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Simple DIY Kitchen Storage Ideas for Small Space

Having a small kitchen makes any type of storage solution necessary. Simple DIY kitchen storage ideas can work wonders in organizing the space, giving you more room to cook, prepare food, and walk around.  Here are several simple ideas you can execute on the weekend to organize a small kitchen.

1.     Floating Cans/Jars

Placing utensils in used cans or jars is a common simple solution, but you can improve this idea. Use metal brackets to stick several jars or cans to a wooden panel. Nail the wood to the wall. Now, you get a wall storage space that saves space on your counter.

In this kitchen, food jars are pretty enough to be placed in the open like these open shelves made of wooden blocks. Don’t forget to label the jars to put a mark. You can get wall storage space which saves space on your desk. You can add vintage jars for extra storage. This way you will create a neat décor and avoid clutter. Jars storage on the open shelf from housebeautiful.

Here, open cabinets and shelves provide plenty of room for food, allowing sidewalls to serve as additional temporary storage. You can use the jar to store various ingredients neatly and will make your kitchen avoid clutter. Placing this jar on the cabinet will make your kitchen look spacious. You can add a wicker basket for extra storage. Built-In shelves with jar storage from housebeautiful.

2.     Simple Shelf with Hooks

Attach several simple wooden shelves on the wall to place condiments and utensils. Improve the storage capacity by attaching several “S” metal hooks underneath. Use them to hang cups and mugs.

Using this open wooden shelf makes your room neat and stylish with a rustic touch on this shelf. Add a hook to make a mini coffee bar. Contrast to wood types can create an attractive appearance and will make your room tidy. You can also add magnetic storage to this shelf so that you will create a space that is free from clutter. Open wooden shelf from homebnc.

Metal is a great and very practical material for kitchen shelves that can be used in a variety of ways. You can make a floating shelf that is multifunctional to make the room tidy. Adding the S-hook makes it easy for you to keep several cups and mugs neatly away. This open shelf will make it easier for you to store containers out of cans, making for a tidy room. Metal floating shelf from shelterness.

3.     Floating Shelves above Stove

The space above your stove is a perfect place to attach a DIY kitchen storage shelf. You can attach a simple board to form a floating shelf. Attach hooks under the board like the previous idea to hand utensils.

The modern kitchen features long floating marble shelves on top of a stainless steel stove, white-domed kitchen hood, marble backsplash stove, gray kitchen floor tiles lit by copper lanterns that will give off a dramatic glow. This black cabinet provides the perfect contrast to this kitchen décor. This neatly arranged stone floor makes the room decoration attractive. Long floating marble shelves from decorpad.

Marble and wood floating shelves are designed above the stove over white subway tiles in a transitional kitchen design. This idea will make it easier for you to store various ornaments so that you have an attractive kitchen. It’s paired with a white subway tile backsplash and a black stove for the perfect contrast. You can add other tableware to complement the decor. Marble and wood floating shelves from decorpad.

4.     Storage on Unused Spaces

You may have unused spaces in your kitchen, such as the side of the fridge or behind the cabinet door. Use them by attaching simple metal racks with nails or screws and drills. They can hold simple objects like utensils, spice bottles, or dish towels. You can also use them to store kitchen goods that you often need to grab fast.

This unique shelf attaches to the top of your refrigerator and attaches firmly to the side. This is a great way to increase storage while also taking advantage of less used areas of the kitchen. There are three shelves with spokes to keep items from falling as well as a towel rack at the bottom. Simapn several types of spices to make the kitchen tidy and avoid clutter. Rack side refrigerator from homebnc.

This spice rack is only four inches wide, allowing it to slip between multiple utensils and cabinets. It has rails to keep the seasonings from falling off but opens in each one to easily see where everything is. The drawer pull on the front makes it easy to pull it out and push back when you’re done. You can store a few spices neatly so that you have your kitchen safe from the mess. Spice rack storage from homebnc.

5.     Clear Boxes with Labels

Maximize the storage capacity of your cabinets by using a row of cheap, clear plastic boxes. Stick labels on them to give a quick clue of their contents. These boxes help you to store knick-knacks, small items that would otherwise fall over or hidden, and canned foods.

This storage solution will help you to organize every room in your home. You should use a plastic container with a label added to separate the type of material you want to take. You can put them in kitchen cabinets for a neat and stylish room. You need to organize them neatly to create an interesting space and avoid clutter. Plastic container on cabinet from thespruce.

Using bold, simple kitchen labels is an effective way to organize dry items. Keep labels consistent and label everything, even items you don’t think need labels. Using inexpensive plastic containers will create an inexpensive room decor. You can save a little sugar and other groceries to maximize the storage capacity of your cupboards. Adding a wire basket you can add to keep the fruit tidy. Plastic containers with labels from thespruce.

These simple DIY kitchen storage ideas will make your small space more convenient. Try them and see the result when you use the kitchen the next time.

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