Small Apartment Decor that You Must Try

When we choose to live in a mini apartment, for example, a studio, then several aspects must become our main concern. Narrow space is frequently a source of problems. You’ll also feel hesitant to invite friends because you don’t find it comfortable.

However, don’t take this as an excuse to abandon your apartment. Let’s imagine for a while about what atmosphere should be present for you to feel comfortable in your apartment. Maybe these small apartment décor tips below can be a definite solution!

Choose Multi-Purpose Furniture

To make the room more efficient, choose furniture that does not only have a single function. You can put an ottoman in the living room as additional storage or a trundle bed that can be turned into a sofa.

Buy and choose a melamine wood coffee table that is equipped with several storage drawers as a multifunctional furniture idea that is suitable for decorating a small living room. You can refinish this coffee table with dark paint to make it easier to match the interior around it. You can use this drawer to store your favorite books so as not to scatter on the coffee table surface which causes the room to look chaotic and messy. Coffee table with storage drawers from digsdigs.

The ottoman placed in the living room area is useful for storage ideas that save space because this furniture is also a unique coffee table that you can use simultaneously. Adjust the ottoman pattern with the feel of the room so that it blends together and works more perfectly. The ottoman on the faux fur rug adds a warm and soft impression, you can try this interior idea right now. Ottoman with storage underneath from digsdigs.

Give Natural Light

A dark room can give a narrow and gloomy impression in your small apartment. Let the sunlight come in through the window and use sheer fabric as a curtain.

The apartment living room decoration will feel brighter and more open when using large and spacious glass windows. You can open the curtains during the day to maximize sunlight entering the room freely, don’t forget to add green plants on the window sill as windowsill that brings this living room more to nature and of course have a fresh atmosphere. Transparent glass windows with greenery windowsill from decoist.

Change some of the functions of the walls into glass windows for additional natural living room lighting and help wooden interiors so they are not easily moldy and porous. In this living room, you can also add green plants for a fresh and environmentally friendly decoration. In addition, this indoor green plant will grow more fertile because it gets enough sunlight. Change some functions of the wall into a glass window from decoist.

Install several mirrors

Mirror reflection has always been a reliable small apartment décor that can give the impression of a bigger space. Choose several mirrors along with your favorite frames then hang them on the living room wall.

If you have an apartment living room with limited space, then adding a standing mirror with wooden frames is an interior idea that you can try. Because this standing mirror makes the room decoration look wider and more radiant. Don’t forget to repaint these wooden frame mirrors with white to match the room’s elegant color scheme and look more new and not shabby. Standing mirror with wooden frame from sonomamag.

Several mirrors with frames that have different shapes and colors give a beautiful and charming artistic impression. You can hang it on the wall in blue paint for a more contrasting, less tacky look. The main function of this classic mirror is to reflect light which can help the illusion of a living room feel wider and brighter. Classic hanging mirror with different frames from sonomamag.

Play Carefully with Colors

Important tips for small apartment décor is; don’t improvise too much with colors because it will make the room seem heavy and cramped. Just select two main colors, or if you want more, add neutral colors like white or gray.

The combination of white and gray is a mix of colors that can work well in decorating an apartment living room. You can apply gray color to several interiors such as sofas, carpets and some wall paint. Some framed paintings are a beautiful and artistic additional color. This light brown wood floor is a charming neutralizer for the color of the room. Neutral color living room nuances from decoist.

There is nothing wrong with adding a pattern to the gray and white living room decor. The striped carpet is a beautiful focal point because it has a combination of different colors, namely black and white. These rugs will coat well in hardwood floors and will give the surface of your foot a warm, softer foot. Sectional sofas are the right furniture that you can imitate and use right now. Striped pattern carpet in the living room gray and white from decoist.

Make it All Floating

Large and built-in furniture will not leave space for a small apartment. Install floating shelves or sinks as alternative furniture to save space.

Use smart bathroom furniture to save bathroom space more effectively. This minimalist floating sink located in the black tile area provides a monochromatic style simultaneously. Don’t forget to add a mirror above the sink to check your appearance in detail. Floating sink on the black tile from decoist.

This floating cabinet sink is multifunctional bathroom furniture because it can be used for storage ideas at the same time. This double bowl sink will be more useful for many people. You can put all toiletries and towels in this cabinet safely, neatly, and in order. Wall scones lamps are the main lighting idea that you can use, choose this lamp with yellow light to add a dramatic and warm impression to the room. Double bowl sink equipped with cabinet from decoist.

After reading this, are you ready to entertain guests in your small apartment? Small apartment décor ideas above not only provide solutions but also create harmony and aesthetics. Because comfort can be made and not merely sought after.

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