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Moroccan-style Items to Create Bohemian Home Décor

Moroccan design is a prominent feature in various Bohemian-style home décor catalogs. The combination of curves, diamond shape, bright colors, and intricate details will make any interior pop. Choosing one or two Moroccan ornaments is enough to give any room a Bohemian flair.

Here are some examples of Moroccan-style items you can use for home decorating.

1.     Moroccan Tiles

Moroccan tiles are famous for their intricate and elegant designs. You can cover the entire floor or wall with them. Alternatively, turn them into decorative accents on the floor, around the fireplace, or as wall artworks.

If you want a striking decoration in your kitchen and create a bohemian-style kitchen, try using Moroccan tiles with distinctive motifs that will make your home even more beautiful. One of them you can apply to your kitchen backsplash, with bright colors that are characteristic of the Moroccan style making it the center of attention. Blue color Moroccan tile backsplash from shelterness.

Not only in this Moroccan tile kitchen, but you can also attach it to the bathroom wall, to create the maximum bohemian style you can also combine it with wood accents on the furniture. You can also combine Moroccan tile with herringbone tile with the same color in one room. Green is the right choice for the bathroom because it has elements of freshness, coolness, and calm, add greenery to the pot to complete it. Combination of Moroccan tile with herringbone tile from shelterness.

2.     Moroccan Carpet

If tiles are too impractical or expensive, why not trying Moroccan carpet? These carpets are available in traditional and modern styles so that you can match them with your interior. You can use an area rug to reduce the “empty” look in a large room or create space dividers in a studio apartment.

Take advantage of the front porch of your house as a comfortable relaxing area to use when your family or friends come to your house. Wooden outdoor furniture is incomplete if the floor is not carpeted. Choose a faux fur rug with a Moroccan motif that has colorful colors so that it makes this outdoor room look more cheerful and vibrant. Green plants are a living decoration that cools the atmosphere around them. Colorful faux fur Moroccan carpet from bhg.

Cover the wooden floor of your bedroom with Moroccan carpet that has a graphic pattern that is contemporary and certainly not out of date. This Moroccan carpet is equipped with neutral colors that are easier to match with other interiors around it, a combination of several colors such as gray, black, and wood accents will work well. Place benches and poufs on the Moroccan carpet. Moroccan graphic pattern carpet from bhg.

3.     Moroccan Lantern

Moroccan lanterns are favorite ornaments for Bohemian-style home décor. Available in various sizes and materials, these lanterns have beautiful intricate designs. Their unique designs immediately attract the eyes, making them ideal for focal points or bold accents. You can arrange them on a coffee table or hang them.

Do you need lighting in your bohemian living room decor? If so, then you can use the Moroccan lantern that hangs right above your coffee table, choose a lantern with a larger size so that it brightens up the room to the maximum. Moroccan lantern with gold color also gives a luxurious impression that is not excessive, you can try it as the main lighting. Gold Moroccan lantern from residencestyle.

If your bedroom is filled with striking patterns and colors, then for lighting you can choose a white Moroccan lantern which will neutralize the color scheme in this room. There is nothing wrong with adding a crown bed with a thin white cloth as an accent to complete the bohemian bedroom decor that you are currently using, some wall hangings make a beautiful artistic impression and make the room not easily boring. Neutral color Moroccan lantern from residencestyle.

4.     Moroccan Poufs

Moroccan poufs are practical staples in various Bohemian living rooms. They are round, plush cushions that usually serve as footstools. The concentric patterns make these poufs interesting additions in any Bohemian home. If you prefer practical, no-fuss furniture in your house, Moroccan poufs will add interesting accents.

These colorful poufs made of leather are suitable when used as outdoor furniture on your back porch. Cover all of these poufs with vintage rugs that are not too big. For lighting in this outdoor area, you can use Moroccan lanterns with various types and shapes that attract attention, apart from being used as lighting, this lantern is also a decorative item that makes the atmosphere even more cheerful. Leather outdoor poufs from residencestyle.

To relax your feet while in the living room, some poufs are an additional furniture idea that you can use easily. If these poufs are not in use, then you can put them under the table so as not to interfere with your space for movement while in this living room, choose white poufs to make it easier to match the sofa, carpet, or table color. White poufs ideas from shelterness.

5.     Moroccan Ornaments

Fill the empty spaces between decoration with Moroccan ornaments to create an interesting Boho look. Small round vases, bowls, and jars can be accents on the coffee table, windows, or countertop. Ornamental pillows light up any sofa, bed, or armchair. Moroccan patterns can appear as a backsplash or accent walls, such as with wallpaper or wall tiles.

The throw pillows that were applied on the bed became the center of attention, how could they not appear with layers of Moroccan fabrics that are full of colors and patterns. The more patterns you use, the firmer your bohemian decoration will be. Don’t forget to add a rubber tree behind the bed or rather as a windowsill as one of the plants that are often used in the bohemian style. Moroccan patterned pillowcase from residencestyle.

Use your open wooden shelf to describe the antique ceramic cutlery you have. You can try it out in bohemian kitchen decor, the Moroccan tile on the backsplash and floor emphasizes this style perfectly. Red flowers that are placed on the kitchen island are a decoration that never goes out of style, you can try them easily. Open wooden shelf with antique ceramic cutlery from residencestyle.

Moroccan items are perfect for adorning a Bohemian-style home décor. Play with patterns and colors to create the most attractive interior, regardless of the size of your house.

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