Outdoor Lighting Ideas with Recycled Goods

Outdoor lighting can serve both as functional and decorative things. With some bulbs, candles used goods, and creativity, you can invent various creative outdoor lighting ideas. They are great for adding accents to your front yard or spicing up a garden party.

Try these easy but interesting ideas to create unique outdoor lighting from recycled goods.

1.     Tin Can Candle Lights

Tin cans work great as atmosphere lamps for your outdoor party or dinner date. Open the top part and paint the can with glossy paint. Punch out various small holes around the can. You can attach a curved wire on top if you want to hang the can. When the sky darkens, light up a wide candle.

Take advantage of old, unused cans as outdoor lighting ideas that are cheap and of course easy to make. Punch the outer surface of the can with a size that is not too large to allow the light to come out of the can. Don’t forget to add curved wire as a handle to move this lamp easily. DIY used tin lamp from guidepatterns.

If you need outdoor lighting, then tin lights are the right idea that you can try. For a newer and glossy look, you can repaint it with beige and black, by repainting this tin, the small holes in the can will be more visible. Hang this on-budget tin lamp on a tree branch with a strong and sturdy curved wire. Repaint outdoor can light from guidepatterns.

2.      Mason Jar Candles

Mason jars are favorite objects for recycled outdoor lighting ideas. You can place a single candle or tiny bulb inside. If you want extra décor, you can place pebbles or colorful sand inside the jar before putting it in the candle. You can also stick ornaments outside the jars and hang them with colorful twines.

A transparent glass mason jar filled with candles is an outdoor lighting idea that you can hang on a tree branch in your garden. This lighting is quite easy to make, you just have to put the candle in the mason jar. Don’t just use one mason jar candle for a brighter and more radiant outdoor look. Mason jar transparent glass candle from homebnc.

Another option when using a mason lamp jar is to enter it with an orange string light and then hang it on the mess iron fence at a distance that is not too close. Try to tie this mason jar candle tightly so that it doesn’t fall to the ground and cause chaos by breaking. Mason jar with string light from homebnc.

3.     Wine Bottle Lamps

Wine bottles make great transparent shades for DIY outdoor lamps. You can cut the bottom half of the bottles and attach slender, low-watt bulbs inside, connecting them with cords that go through the necks.

Do you have an unused wine bottle? If the answer is yes, then you can use it as a cost-saving outdoor lighting idea, here you just need to hang this glass wine bottle lamp on a metal pole with a small chain. Use different colored wine bottle lights to make it look more colorful. You can try it easily with your closest neighbors. With this lamp, outdoor or garden decorations will look brighter. Wine bottle glass lamp from prettydesigns.

Choose string lights of different colors to put in a wine bottle with a glass light in your home. This lamp will accompany your night activities when you are outdoors, make this lamp design idea with family or friends who come to your house cheerfully. Place it in an area of land that is still empty so as not to interfere with your walking while in the garden decoration. Colorful string light for wine bottle light from prettydesigns.

4.     String Lights in Glass Jars

Want to look like you just captured fireflies? Insert a bunch of string lights into mason jars. Yellow lights will make the jars look like fireflies’ traps under the darkened sky. If you want something more festive, insert colorful fairy lights instead.

The strands of string light inserted into this glass mason jar are an inexpensive and easy outdoor lighting idea to try. You can put this lamp in your lounge area as lighting at night. The bigger the mason jar the lights used, the brighter the lighting you get. Strands of string light inserted into the mason glass jar from homebnc.

Hang this transparent glass jar containing white string light on your wooden fence as an outdoor lighting idea that is on budget and of course more creative. To make this lighting, you don’t need a lot of expenses because you just need to buy the lamp and take advantage of the glass jar in the kitchen that is no longer in use. Transparent glass jar with white string light from thegardenglove.

5.     String Lights with Teapots

Combining string lights and used teapots is quite popular nowadays. You can hang the teapot from a tall structure, with the spout facing the ground. Insert the string lights through the top and let them come out of the spout, forming a “stream” of light.

Reuse your metal teapot as a cost-saving garden lighting idea, this yellow string light illustrates water popping out of the teapot hole. You can try this lamp idea for a more unique garden look and of course give a different garden feel. Iron teapot with string light to illustrate the discharge of water from goodshomedesign.

The final choice for outdoor lighting ideas is a teapot lamp equipped with yellow string lights. This lamp makes outdoor decoration more dramatic because it has lighting that is not too bright or slightly dim. Install the teapot lamps in the garden area or front garden which is frequently visited by people. Yellow string light with teapot from homebnc.

Avoid throwing away your old things; they may serve as great materials for outdoor lighting ideas. Try one or some of these ideas and see how beautifully lit your terrace, patio, or yard will become.

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