5 Soundproof Apartment Decor Ideas That’s Easy to Apply

Apartment design with a shared wall sometimes bothers us. Crying babies or noise during renovations from next door residents also haunt us. That’s the risk of living in an apartment, but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do anything.

Let’s reclaim your peace of mind with the smart soundproof apartment décor ideas below! Though quite easy to apply, maybe these ideas had never been thought of before. You no longer need to worry about being disturbed by neighbors.

Put a Bookshelf and Fill It with Books

Do you know that paper tightly bound in a book, if placed in a massive amount, can reduce the sound? Block the source of noise with the bookshelf and fill it with your entire book collections.

The built-in book storage will create an airtight space and will give the room a stunning appearance. You can add some to your collection of books in addition to blocking the air this decor will make a stunning wall decor. You can combine it with some framed wall galleries and red sofas to create the perfect focal point of the room.  Built-in book storage from decoist.

Did you know that using a bookstore full of book collections will create a soundproof room? Completing the look of the apartment with a bookshelf will provide an interesting space for you to try. You will have two functions apart from blocking the sound of this book collection to give it an eye-catching look and will avoid the clutter of this living room. You can also save a few ornaments to complete the décor.  Bookshelf with books from decoist.

Install a Door Sweep

Sometimes, you can hear people talking while passing by in front of your door. Try installing a door sweep in the gap of your apartment door to prevent noise, wind, and even insects from entering.

Installing a door sweeper will keep out the noise in this apartment space and you will have privacy while chatting with your friends. Plus, this door sweeper will make your room soundproof from your neighbors. Using this door sweep will also prevent wind or insects from entering your apartment. Soundproof room with door sweep from thespruce.

You can add door sweeps to soundproofing your entrance door to create a home that is safe from the noise of your next door neighbor. You can install it on your front door to protect your apartment from insects and outside air. You can also add a runner rug with a black and white geometric motif to give your room a warm impression. Door sweeps to soundproofing from apartmenttherapy.

Put a Thick Rug

This soundproof apartment décor idea won’t reduce the aesthetic value that you want to create in your apartment. You need to put a thick rug or carpet in the living room and let it filter out unwanted sounds.

The thick carpet design will also block out the sound in this apartment. You can use a thick, soft rug with faux fur otherwise it will give a warm impression to the room and will complement the perfect look of the room. You can pair it with hardwood floors and shades of blue to create a fresh and warm room. Some furniture in the form of chairs, sofas, and knitted ottomans will complement the decor of the room. Thick carpet design from home-designing.


Don’t forget to add a thick rug with soft fur to give your apartment soundproof decor. In addition, this carpet will give a warm impression and provide comfort to your feet while in this apartment space. You can put a carpet at the entrance so that it will greet you warmly. Combining with white nuances will give a room a stylish decor that looks spacious. Thick carpet at the entrance from home-designing.

Hang a Curtain

If you want to apply a simple soundproof décor apartment that’s also useful in reducing the noise in your apartment, install a rather thick fabric curtain that extends from the ceiling to the floor with a motif that you like.

These curtains will serve as a neutral backdrop and block out sounds from the neighbors. You should go for heavy curtains and mix them with a pop of color on the sofa and cushions for the main focus of the living room in this London apartment. These floor-to-ceiling curtains will create the illusion of a tall and spacious space. A crystal chandelier will also provide a perfect and dramatic light to the room. Floor-to-ceiling thick curtains from elledecor.

This moody Russian living room uses minimal colors and maximal patterns for a dark and modern feel. The curtains are made in a rich, subtle fabric, with a pattern that accentuates a touch of ornate decor. These layered curtains will help your room be soundproof. You can use floor-to-ceiling curtains to create the illusion of a tall, spacious room. Layered thick curtains from elledecor.

Add a Tapestries

If your apartment doesn’t have a window, use beautiful decorations like tapestries as soundproofing media. Place a rather large woven wall hanging in your living room to block the sound through its texture.

The idea of using tapestries to suppress sound in an apartment is a brilliant idea for you to try. This decor will make the most of the space and will serve as the perfect focal point of the room. Combined with the nuances of the white walls of this carpet, it will give color and will make the appearance even more stunning. Some of this classic style furniture will create a vintage impression on the room. Tapestries on apartment decor from architecturaldigest.

Using tapestries to block out the noise from the next door neighbor is a brilliant idea for you to try and you will feel comfortable in this living room. You can place it on the wall as well as give it an attractive wall. With this abstract pattern, it will make your appearance even more stylish and become the perfect focal point for the room. Pair it with beige color to balance your appearance.  Tapestries on the wall from architecturaldigest.

After reading the soundproof apartment décor ideas above, you will find out that the items you encounter every day can have other uses. Very affordable and easy to apply, they’ll guarantee your peace of mind!

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