6 Out-of-the-box RV Ideas No One Has Ever Thought Off

Having a fun trip can be a gigantic project if you don’t quite enjoy the creative process involved when preparing your RV for your upcoming family.  Nevertheless, having some of these rare-thought RV ideas may help you optimize your limited space for your comfortable family vacation.

RV Ideas #1: Slide-out Outdoor Kitchen

Get your mechanic to build this hidden kitchen on the usable space of your RV exterior. With this practically out-of-the-box slide-out kitchen, you will not need to transport all your cookware for outdoor meal prep.


The slide-out kitchen in this RV makes a great decoration for you to try. Besides saving space, you can enjoy the scenery as well as a cook so that you feel good. With this handy, ready-to-use sliding kitchen, you don’t have to carry all the cooking utensils with you to prepare a meal outdoors. This method is up to you to try because it has the perfect kitchen appearance. Slide-out RV kitchen from generalrv.

Having an outdoor kitchen will create an RV decor that will grab the attention of a large crowd. In addition, you can enjoy the outside air while cooking and serving food. This IDe will maximize the space in your RV. You can take out the drawer that contains the stove to make it easier for you to cook comfortably. You can ask your mechanic to build this hidden outdoor kitchen. sliding out outdoor kitchen from generalrv.

RV Ideas #2: Collapsible & Stackable Nesting Cookware

From pots, saucepans, kettles, steamers, bowls, and cups, even to hand strainers and coffee drips, collapsible are going to be popular on RVs. More common these days, though, are the stackable nesting set of five to ten pots and pans with detachable handles for neat stacking. For your salad, dipping sauce, or marinate prep, those multi-sized nesting, plastic bowls will come in handy too.

Having stacked cutlery is a must to minimize storage space. You can buy a variety of bowls and plates that are arranged on a small metal shelf and which you can fit into a storage cabinet. You should try this idea in your RV kitchen to make an attractive room decoration. You can also combine it with several other cutlery so that your kitchen will avoid clutter. Stacked cutlery on RV decor ideas from thecrazyoutdoormama.

Choosing this nesting bowl can complement your kitchen decor so that it will make a tidy room and will save you a lot of clutter. You can try this idea on your bowl so that it will make a neat kitchen decoration. Like the picture above, putting on the RV kitchen cabinet is the right choice. Colorful nesting bowl on RV from grassandrootsfamily.

RV Ideas #3: Slide-out Storage Trays

With those empty spaces underneath or within your RV body, you can have your mechanic to build creative, slide-out storage spaces for backpacks and suitcases, tools, or even your must-have contingency equipment such as generators, sewage pumps, and so on.

With free space under or inside the body of your RV, you can ask your mechanic to build storage space. This pull-out under RV storage idea is a perfect choice and will make your RV decor even more attractive. You can pull this storage easily when you need a generator. You can use wooden planks for this storage idea. Pull-out under RV storage from knapeandvogt.

Having free space in the RV allows you to store emergency equipment. These sliding storage ideas will take up space and will make your RV even more attractive to emulate. You can use a plastic container to separate by type. You can pull the board to take out this storage. Placed under the RV is a great decoration for you to try right now. Sliding storage ideas from knapeandvogt.

RV Ideas #4: Vertical Pegboard Storage

With such a limited floor space, be creative by creating as many yet as organized vertical storage possible. Overhead cabinets or wall-mounted baskets are common. These vertical pegboards, however, are not ordinary. Stronger pegboards can be used to hang toolsets or kitchenware.

Wire mesh is an alternative to display personalized wall décor.

Storage ideas in limited floor space, you can add vertical storage pegboard under the RV. This way it will be easier for you to store various equipment in the waiting room. Plus these RV decorations will make for the perfect look and will spruce up any messy RV. Like the picture above, this RV decor will be the perfect choice for creating a neat RV. Vertical storage pegboard from glamperlove.

Using vertical pegboard storage in this RV kitchen will make it easier for you to place various cooking utensils with ease. You can place this decoration near the cabinet so that it will create a neat decoration for the room. With limited floor space, this decor is a perfect choice and will keep you out of the mess while your RV kitchen and long trips will be enjoyable. Vertical pegboard from buzzfeed.

RV Ideas #5: Suspended Fruit Baskets

Get a multi-level basket to store your fruit stocks on board. Or, make a simple hammock out of yarns or hemp strings and hang your fruits stylishly. But, do make sure that your fruits are big enough not to pass through the holes.

For fruit storage ideas you can use simple string or twine and hang your fruit stylishly. the fruit is large enough so that it will not pass through the hole. You can hang it on the kitchen cabinet which will make it easier for you to store various fruits during the trip. Placing it in the kitchen corner over this sink will have an RV decor that maximizes space. This room idea makes for an attractive RV decoration. Fruit storage with rope from rvinspiration.

RV Ideas #6: Wall Magnets

Get strips of magnets and install them on your RV walls. Stick your metallic kitchenware that is not too heavy such as kitchen knives. Or, get small mason jars with metallic lids for your spices and secure them on the magnetized section of your RV kitchen wall.

The idea of RV storage using magnetic walls is a brilliant idea for you to try. You can use a small jar with a metal lid for your spices and screw it up on the magnet wall of your RV’s kitchen. Placing it next to the sink will make it easier for you to pick up spices at close range. Don’t forget to add cabinet storage for a neat RV décor.  Magnetic walls storage from rvnstyle.

If you could think of some other out-of-the-box RV ideas, feel free to install them on board proudly!


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