can be seen from the outside. Incorporate pinecone accents, soil, greenery, and deer for an unusual and more unique complement. If everything is well organized and neat, then you can hang it with a sturdy and strong rope so it doesn’t fall easily and cause it to break. DIY transparent glass fairy garden from bhg.

Stone and plant accents are the main media that you should use when using a DIY fairy garden terrarium. Several natural miniatures make this design not easy to get boring and can be placed anywhere you want, for example, a combination of small green plants and weathered wood. You can put DIY directly on the table as an eye view that will refresh the room to the maximum. DIY a fairy garden with some natural accents from bhg.

After reading the ideas above, then make one that can transfer your imagination regarding the fairy’s garden design.

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