Bathroom Shelf and Storage Hacks to Maximize Your Space

Are you having a small bathroom and not enough place to store all the stuff? Not a problem. Various bathroom shelf and storage hacks give you an easy solution even without a large closet or cabinet. Here are five ideas you can consider for smart storage solutions.

1.     Rack Above the Door

The space above your bathroom door is a great place for supplies, such as fresh linens and bathroom products. A simple overhead metal rack can do a decent job as an extra storage space. Just make sure to provide a step to reach those supplies when you need them.

You can make a shelf above the door for storage ideas in your bathroom. So it is more practical and can maximize the space in your bathroom. The use of wooden planks will look sturdier and create a neat room. Get some toilet pans and plastic shelves to keep the room from falling apart. This design will provide the steps for getting this supply when you need it. A shelf above the door from shelterness.

To maximize storage space in your bathroom, try using a shelf above the door. You can choose a shelf made of wood to make it stronger. This storage will give you the steps to get to that inventory when you need it. Keep a few collections of towels safe and you’ll have your clutter-free room and still looking tidy. Adding a storage latch on the back of the door will make it easier for you to store your clothes easily. Maximize storage above the door from makespace.

2.     Ladder Storage

An old ladder can be a great storage space for a mini bathroom. It is thin enough to stand in the bathroom, but with extra spaces to hand your towel supplies. You can also hand wire baskets on the ladder to place bathroom supplies, like shampoo bottles, toothbrushes, and home spa products.

Add some farmhouse style to your bathroom space by leaning this homemade reclining shelf over the toilet. An old staircase can be a great storage area for a mini bathroom. The idea of adding a ladder will make it easier for you to store some woven sheets and towels neatly. You can add wall decorations on top of this save to decorate the perfect space. Old staircase storage from countryliving.

Make your bathroom feel more spacious by painting floors and walls warm white and choosing white accessories. A sleek, pointed staircase unit provides essential storage and will make a neat décor in any room. Potted plants and bud vases filled with greenery break up the white scheme and add a natural touch. This will create a neat décor in the room and you will avoid clutter. White ladder storage from housebeautiful.

3.     Wicker Baskets

Wicker baskets are popular solutions for bathroom shelf and storage hacks. You can place them under the sink or just outside the door, with their textures adding a unique visual touch. Wicker baskets are great for storing fresh linens and towels. Meanwhile, smaller baskets can be great places for bathroom supplies.

Placing a wicker basket under the sink will provide practical storage space that doesn’t take up much space. Can be used to place towels and tissues to make it look neater. You can combine it with a marble sink to create an elegant decoration. Shades of gray and black herringbone floor make for the perfect contrast. Using the handle to make a towel rack will give you a tidy room.  Wicker basket under the sink from shelterness.

Try using the space under the sink for storage ideas in your small bathroom. You can put the wicker basket there and use it as a storage area for towels to make it look perfect. This large basket with a lid for storing towels makes the perfect room decor and will make any room decor neat. You can use an antique wooden sink to create a vintage impression. Large basket with a lid from hgtv.

4.     Storage Above the Toilet

Your toilet tank has potential storage space for small supplies. Place a wicker or wooden tray on the tank, and you can easily store bathroom supplies. The ability to place extra shampoo bottles, soap bars, and toilet paper make this spot a perfect, often-overlooked storage space.

The white shelf which is equipped with several woven baskets will make it easier for you to store your toilet paper and towel collection neatly. Besides that, you can add some ornaments and green plants in a vase to complete the room decoration. This will complement the bathroom decor and will the placement of natural bathroom accessories and other basics for bathroom use. White shelf above toilet from homebnc.

Fill the space above your toilet with something useful like this DIY floating shelf. These shelves are thick enough to show off the beauty of the wood while maintaining a rustic elegance. They are perfect for storing foldable towels, extra toilet paper, small toiletries, or small home decor items. In this way, you will have a tidy room decoration and will avoid confusion. Thick wood shelves from homebnc.

5.     Inverted Bracket Shelves

Instead of regular boards for floating shelves, try the ones with inverted brackets. Choose brackets that have panel-like models, preferably the decorative ones. They not only make your bathroom more interesting but also prevent small, loose items from falling over easily.

Using a shelf bracket for storage ideas will maximize the space in your bathroom. It will also bring an attractive decorative look to your bathroom. You can add wooden planks for the perfect storage idea. Adding a wire rack and a few other ornaments will give the perfect room decoration. Placing it on top of this toilet will create a neat space. Shelf bracket for storage from nextluxury.

Choosing to use a shelf bracket is a great idea for storage in your bathroom. You can put it in the corner of the room so that it becomes the perfect focal point. You can use a plant basket to provide extra storage so that your room will stay tidy and avoid clutter. You can add greenery in yellow pots to create a fresh, natural-looking room. Corner shelf bracket from nextluxury.

Bathroom shelf and storage hacks may sound simple, but they are beneficial in a small home. Follow these tips to create smart storage spaces you don’t expect in a tiny bathroom.

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