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Exterior Paint Colors Inspiration for Creating Beautiful Small Houses

The selection of exterior paint colors is very crucial for a house look. The essential reason for that thought is because it’s the basis for creating a charming first impression for a house. So, if you want to pick the right paint colors for your small house exterior, then read this article first. Thus, you will get a clearer idea of which color schemes work excellently on your house exterior design.

1.     The Combination of White dan Black

This combination would be one of the great exterior paint colors options for your petite house. The white shade can help you to provide an illusion of a large house. Meanwhile, the black color is suitable for highlighting your shutters and trims. Above all, this white-and-black combo is easy to implement in various house design styles.

Black and white never goes out of style. Whether you have an old house or a new building, this classic combination looks fresh forever plus it really pops up on the green lawn. Using white will give the illusion of a large house. The black color of the window trim also creates the perfect contrast giving it attractive home decor. Black and white exterior design from bobvila.

This Austin farmhouse idea provides the perfect exterior design as it uses black and white for the exterior paint. The white color here will present a spacious house appearance that will steal the attention of many people. while dark wood-lined windows and columns introduce a sense of modern style. The landscaping throughout the forecourt was built to withstand the intense Texas heat. Black and white exterior Austin farmhouse from bhg.

2.     The Combination of Blue and White

To spruce up your small house exterior, you can choose a combination of white and blue. The white exterior paint helps you to expand the house look, while blue brings a brighter and welcoming impression. However, do not opt for a darker blue; conversely, you have to choose oceanic or sky-blue options.

Beautify the exterior of your tiny house with light blue base paint and white accents on the shutters for the perfect contrast. Combined with a gray roof, it also gives an interesting appearance of the house. The combination of light blue brick pillars and arranged stone will give your home a perfect and inviting decor. A few greenery will make your patio decor fresh and have a natural feel. Light blue base paint exterior from familyhandyman.

The exterior of this farmhouse uses light blues and whites to create the perfect contrast. Using a blue and white base on the windows is a room that will attract and steal the attention of many people. Choosing a white and blue color combination is a great home decor for you to try right now. This green plant will bring a fresh and natural impression to the room. Light blues and white exterior home from southernhospitalityblog.

3.     The Combination of Yellow and White

Outshine your paint exterior with yellow color palettes! That’s because this kind of in-fashion color will certainly add style to your architectural features. Thus, try using yellow as the base and white to emphasize some parts of your architectural accents.

The allure of the yellow house is easy to understand. They simply capture the playful charm combined with the white on the shutters in the exterior color to provide the perfect contrast. The ancient house design in yellow creates a bright look and attracts the attention of many. Some greenery beside your house will give you a fresh and stylish look. Yellow and white exterior home from bobvila.

The exterior of the house with yellow tones for the base and white in certain parts gives the appearance of the house that attracts the attention of many people and will create the perfect decoration. This design will give a bright impression and add style to your architectural features. Your farmhouse design will steal your attention, and you can combine it with some greenery on the side of the house for a fresh impression into the room. Farmhouse exterior design in yellow and white paint from thespruce.

4.     The Combination of Green and White

Another exterior color option for your small house is a green-and-white combo. The green itself is a symbol of freshness and naturalness, which makes the house look more welcoming. Most importantly, greenish shade can easily create harmony with your outdoor surroundings.

The base of green and white paint on the shutters and pillars creates the perfect contrast so that your home will look beautiful and fresh. The following exterior house painting tips will help you achieve a durable look. The green front fence of the house also provides an outdoor appearance that attracts people’s attention. Don’t forget to add greenery to give your home a fresh impression. Green and white paint from bhg.

Take a tour of the environment around the United States, and you’ll see sage greenery everywhere. The use of green and white exterior paint on the windows has a pretty and fresh look. This hue works really well in a home surrounded by lush gardens as it complements the many hues in the green family and provides a lovely backdrop for bright flowers. Green and white exterior paint from bobvila.

5.     The Combination of Grey and White

Both gray and white are the member of neutral team colors; they are normally used for a modern house. However, only go with light grey schemes so that your house appearance does not look so dim.

Gray is a great neutral color that can match almost any home style and is a wonderful complement to brick. The slightly more saturated shutters and doors provide sophisticated accents and bring out the tones of the sky and sea. This decoration idea will create a stunning outdoor look and have the perfect contrast. Using a dark gray roof also creates a stunning decoration. Gray and white exterior decor from bobvila.

Gray’s blend of timeless and modern styles makes it a natural choice for exteriors. You can spruce up a gray house with clean white wood on these shutters. The fence is painted white and the addition of natural stone accents on the middle of the fork wall makes the exterior decoration of your home more attractive and will steal the attention of many people. White shutters and gray exterior from bobvila.

Hopefully, our article can bring you some inspiration regarding the best exterior paint colors for your small house.

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