First Apartment Decor Ideas for A Newbie

Choosing to live in an apartment rather than a residential home does require adaptation, especially for those of you who are first-timers. Having a spacious room and a garden in the backyard is an image of an ideal place to live, but sometimes that dream cannot come true because of financial reasons.

Don’t be sad because you can create happiness with the apartment you have now. By reading the ideas of the first apartment décor below, you can reap a lot of inspiration. Make your first dwelling more memorable with attractive decorations!

Prepare Additional Chairs

Narrow space requires you to be smarter in utilizing space. Save some folding chairs when you have a party at your apartment with a rather large number of guests.

The idea of decorating a newbie apartment with additional folding chairs will provide additional seating when you have a party in this apartment. You can choose a vintage design for the look of the chair and don’t forget to add a small round coffee table to complete your decor. Flowers in a vase will also bring a natural impression to the room. You can put this chair set beside the window so you can enjoy the beautiful outdoor view. Folding chair from architectureartdesigns.

Maximize the Kitchen Area

The kitchen area that integrates with the living room doesn’t leave enough space for additional furniture. You can improvise by choosing some multifunctional furniture, such as a dining table that also functions as a counter space to prepare dishes.

Maximizing the kitchen area by combining a kitchen island with a dining table is a brilliant idea for you to try now. Completing the decoration with a high chair will make it comfortable when in the room. Choosing this dining table will make the kitchen look minimalist. You can also add some blooming flowers in a vase to give the room a fresh decoration. Combined with hardwood floors and soft carpets, it creates a warm look. Kitchen island with a dining table from idealhome.

This newbie apartment kitchen design is equipped with white nunace on the kitchen furniture. To maximize space in the kitchen, you can apply the kitchen island and dining table at the same time to save space in this kitchen. Don’t forget to add a white high chair to create a cozy room that has the same contrast. This orange chandelier will be the focal point of the room and will create a bright room with dramatic lighting. Newbie apartment kitchen from idealhome.

Combining the dining table and kitchen island at the same time will maximize the space in your kitchen, so this decor will be a nice room look for you to try. Using a black and white color scheme plus natural lighting from large windows will give the room a bright impression. This ceiling chandelier will offer a dramatic enrichment to this attractive kitchen. Dining table and kitchen island combo from architecturaldigest.

Hang Your Artwork

First apartment décor will feel more special if you give a little personal touch. Display your DIY decoration projects, for example, in the form of paintings or handmade wall displays in the living room.

Frame the best works of your children and display them with pride. They will feel like proud artists, and won’t have to spend a fortune on mutually beneficial art. It can look subtle if done professionally with a clean, modern frame and then set in a classic floor-to-ceiling finish. This idea is worth trying because it presents an attractive financial decoration and will be the focal point of the perfect room.  Artwork children painting from housebeautiful.

Make your own wall decoration with beads and branches. You’ll love the bohemian elegance of this asymmetry. It has a weirder look and requires less visual appearance than hanging webbing. You can place it on the sofa and it will be the perfect focal point of the room. You can combine it with white walls and some wooden furniture for a rustic feel into the room. Beaded hanging on the wall from housebeautiful.

Add Some Houseplants

Houseplants can be an option to give a little natural impression in your apartment. Choose a few plants that require only minimal care but still provide freshness.

Green plants in pots and placed in the corner of the room will create a fresh and natural impression. This low-maintenance plant with this type of monster will give your room an attractive appearance. The flowers in this vase also complement the décor and are placed beside a large window to provide nutrients from the sun. You can use white and wooden floors to create a warm and airy room. Corner green plants from thespruce.

The idea of decorating a newbie apartment living room with the beating of potted greenery will bring a fresh and natural impression to this living room. You can put some plants in the corner of the room and you can choose low maintenance plants to make an attractive apartment decoration. Don’t forget to combine white nuances and wooden floors which are equipped with geometric patterned hoods to make the room comfortable and warm. Potted greenery from thespruce.

Split the Space

Room dividers are no less important in first apartment décorideas. Use bookshelves, benches, or curtains to separate spaces in a room to acquire privacy.

Using a divider from this large curtain will make a low maintenance room decor. You can make a room for candles between the bedroom and the den so you won’t make your room look full because of other dividers. Using nuances of white walls and black wood floors, this is the perfect decoration of the room and brings a warm and airy impression to the room. Curtain dividers from housebeautiful.

This glass divider is the best choice for decorating this newbie apartment space so that your room will not look cramped. You can separate the bedroom from the living room so that it becomes an attractive room appearance. Don’t forget to add a white sofa with a jute rug to create a warm and inviting decoration. Glass dividers from housebeautiful.

It makes you excited to apply the first apartment décor ideas above immediately, right? Renovation is not needed here because maybe some apartment tenants are prohibited from changing the initial design. So, focus on small items that can be accessories and simplify your life.

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