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DIY Decoration Ideas for Making a Cozy Living Room

A living room can be regarded as a social space at home, in which you welcome the guests or even mingle with your family. Accordingly, it is necessary to create a more welcoming and warmer impression for your living room atmosphere. So, here are some awe-spiring DIY decoration ideas for updating your living room mood.

1.     Install Vivid Light Fixture to Enhance the Ambiance

For those trying to make the living room seem more inviting and cozier, installing a vivid light fixture would be a smart idea. Most importantly, you can make it from your old light fixture. It is just that you need to recoat its paint with more vivid colors or maybe give it some beautiful ornaments too.

Lighting is the main accent that needs to be had in the room of the house for a brighter appearance at night. Adjusting the use of lamps to the style of your room, these crystal globe chandeliers are suitable lamps to be applied in a modern living room. Choose a few different colors for a more unique and colorful look. Crystal globe chandeliers from hgtv.

To perfect your living room decoration, hang the silvery starburst chandeliers right above this glass coffee table for a more modern and more impressive. This lamp also complements the silver table leg which is strong and sturdy to use for a long time. Choose some interiors such as chairs and rugs in neutral colors like white with a splash of light gray. Silvery starburst chandeliers from hgtv.

The combination of gold and black colors on this chandelier shows the impression of a more luxurious room. Hang this lamp on your ceiling to radiate light to all rooms in this house. Transparent glass windows help natural lighting in the room and do not need electrical energy at all, so it really saves costs. Black combination with gold chandeliers from hgtv.

2.     Set Floating Wooden Bookshelves as Nice Focal Point

Are you into an eclectic design style? If so, never hesitate to do some fun with your decoration plan. For instance, you can build floating wooden bookshelves as your next DIY decoration project for the living room. Not only refresh the room mood, but it also exists to help you to showcase your book collection more artistically.

Take advantage of the empty and unused wall area as a DIY corner bookshelf storage idea that can be applied in your masculine living room decor. In contrast to the color of the shelves with the ceiling used to match the color tone of the room which is elegant and not easily boring, the velvet chair equipped with pillows is a comfortable area to read books all day long. Built-in corner bookshelf from housebeautiful.

Install wooden bookshelves along the walls of your living room vertically to save the wall area more effectively and efficiently. Not only for storing books, but you can also place several ornaments to beautify the room such as flower vases, horse statues, and frame paintings that have different themes. This bookshelf that is repainted in white makes it easy for you to combine it with any interior around it. Vertical wooden bookshelves from decoist.

3.     Use DIY Scenery Abstract Painting as Beautiful Accent

Though you are not a pro painter, it does not mean that you cannot create the awesome one. As for that reason, let’s follow some easy DIY painting guides which flaunt beautiful abstract landscapes as their main theme. For sure, this kind of paint can instantly boost your living room ambiance as well as become a beautiful accent.

Don’t let your white walls be plain and saturating, you can install landscape paintings with abstract colors that seem artistic and beautiful. There’s nothing wrong with using a larger painting frame as a focal point for the room to spoil your eyes when you see it. Hang this painting right on your leather sofa to make it more organized and of course right on target. Large abstract painting from cartoondistrict.

If you use the interior and feel of the room in white, then hanging this sea painting with a combination of orange and black is a good decoration idea and is easy to try. In addition, this painting will also make your wall decoration look more colorful. Use a minimalist interior to make it seem more modern and contemporary. Ocean painting from cartoondistrict.

This landscape painting of the sun, which is dominated by orange, will look more contrasting when it is hung over a yellow sofa and gray throw pillows. Installing this painting in your living room decor will provide an artistic value that will never go out of style. You can choose this sun painting with a larger size to fill part of your living room wall. Sun-themed wall paintings from cartoondistrict.

4.     Create a Gorgeous Homemade Plant Stand

When thinking about some DIY decoration ideas for a living room, making a plant stand is so worth trying. Moreover, this decorative item can help you to make your precious houseplants to take the spotlight. Additionally, painting your DIY plant stand with a color that contrasts with your living room wall paint.

Green plants are one of the most suitable room decorations to be placed in any room and in any home style. Choose several green plants with different types to make them look fresher and more beautiful when applied to a room. A wooden ladder rack will be the right area to place this plant without taking up a lot of floor space which will interfere with your activities while in this room. Green plants on a wooden staircase from thegardenglove.

Standing vertical wooden shelves that are placed next to the sofa are a place to put some green plants so that you decorate the room to feel fresher. Do not forget to do routine maintenance by giving it fertilizer and watering it with water to help the plant grow so that it remains fertile and fresh. This white vase with different shapes and sizes makes for an elegant and appropriate container to use. Standing vertical wooden shelves with various types of greenery from girljustdiy.

Then, implement these DIY living room decoration ideas to give a fresh mood to your most hangout space.

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