Starting Guide for First-time SUV Camper Conversion Project

Want a sense of adventure and comfort, but only have an SUV? Just convert it into a camper! Many find it easier to try SUV camper conversion instead of spending extra for a new RV or trailer. A standard SUV can accommodate a decent bed, fan, mini-fridge, storage space, and even a solar-powered shower.

Turning an SUV into a camper can be quite easier than you think with good planning. Follow this guide to give your project a clear direction.

1.     Create the General Layout

Think about everything you will need for the adventure trip, and where you will put them in the SUV. Consider the essential locations first, such as for the house battery, bed platform, solar shower, and the mini-fridge. Fill the gaps with smaller items, like hangers and floating storage spaces. Make a simple bird-eye view layout drawing for your guide.

The placement of the camper as shown above will make your trip more comfortable because it is equipped with an arrangement that will not take up much space so that your camper still looks roomy. A bed equipped with pillows will make you sleep soundly. Also, you can only add a few pieces of furniture to make space smaller. SUV campe decoration from wanitamalas. 

These under-bed camper storage ideas are the perfect choice to save space in your camper. Using a large box container will hold all of your equipment there. Plus, you can keep some sheets and blankets under the bed for a tidy and inviting camper. Under-bed camper storage from wanitamalas.

2.     Build a Retractable Bed Platform

Since SUV has a limited space compared to an RV, you should make a more flexible design for the bed platform. Use wooden beams to build a simple slide structure. When you need a place to sleep, just open the back of the SUV and draw the platform out before arranging the bed.

The bed platform will look more sturdy and durable. Apart from that, this platform is also very effective because you only need to remove it when you want to use it. With this idea, you have a comfortable room decoration and still look attractive. Using this wood material will make the bed stronger. Equip this SUV camper with a tent on top of the camper and a few other items. Bed platform from gearjunkie.

Wooden planks are the material of choice for your platform because they are easy to find and don’t cost a lot of money. You just have to make it according to the size of your mattress. Adding a tent at the back will provide protection against the weather and animals. Using this wood material will be durable and still look sturdy. This way you will create a comfortable and stylish décor. Wooden planks bedroom from funlifecrisis.

3.     Prepare the Extra Coverage

You need something to cover the extended bed when sleeping. Use a kid’s tent to cover the bed platform when you sleep, giving you extra protection from elements, animals, and cold.

To get fresh outside air circulation, you can open the car and put up a tent while sleeping to protect yourself from hot weather and animals. With ideas like this, you would cover an extended bed while sleeping. Using this tent will make you sleep comfortably and invitingly. Just open the trunk door and you can make a tent. Outside tent on SUV camper from funlifecrisis.

Install your tent when going to sleep, because this tent will protect you from the hot sun during the day. This idea is flexible enough to use. Don’t forget to complete the appearance of the camper, you can place this tend on top of the camper so it won’t take up much space. You can add some car equipment during the trip next to this tent. Tent the roof SUV camper from gearjunkie.

4.     Install an Underbed Fridge

Having a mini-fridge in your SUV helps to reduce the risk of food poisoning and saves money during trips. You can install the fridge under the bed platform. Make sure you measure the dimension correctly so the fridge can stand perfectly under the platform.

Place the refrigerator under the bed so as not to interfere with the main function of the Camper SUV Conversion Project. You can store all kinds of food and drink in it and make it last longer. With this idea, you will have a camper decor that saves space and reduces the risk of food poisoning. Make sure you measure the place to place this refrigerator safely and not disturb during the trip.  Refrigerator under the bed from funlifecrisis.  

To keep your food from mold, installing a portable refrigerator is also a must-have when undertaking the Camper SUV Conversion Project. To make sure your camper avoids clutter, you can put this refrigerator under the kitchen table so it won’t interfere with your trip. This idea is worth trying because it will save a lot of space in your camper. Portable refrigerator on SUV camper from faroutride.

5.     Invest in Shower

You can install a shower an SUV shower hose and shower containers on the roof, using black PVC pipes (the color retains heat even during an evening shower). While you still need to save water, the SUV shower allows you to get a practical bathing spot.

On long trips, you will find it very difficult to get a water source so you need to add water channels to your camper. Black PVC shower pipe is a practical shower medium that saves water. Here you do not need to use a bath and a dipper for bathing. Even though you still need to save water, the SUV shower allows you to get a practical bath. Black PVC shower pipe from suvrving.

Place a black PVC shower pipe over the SUV as an effective water container when using a camper. This design idea is the choice of many people. Mounting it on the roof of your camper will allow you to save space so that it is more practical and allows you to shower in a simple way. Using black PVC will retain heat even when you shower at night. Shower PVC pipe on camper from furgovw.

An SUV camper projection sounds difficult, but your work is easier with planning. Follow this guide to start the conversion project and see the result in several weeks.

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