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Helpful Living Room Decorating Tips For Novice

Even though there no levels in interior decor efforts but, still, you can get help from experts. They offer inspiring tips and hacks, as well as every little detail to perfect every room in a home. Looking for living room decorating tips for your first apartment or house? Let’s get a closer look at some of them here.

1 – Choose the Paint Color

You can go with your favorite color or other shades to pursue particular interior design styles or ambiance. If it’s still too challenging, you may go with your furniture pieces first and then pick the wall color following on them.

If your living room has white nuances, then you can freely choose furniture in any color, including pastel colors. Place this pastel sofa directly on top of the faux fur rug in a crisp white for a luxurious look without being overwhelming. Glass windows support the living room to appear brighter and brighter. White nuanced living room with pastel sofa from realsimple.

An easy way to decorate a living room for beginners is to use neutral colors in the furniture and nuances of the room. White is one of the favorite colors that is often used because it is a neutral color that makes this living room more elegant and natural. The rubber tree bent behind the sofa is an additional color that brings the decor of this room more to nature. Beginner living room with dominant white color from realsimple.

2 – Pick the Right Furniture

There is a saying: “A great living room starts with a great sofa”. Selecting the wrong sofa is the most common mistake we do. It will include other furniture pieces as well. Consider the size of your space and the furniture functions may be helpful here.

Sectional sofa becomes functional furniture because it can be used as an area to relax your legs in a long way. Choose this sofa with a dark color to make it easier to combine with wood accents on your coffee table. Floating wooden shelves are an open storage idea that is used to showcase several painting frames with different themes. Functional sectional sofa from realsimple.

Keep your living room decoration minimalist by using enough furniture without overdoing it. Two different sofa colors, a round coffee table, and a carpet are enough to be a comfortable and modern interior. Don’t leave your white walls plain, hang two paintings with different themes to add artistic value that has high artistic value. Use enough furniture from realsimple.

3 – Arrange the Furniture

Once you pick your living room furniture, it’s time to arrange it. Thus, it would be best if you had a plan. You have to take into account several matters, such as deciding a center point, making a conversation grouping, or paying attention to the traffic flow. Just remember, do not fall into a showroom arrangement though.

The layout of the sofa, which is back to the glass window, is intended so that you are not dazzled when sunlight enters the room. Besides that, the linen sofa which is arranged in an L shape leaves plenty of room where you can move freely here and there. Don’t forget to add a coffee table in the middle of the sofa which is equipped with book storage underneath as a focal point for multifunctional furniture. The layout of the sofa with the back of the glass window from realsimple.

Bring these two leather chairs to a unique coffee table to produce the right and comfortable furniture layout. You can have conversations throughout the day in this living room in a non-monotonous way. This colorful rug provides a beautiful color when combined with two different wall colors and green plants in the corner of the room. Face these two leather chairs towards the coffee table from realsimple.

4 – Select the Area Rugs

Most of the living room decorating tips regarding floor carpeting is about knowing the right size. It cannot be too small or too big where it should ideally accommodate all the furniture. The rule of thumb is that the area rug offers about 10 to 20 inches of distance for bare floor between its edges and the walls.

This vintage rug with white is a neutral color that is easy to combine with other interiors around it. You can easily apply the pop color to some pillowcases to give the room a more colorful feel. For sofas, paint the walls and table lamps, you can use matching colors that are owned by the vintage rug. The gold coffee table is a touch of luxury, modern and sleek. Vintage white rug from realsimple.

Match the rug colors with the surrounding nuances and interiors to produce a more casual and elegant living room color scheme. Green is one of the color choices that make the room look fresher and less boring, choose a rug with a size that matches the room so as not to spoil the appearance of the living room to be ineffective and inefficient. A cute finishing touch you can try with the table set on the green rug pattern. Green rug pattern from realsimple.

5 – Add Lighting Fixtures

The important reminder is that you need to have each of the three main lighting types, namely ambient lights, task lights, and accent lights. For example, you can go for recessed lighting, table lamp, and wall sconces.

Lighting is an important accent that every room must have as lighting that helps your activities at night in this living room. You can try combining table lamps with floor lamps for a combination that produces brighter and brighter light. When you want ambient light, just use one lamp, for example, this black and white table lamp. Combination table lamp with a floor lamp from realsimple.

Wall scones lamp may not provide sufficient lighting at night in this living room, so you can add glass chandeliers that are hung from the ceiling just above the coffee table. The wall scones light gives a classic feel that makes living room d├ęcor never out of date. Wall scones lamp with chandeliers from realsimple.

It’s better to understand well about your space measurement before starting any of the above living room decorating tips.



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