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Creative Design Ideas for a Gorgeous Tiny House

Not everyone is rich enough to buy a big house, especially when property prices go up highly from year to year. However, it does not mean that you cannot make a tiny house feel more comfortable or even look chic. As this issue came to our mind, we have gathered these amazing ideas for you to consider.

1.     Paint Your Wall with Bright Colors

If you look for the best tiny house design ideas, then the first thing to note is the selection of your wall color. The darker ones will make your tiny space seem more cramped. Conversely, the use of bright hues, such as aqua blue, light gray, beige, or lime green, can bring the impression of bright and airy into the room.

If you have a limited living room decoration then light gray wall paint is a suitable design idea and needs to be tried. In this room, you can also use a sofa with a matching color and a brown leather table that looks classic. Don’t let your gray walls seem plain and boring, install and hang some classic paintings with beautiful gold frames. Light gray wall paint with classic framed paintings from realhomes.

This green wall paint with a white roof is a blend of colors that works well when applied to small living room decorations. This color also makes this room feel more spacious, cool, and fresh. Add some greenery beside the linen sofa and on the wooden shelf behind the sofa. Include a few different motifs on the rugs and chairs for a more antique texture. Green paint walls with greenery from realhomes.

This small living room with pastel interior and paint feature a minimalist and not boring room decoration. Use transparent glass windows to enter more sunlight into the room, this light will help the living room decor seem more spacious and open. Give a little splash of gold color to some of your living room furniture as a luxurious impression. Pastel-colored wall and interior paint from realhomes.

2.     Try Carrying the Concept of “Less is More”

The concept of “Less is more” is the epitome of minimalist design, which is very suitable for scaling up your tiny space look. It was originally conceived by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, a pioneer of modern architecture. His concept regards simplicity as the best way of improving a modern house design. For example, instead of showcasing your all-precious wine glass collection, merely display some of it as decoration.

When you put a bar cart in your living room decoration, then don’t take out all your glass bottles, just put a few according to the space you have so that you don’t cause chaos. Take advantage of your top bar area as a storage idea for ceramic flower vases and several other ornaments as accents that can make the room more beautiful. Bar cart in the small living room from

Don’t put too many green plants in the living room decoration so as not to disturb your space when you are on the move in this room. The rubber tree beside the sofa and the fern pot on the small table are enough decorations to refresh the room to the maximum. One sofa with two small coffee tables is suitable furniture and is rightly placed in the tiny house area. Green plants decoration with furniture that is not excessive from

3.     Create a Multifunctional Room

For those of you who struggle to provide more space for your petite house, creating a multifunctional room would be a brilliant idea. That is why many house designers now brazenly consolidate rooms with contrast functions. Like for example, some designers may put a bathtub in a bedroom or right next to the living room. However, if you feel that this design choice is too “extreme”, install a small partial wall between the two rooms.

One room that is used as a living room and kitchen at the same time makes this tiny home decor more leverage and saves space. Avoid using permanent room dividers which will take up a lot of space. Sofa and countertop are enough to separate this room well, choose rattan woven rugs and coffee tables to include a natural and environmentally friendly feel. Avoid using the permanent divider room from goodhousekeeping.

Take advantage of the corner area of the living room as a comfortable reading hook and really spoil your eyes because this area is equipped with transparent glass windows that make it easy for you to see the outside scenery freely. Change the function of the wall in this living room as a bookshelf and a mini library that will accompany your weekend this time of year. Green plants are a decoration that never goes out of style. Living room reading nook combo from loveproperty.

The living room, kitchen, dining room combo is perfect for a tiny house decorating idea that you can try right now. Just use some of the furniture that is often used to save the floor area more optimally. Just apply two or three colors in this room so that it displays minimalist and elegant home decor. Living room kitchen dining room combo from loveproperty.

4.     Include Glass Facade in Your Design

The glass facade would also be a great element to include in your tiny house design plan. The reason is that it can provide natural lighting so that your tiny space looks bigger.

Instead of using a wall with transparent glass windows that are large and wide. This window is very useful for decorating a tiny house because it includes sunlight in the room so that it makes the design of this house look wider and more open. When you use a curtain, then open it as wide as possible to maximize this natural light into the room. Instead of using walls with glass windows from loveproperty.

Don’t just use one glass window, you can use two or more windows so that the room looks wider and brighter. Don’t forget to use some minimalist furniture that decorates this tiny house more modernly and leaves more space. Take advantage of the walls for storage ideas by installing multiple storage racks. Use more than one glass window from loveproperty.

Try following these ideas to save more space in your petite house!




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