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Chic Apartment Dining Room Designs for Tiny Space

The narrow apartment requires us to choose furniture more wisely. Some things that you don’t need can be eliminated so that there is a sufficient flow of movement. Dining activities sometimes have to be done on the couch because there is no more space for a special dining area.

If you can be more careful and creative, you can still bring a minimalist dining room to your apartment. Not magnificent, but enough to amaze your sweetheart at the first dinner invitation. The following apartment dining room ideas might open your mind!

Breakfast Nook

It is the most reliable and easiest solution for apartment dining room ideas. Try integrating the kitchen with the dining area by presenting a small breakfast nook with a capacity of 2-3 people. Besides, it will save space, it will also bring a minimalist look without reducing its main function.

If your apartment has a small room but still wants to have a special dining room in it, try leaving a little space in your minimalist dining area decoration idea. Use the built-in bench which is equipped with a small round table in front of it, don’t forget to mix it with a wooden small chair to complete the interior in this room. Cover the bench with cushions for a softer and more warm surface. Corner dining room with built-in benches from housebeautiful.

So that the kitchen corner of your apartment is more useful, then use it to make a simple dining room decoration. You can start by placing an elbow bench in the corner of the room which is covered with thick foam to make it more comfortable and a few pillows so that it doesn’t look empty. The round glass table with slender legs makes it look elegant and contemporary. This rattan chair with stainless steel legs is an additional piece of furniture that you can have to accommodate more people. Elbow bench with a modern dining table from housebeautiful.

Set Up a Round Table

Saving space can be done by choosing the right form of furniture. You can install circular tables in the mini dining area with a neutral color to create a spacious impression.

Use wooden accents for round dining table ideas in the minimalist dining room decor of your small apartment. In addition to presenting a natural impression, this wood accent can also save costs in buying furniture because it has a selling price that is not too expensive. A dining table set with chairs in two different colors would be perfect if it was completed with a carpet under it. The glass flower vase that is placed on the table becomes a sweet and beautiful room decoration as a whole. Wood accent round dining table from goodhousekeeping.

Apply bold colors to the dining room decor of your apartment for a more colorful look with a different atmosphere. The green wooden chairs that surround this round dining table are a comfortable layout to use with your family or closest friends to eat the dishes that have been provided. This guest room decoration is also equipped with a china cabinet which is used as a storage idea to minimize clutter in the room that causes inconvenience. Bold color chairs that surround the round dining table from goodhousekeeping.

Make it Flip Out

You can design your furniture according to the availability of space. Customize a flip dining table that you can fold when you don’t need it, and don’t forget to complete it with a folding chair.

A simple set dining table that is made of plywood material is the right furniture idea for decorating your apartment dining room. You can fold this dining table when it’s finished using it to save space maximally, you can move it to another place to be more free when moving in the room. Plywood folding dining table from lushome.

This wooden flip dining table with aluminum legs will be sturdier and stronger to support larger amounts of food. In addition, this furniture can also be moved to another place in an easy way, which is folded. With this flip table set, the room in the kitchen will be more spacious and open. Wooden flip dining table with aluminum legs from lushome.

Place Furniture Properly

The corners in the apartment room can be explored. Put the dining table against the wall so that there are plenty of places to move or put other essential furniture.

To save more on decorating your apartment, you can use a floating dining table with tall iron chairs that are repainted in bold and bright colors. This dining table looks simpler and saves floor area to be more effective and efficient. Use an iron to support this floating table to make it stronger. Floating dining table with iron supports from homedit.

To maximize the decoration of your small apartment, the folding dining table attached to the wall is the right and appropriate dining room furniture idea. You can choose back support wooden chairs for a sitting area that keeps your waist more comfortable. Fold the dining table when it is no longer used to save space maximally. Foldable dining table attached to the wall from homedit.

Make it Float

Furniture that is built-in into the wall is preferred for a mini apartment dining room. Purchase the floating shelves where you can place your cutlery.

So that the dining room in your apartment looks neat and the most important thing is to save space, you can use an open shelf on one side of your kitchen wall next to the dining table. The open shelf in the dining area is a great choice for decorating the dining room of a small apartment. You can use bright colors for your open shelves to contrast with the dining room environment which will certainly make it more eye-catching. Floating open shelves from housebeautiful.

Wall-mounted shelves are decorations that will never go out of style. If you apply it to the dining room, it will certainly make it look minimalist. Pair it with a large painting as a focal point. To support the minimalist theme in the dining room of your small apartment, don’t forget to use a unique sofa with a striking color that you can place against to wall to complete your simple dining table. Minimalist floating shelf storage from housebeautiful.

The key to creating the best apartment dining room is not to be pessimistic. There will always be a way to decorate space in a mini apartment or house. Now is the time to rush for your new dining room and set a romantic dinner with your sweetheart.

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