Vintage Wedding Decorations to Trigger The Best Nostalgic Moments

A vintage wedding is often more unique than any other wedding. It incorporates plenty of characteristic features and designs that are actually or seemingly from the past. However, they usually trigger great memories from those ages, thus stimulating some of the best nostalgic, personal moments for you, your family, and your guests.

Take a look at these vintage wedding decorations you may be inspired for your upcoming vintage wedding.

1.     Vintage centerpiece

Deciding on a centerpiece is important to determine the whole theme of your wedding. A centerpiece comprising of old books, carved picture frames, stacks of suitcases, or piles of rustic wooden pallets on which you display some memorabilia will be great. If you could display the old bike that your ‘nanna’ used to ride when dating your grandfather, that would be even better!

Several stacks of books with sleek ceramic pots around them emphasize a simple vintage wedding decoration but still look classic and unique. You can make some of these items as a timeless design centerpiece. Aromatherapy candles make you feel more relaxed so you can enjoy the wedding in more detail. The combination of a pile of books with a ceramic pot as a centerpiece from happywedd.

A dining table at a vintage wedding is incomplete without a centerpiece. Use several items to make a vintage centerpiece, for example, a pile of books, classic frames, and a shiny gold teapot, you can arrange them vertically as best and as interestingly as possible. Flowers are always a table decoration that refreshes the room around them to the maximum. Vintage centerpiece with a touch of gold from happywedd.

2.     Crystals and pearls

Crystals and pearls are always right for vintage wedding decorations. Somehow, looking at the reflections in them give you flashbacks to those golden moments in the past. Some of your guests may just be reminded of their late spouses, grandchildren, unforgettable uni days, and so on.

Design your vintage wedding dining table as attractive as possible with a small birdcage decorated with colorful roses and pearl necklaces. Wrap these pearls around the outer surface of the birdcage for a luxurious decoration that matches the vintage feel. You can pair this birdcage with a transparent glass vase filled with white flowers and a writing board to complete the overall look of this table. Birdcage equipped with pearl strands from tulleandchantilly.

In order for this gold guest chair to look more luxurious and vintage, you can add pearl strands that are hung on the back of the back seat. White ribbons make an inexpensive decorative addition that is easy to find in some stores. In addition to emphasizing vintage wedding decorations, this gold chair is also a comfortable and soft sitting area to use throughout the wedding. Pearl strands and white ribbons for designing guest chairs from tulleandchantilly.

3.     B/W or sepia photographs

Putting up your black-and-white or sepia pre-wedding photos is an easy way to come up with vintage wedding decorations. With such photographs, you will create an ambiance as if you and your guests were back in those days when pictures were not colored.

Take advantage of your tree area to hang up some old black and white photos for a simple yet beautiful display of ancient times. Some of these classic frames are suitable for use at the vintage wedding that you are currently working on. Place these light-life photos in areas frequented by guests as a suitable decoration and do not cost a lot of money. Black and white family photo hanging from the tree from deerpearlflowers.

Not only sticking photos on trees, but you can also stick some black and white family photos in a ceramic pot equipped with dry twigs. This photo becomes a classic decoration suitable for your vintage wedding decoration. You can paste this classic photo using a double tip so as not to spoil the photo after the wedding is over. Black and white family photo in one ceramic pot from diyncrafts.

4.     Carvings & Cursive Letterings

Carved furniture and frames are definite vintage wedding decorations. It gives you the impression that you were back to those kingdom eras, or entering a fairy tale. If you are not using carved frames as your centerpiece, use them at strategic spots such as at your entrance, for your pre-wedding photos, your guests’ signing boards, and so on.

Additionally, put up a welcome note and signs on cursive letterings, which will remind your guests of those times when people wrote with quills.

This pearl frame for a table number gives its own luxurious impression. You can make it easy, use cursive letterings for writing ideas in this frame. This letter has its own uniqueness that is beautiful and not boring. Place this table number near the blooming roses. Pearl table numbers with cursive letterings from tulleandchantilly.

Some of these classic carving frames become decorations for vintage wedding decorations that seem simple but attract attention. Add a few different kinds of blooming flowers as a perfect addition to any outdoor event. Place this frame standing rack randomly and vertically but still interesting. Classic frames surrounded by flowers blooming from deerpearlflowers.

5.     Lanterns & Oil Lamps

Last but certainly not least, rustic, metallic lanterns and oil lamps can be excellent vintage wedding decorations you arrange on your dining tables.

For a morning or afternoon wedding, instead of lighting them up, you can put some flowers or dried twigs in them as décor.

If you have white lanterns, then look for and use pastel floral decorations like pink to match the color tones that will work well. Chicken feathers are also an additional accent that complements this vintage wedding table decoration. Do not forget to use white pearls on the top of the lantern for a luxurious impression that is not excessive. White lanterns with floral accents and chicken feathers from tulleandchantilly.

For vintage wedding decoration lighting ideas, you can try rustic metallic lanterns surrounded by several different types of flowers. This glass lantern is finished with a beautiful and vintage metallic engraving. The green faux grass lining this wooden table will be a great place to place the lanterns properly, besides adding to the faux green grass it also gives the room a fresh feel. Glass lantern with metallic engraving from deerpearlflowers.

Have fun exploring your options and ‘wow’ your guests with your vintage wedding.



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