Going All Out with These Outdoor Wedding Decorations

Perhaps you’ve dreamt of a subtly beautiful, fairy tale, outdoor wedding Edward and Bella (of the Twilight movie series) had. It was a lovely evening in spring when the forests rejuvenated, and flowers bloomed. Be it spring or summer, at the backyard, the courtyard, or even the beach, when you have an outdoor wedding, might as well you go all out with some of these terrific outdoor wedding decorations.

1.     Entrance Gate

Whether you are having a canopy or not, your entrance gate should be key to your stepping-into your new life as a married couple. Therefore, it is important to make it stand out. Archways decorated with live flower garlands, or even your old door leaves decorated with colorful flowers, branches, and twigs, are important outdoor wedding decorations.

This wooden entrance gate decorated with colorful rose arches is suitable for use in all seasons of outdoor wedding decorations. This arch is suitable for use in rustic or traditional weddings, you can complement this flower with a touch of fresh greenery. The combination of colorful roses with a few greenery makes this arch more colorful and more timeless. The colorful combination of roses with green plants is the entrance gate from brides.

To perfect your outdoor wedding decorations, try the square entrance gate decorated with blooming flowers and several other types of vines. This square shape creates an original frame that will never be boring, but this entry gate is also the first welcome for guests or family who come to your wedding. Square entrance gate with decorative blooming flowers from brides.

To create a tropical design for your outdoor wedding, combining palm leaves with flowers blooming at the entrance arch is a suitable idea and seems more formal. You can open the guest chair towards this entrance for a more stylish view. Sprinkle this green grass with white flowers for a more dramatic and feminine decor effect. Tropical entrance arch from brides.

A floral arrangement with greenery applied to the wedding entrance with a slightly tapered shape at the top gives this decor a more traditional feel. Don’t forget to provide some lighting with candle holders that are placed on the table and hung on coconut trees to help with outdoor wedding parties at night. Arrangement of blooming flowers with greenery on an arch from brides.

2.     Hanging Decor

If you would like to feature the magnificent tree in the garden, you could set up your seating around the area and hang one or a few centerpieces from its branches. Use same-colored, plain rope strong enough to hold your décor suspended. Play around with the length of the ropes to arrange your décor artistically. Light strings, lighting bottles with candles or seashells, flower jars, origamis, and some creative craftworks are excellent outdoor wedding decorations.

Take advantage of the tree around this outdoor wedding decoration as an area to hang several ornaments that can enhance this decoration to the fullest. For example, hanging a candle lantern holder decorated with pink roses and a little green plant arrangement. Hang it using a strong rope to prevent the candle lantern from falling and causing chaos by breaking. Hanging candle lantern holder from homebnc.

Transparent glass bottles that are reused as hanging flower vases are an outdoor wedding decoration idea that you can try easily and on budget. Here you simply fill the bottle with water as a growing medium for this yellow flower. Hang this vase bottle with a rope on some tree branches to give it a more lively and cheerful impression. Transparent glass bottle flower vase decoration from onefabday.

3.     Personalized Centerpiece

Your centerpiece outdoor wedding decorations may revolve on your favorite, outdoor, past time activities you share with your spouse-to-be. If you love kayaking, a mini tower of kayak set may be great. If you enjoy gardening, feature your most-proud-of vertical gardens. If you do a lot of outdoor camping, bits and pieces from your campsites may make it to the table. You choose!

Bring a natural nuance to the centerpiece decoration of your wedding dining table with a rattan canoe filled with jasmine flowers and aromatherapy candles. These aromatherapy candles make the room feel more relaxed and smell good, of course. Cover this rattan canoe with burlap and white cotton for a more elegant and formal look. Canoe rattan centerpiece from weddingomania.

This wooden canoe equipped with paddle and paper print is a centerpiece idea that brings a different and more unique feel. In addition, this canoe gives a pleasant outdoor camping feel. You can try it easily and cheaply, buy this canoe at the nearest accessory store. Decoration centerpiece with canoe and wooden paddle from weddingomania.

4.     Floral Garlands & Prints

Live flower arrangements work in almost any wedding style, but outdoor weddings are even more fitting. You can attach flower garlands almost anywhere. Your entrance gate, your guests’ chairs, your hanging décor, on the tables, on the altar, you name it!

Add a subtle touch of floral prints as table clothes, and you’ll have a nice combination of live and unanimated floral accents across.

Complete the appearance of your wooden signboard with a long, beautifully attached garland. You can assemble this garland from blooming roses with fresh, non-wilted greenery. This garland and wooden signboard are a warm and formal welcome for guests who come to attend your wedding party. Place this signboard just behind the entrance. Decorative signboard with floral garland from deerpearlflowers.

If your garland is dominant with green plants, then adding an additional accent of white roses is a beautiful decoration idea that you can try. Attach this garland on your guest chair as a decoration that will never go out of style this time of year. Choose green plants that are fresh and not wilted so that they are fresher. Guest chair decoration with garland from deerpearlflowers.

If you want to go all out with your outdoor wedding decorations, also incorporate side pieces that suit you, do not over decorate! An outdoor wedding is meant to blend your wedding setup with the environment. So, make sure you and your guests can still enjoy the surrounding nature.


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