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DIY Holiday Ornament to Decorate Your Small House

When the holidays arrive, many people eager to bring the festive vibe into their home decor. Aside from buying ready-use decorations, many of us are also interested in making a gorgeous DIY holiday ornament. That’s because this kind of creative project can help us to create a more memorable decoration. Therefore, please take a look at our following list and find some amazing DIY holiday ornament ideas for your small house.

1.     DIY Herb Wreath

When looking for some beautiful DIY holiday decorating ideas, a herb wreath is like a must-do old tradition. Most importantly, though the festive celebration is over, this ornament can still be used to liven up your small house ambiance. What’s more, the materials used to compile this type of wreath is pretty easy to obtain. You can arrange it from garden herbs, such as rosemary, bay leaf branches, lavender, etc.

An easy way to decorate your home is to hang a herb wreath accented with a beautiful red ribbon and bring a more feminine feel. This wreath is the first decoration that will welcome your guests or your family who come to the house for the holidays with a fresh and warm welcome, of course. Making this DIY herb wreath does not cost a lot of money, so it is very on budget and you can try it. DIY herb wreath with red ribbon accents from balconygardenweb.

This DIY herb hanging in an outdoor or indoor area consists of a series of rosemary, lavender, and dried roots. You can easily get materials from this wreath around your home so you only need skills and creative ideas to assemble it into a beautiful and environmentally friendly wreath herb. This wreath is a finishing touch that doesn’t cost a lot of money which causes you to be wasteful. DIY herb wreath on the budget from balconygardenweb.

Arrange some of the herb ingredients into a beautiful round wreath that is very easy to make. To give a touch of a different color, you can put lavender on each wreath at a distance that is quite tenuous. This DIY herb wreath is dominated by rosemary and bay leaf branches so that it looks green and fresh. DIY round herb wreath from balconygardenweb.

2.     DIY Candle Jars

For those seeking easy DIY holiday ornaments, candle jars would be a nice project to pull off. Its making process does not require a lot of effort, and most importantly, this type of decoration can be made from a used jar. Next, prepare premium wax, wick, and your favorite candle scent to make your very own candle jar version.

Reuse the old transparent mason jar as an aromatherapy candle container that can make you feel more comfortable and relaxed when at home. Decorate the outer surface of this candle holder with a pinecone attached by a brown string for a more beautiful and eye-catching look. Don’t just use one candle holder to get a more relaxed and maximum atmosphere in the room. DIY candle holder with pinecone accent from decoist.

Don’t let the candle holder look plain and boring, you can cover it with lace and rattan woven fabrics that show this aromatherapy candle is prettier when placed in your home decor. This candle helps relax your body when you feel tired and tired. Rosemary leaves become candle holder decorations that give a fresh impression and of course, never go out of style. DIY candle holder covered with lace fabric from decoist.

3.     DIY Tissue Paper Tassel Garland

If you think of making a cheap yet beautiful DIY holiday ornament, then tissue paper tassel garland is worth trying. It is cheap, artistic, easy-to-make, and of course, the tassel garland has a very festive touch too. Furthermore, you only need to prepare colored tissue paper, twine, and decorative tapes to organize this beautiful holiday ornament.

Perfect the appearance of your minimalist dining table with a DIY colorful tissue paper tassel garland as an accent that makes this furniture look more beautiful and passionate. Hang this DIY ornament with a piece of white rope so it’s not too obvious. The balloons and garlands that are hung on the ceiling are also cute additions and instantly enhance the appearance of your small home decor. Decorative colorful DIY tissue paper tassel garland from hgtv.

An inexpensive ornament that you can make yourself as a home decoration is the tissue paper garland that hangs on the bar table in the corner of this dining room. Just put a few glasses on this bar just enough so as not to cause chaos. Colorful roses placed in a ceramic vase also add a beautiful, colorful color and present a feminine impression without being overwhelming. Combination of DIY tissue paper tassel garland with colorful roses from inspiredbycharm.

This minimalist white mantel will appear more colorful when decorated with tissue paper tassel garland which has several different colors. Hang this DIY ornament from the right edge of the coat to the left edge of the coat. Orchids and string lights are sweet additions and certainly make this mantel decoration more elegant and less boring. Mantel decoration with DIY tissue paper tassel garland from inspiredbycharm.

4.     DIY Photo Garland

Have you ever tried making a pretty photo garland? This homemade wall ornament not only brings the holiday spirit into your small dwelling, but it also allows you to value your unforgettable memories with the loved ones. To finish this DIY project, then you need to prepare twine, some sweet photos, washi tape, and wooden cloth pegs.

Decorate your plain white walls with a DIY photo garland for a prettier look and give it a more unique feel. Hang this photo on a string light that is functional because at the same time you can use the lighting at night at the same time. You can post photos of your children as a timeless memory. DIY photo garland with string light from abeautifulmess.

When you print a photo garland in black and white, then applying green leaves on the right and left is an idea you can do for a more vibrant and colorful look. Hang this photo garland on the wall area which is still empty and unused, precisely on a white chair covered with black patterned cushions. B / W DIY photo garland with green leaves from homeyohmy.

Hopefully, these lovely DIY holiday ornaments could be an inspiration for those preparing to celebrate some festive events at home.

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