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5 Theme Ideas to Create Unique Home Theater Design

Having a home theater gives you luxurious convenience while enjoying your favorite movies. Improve the experience by creating a unique theme for your home theater design. Even with a few changes in the design, you can get a specific look to increase the entertainment value.

Here are several themes you can try for the home theater design.

1.     Sporty Home Theater

Dark couches, sports posters, and framed jerseys on the wall give unmistakable looks of a sports lover’s den. You can place balls or other sports equipment as decoration. Banners and photos of amazing moments in the fields can also add a great impression.

Don’t leave your home theater walls empty and boring, try using some sporty images to emphasize a cool and certainly not boring room design. Choose an image with several different colors to make it seem more cheerful and of course, it will be a sight that spoils your eyes. Colorful sporty wall decorations from decoist.

This large size sports wallpaper fills all the layers of the wall giving it a more attractive appearance than before. The next thing you can do is highlight this wallpaper with white lights to make it look clearer at night. Large sports wallpapers from decoist.

2.     Black Home Theater

If you are going to dim the light to watch movies, why not creating a black home theater design? Choose textured materials like black-painted bricks and textured black sofas to create a rich visual. You can place a small but notable item in other bold colors to break the blackness, such as a red square ottoman or snack table.

Home theater decoration with black nuances gives the impression of a more dramatic room, you can install some lights with white lighting that seems dim. Choose dark leather chairs too to match the unique black tone. The leather is also very durable because it doesn’t tear easily when used for a long time. You can sit comfortably in this chair because it is equipped with armchairs and a high back. Black home theater with white lighting from nextluxury.

The appearance of a black home theater will look more unique and of course have a different atmosphere with the addition of a red LED. This color combination will make the room even more dramatic when it is used to watch movies. Adjust the distance between the chairs to get more comfort when used by a large number of family or friends. Black home theater with red LED lights from nextluxury.

3.     Farmhouse Home Theater

Who says farmhouse is not the right theme for a home theater? Create a cozy entertainment room with wooden panels around the TV, wooden ceiling beams, and a textured rug. Choose old leather armchairs and sofas for the seats. Pillows with farmhouse patterns, like flowers or tartans, make the room look inviting.

If you want a more natural and calm home theater look then you can use the farmhouse style with the nuances of the white room. Use colorful interiors with bold colors to make this room look more cheerful and certainly not boring. Shiplap wall and wooden floor are some of the main characteristics that are commonly used in this modern farmhouse style, you can get started easily and it doesn’t cost too much. White nuances farmhouse home theater from thespruce.

You can create a natural look in the decor of a farmhouse home theater with brown hardwood floors and walls. Pair it with colored interiors such as blue sofas and shiny gold side tables, this interior idea makes the room look fresher and brighter. Install the TV screen right next to the built-in open storage shelf and in front of your sofa. Hardwood floors and walls from thespruce.

4.     Hollywood Home Theater

Bring a beautiful vintage Hollywood looks into your home theater with simple modifications. Black or red leather couches create sophisticated comfort. Red tufted leather panels or red carpet create the iconic look. You can add vintage movie posters on strategic spots around the walls.

This gray and red combination emphasizes a Hollywood-style home theater décor, the combination of these two colors will work well and blend more perfectly. Choose a unique patterned wallpaper to make the atmosphere of this room more different and less saturated. The combination of wall scones lamp with hidden ceiling lamp presents slightly dim lighting which is suitable when you are watching a movie with a more dramatic impression. The combination of gray and red on the sofa from photos.hgtv.

If you use the feel of a Hollywood home theater with red, then for the sofa you can choose leather with thick dark color. The leather on this sofa is more durable and doesn’t tear easily, adjust the layout of the sofa by exposing this sofa to the screen. The red color is one of the bold colors that make the room feel more cheerful and certainly look glamourous. Red nuances Hollywood home theater with leather chairs from bobvila.

5.     Library Home Theater

Combine all your passions in one room with a library home theater. Surround the home theater set with floor-to-ceiling shelves full of books. Place a reading desk and several chairs off the center, away from the main sofa set. Install several accent lamps in addition to the main fixtures.

Your home theater décor will double when fitted with a bookshelf against your wooden wall. Use an open bookshelf to make it easier for you to pick up your favorite books to read. In this home theater decoration, you can use velvet furniture which has a smoother and softer surface so that it makes your sitting area more comfortable throughout the day. Choose furniture in bold colors to make it prettier and become a beautiful focal point. Home theater decor with built-in bookshelves from housebeautiful.

This bookshelf wall in the home theater decoration is very attractive because you can read books and watch movies in the same room. In addition, the home theater library also greatly saves the space of your home because it makes two rooms into one, when you are going to read a book then choose a bright light, but if you are going to watch a movie, choose a light that is a little dim, it will seem dramatic. Home theater library room combo from photos.hgtv.

The perfect home theater design should reflect your comfort and passion. Get creative with your ideas without sacrificing personal comfort.

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