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Cute Design Ideas for DIY Napkins

Napkins come in various designs and patterns and available in many stores out there. But you can also make it by yourself. Napkins are quite easy to make, even with the most basic sewing techniques. When you can make a DIY napkin it will give your dining table more personality. Make your dining table more interesting by choosing cute and interesting designs for your napkins! Here are some ideas to consider.

1.     Polka Dot Pattern

Polka dot patterns can look either cute and interesting. They come in various colors and pattern sizes. You can choose the color and pattern sizes according to your personal taste and what you want to achieve. If you want a calm and vintage look, the white napkins with the gold color of the polka dot pattern is a good idea. Install it on the dining table includes the proper table set. If you want a more “mature” look, choose smaller patterns with dark-colored background, like black or dark blue.

If you use white tablecloths, then for napkin ideas you can use dark colors for a contrasting table set appearance and bring out a monochromatic vibe. It’s even more exciting when you match the pattern on these two fabrics, the polka dot pattern is one of the most suitable and never out-of-date pattern choices. You can try it right now. Polka dot black napkin from homedit.

Not only for the table set display, but this blue polka dot napkin can also be hung in the area around the dining table like a rag when your hands are wet or to wipe your cutlery that you want to use. Indirectly, the napkin hanging in this unique shape presents a vintage style that is not timeless. The combination of white and blue in this napkin gives an elegant feel that is not over the top. Hanging polka dot napkin blue in blue from lushome.

2.     Frayed Linen Napkins

The frayed accent on the edge of the napkins will give an elegant well-worn look and also create a homey vibe when you arrange the napkins on the table. This napkin is easy to make. You can make it by yourself. You don’t need a sewing machine or go to the tailor. Just take plain fabric linen, cut it into a square shape then make a frayed accent on the edge of the fabrics with a scissor. Put the napkins on the vintage plate then you will get a rustic vintage look on your dining table.

When you use Chinese ceramic plates in bold colors, then white frayed linen napkins are the perfect match and are the perfect match. Frayed linen napkins have a slightly rough surface so that they will be cleaner when used to wipe your cutlery before use, just place this napkin right on your plate with a neat folding arrangement, and of course, it looks elegant. White frayed linen napkin combination with ceramic plates China from onsuttonplace.

Don’t let your frayed linen napkins be plain and boring, add a ribbon accent that is applied as a binder on the top surface of the napkin. This ribbon is a cute decoration and you can use it easily, of course, it’s easy to find in stores around your home. This frayed linen napkin has another accent that makes it look simple yet charming, which is the tassel on the side of the napkin. Frayed linen napkins with ribbon accents from liagriffith.

3.     Ombre Napkins

Another idea for a DIY napkin is an ombre napkin. The ombre color is soft and delicate, and you can it with a simple dyeing technique. Take a white napkin and prepare a dyeing mixture. After creating a dyeing mixture, dip half of the white napkin, and let the top. Dry the napkins under the sun and you can ready to use them. This napkin will make your dining table decoration more artistic and attractive.

Simplify and match the colors between the cutlery and the napkin ombre that you use at the same time to make it look more blended and perfect. The combination of blue and white in this Ombre napkin brings a fresh impression and of course, it is easy to combine with other decorations around it, for example, colorful flowers blooming with a glass vase that is placed right in front of your dinner plate. Blue with white color Ombre napkin from

Tie the center of this napkin Ombre with a string of a matching color but bolder. For example, you use Ombre Napkin with light purple color, so for ribbons, you can use dark purple. Don’t forget to surround this cutlery with a transparent glass flower vase containing various kinds of flowers as a centerpiece that is refreshing and of course soothing to the area around it. Tie the center of the Ombre napkin with a ribbon from greenweddingshoes.

4.     Napkins with Initials

Are you have a big family? And need more napkins for dinner? Why you don’t make a personalized napkin? You can create it by stitching each of your family’s initials on the fabric. Besides it sounds interesting, this DIY napkin also avoids napkins from each family member so as not to be wrong.

Besides emphasizing that napkin is used for the person being targeted, these napkin initials also look more luxurious and charming. When you use white napkin, for initials writing ideas you can use light green to make it look clearer and more detailed. Fold the napkin neatly and place it on a plate with the right layout. White napkin with light green initials from insideweddings.

When you fold the napkin in a square shape, then applying the initials in the middle of the napkin is the right design idea and is highly recommended for you. Try these napkin initials ideas with ease. Pay attention to the use of color combinations between the napkin cloth and the initials so that the writing can be seen clearly and will be easier for the napkin user to read. Square napkin initials from insideweddings.

5.     Painted Leaf Napkins

If you have an artistic soul, you can make an interesting DIY napkin. With a white napkin, touch it with the art. You can make it simple with leaves that covered by paint. Attach the leaves on the white napkin and cover it with thin linen. Press with a rolling pin so that the paint can transfer well onto the fabric.

Are you tired of a plain white napkin? If so, then you can try painting this white napkin with red paint which is shaped into a leaf. Use more than one leaf paint painting to make it look more cheerful and of course more colorful. White napkin accented with red leaf painting from diynetwork.

If you don’t like flashy colors, then just combine white napkin with light brown painted leaves which will appear warmer and of course still look calm. With this leaf paint, your white napkin is no longer boring when used as a table set with your family or friends who come to the house. White napkin with leaves painted light brown from allthingsgd.

It’s so easy, right? You can make an awesome thing with a simple one. Apply those ideas above and you will get a cute, artistic, and elegant look on your dining table with some DIY napkins ideas. Make your mealtime more fun with these unique ideas.

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