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Super Exciting Office Furniture Layouts to Copy

For an office that has been there for decades, a dull look can be a daily sight. With the current taste, office designs experience some new development. Office decoration was made for formality. Now, they are designed to boost employees’ creativity and performance.

If you work on restyling a dull office, you’re going to need some ideas of office furniture layout. Do you want to create a Google office-inspired look?

The Newsroom

Decorating a space depends on the function. If it is created for collaborative work, then this layout will suit the function. Push together all individual desks in one or two places depending on how many groups you need. It includes removing dividers and cubicle walls, practically anything that allows free communication.

To decorate an office for collaborative work then this layout suits its function. Combining individual desks for groups is a brilliant idea for you to try in your office. You can remove the cubicle walls to make it easier for you to communicate. The office desk with a comfortable set of black chairs will protect your back from pain after a long day of work. Newsroom office decor from americanpressinstitute.

Using several stacked desks makes the newsroom office perfect for group work. You can add some soft high chairs with long wooden tables to provide comfort for your employees while working. Don’t forget to use large windows to provide bright lighting and a natural feel to your workspace. The rugs throughout the room also complement the décor to give your feet extra warmth. Newsroom office from americanpressinstitute.

Combining tables to decorate a room depending on its function. This layout can be used for group work so you have to remove obstructions and cubicle walls. Coupled with a set of wooden workbenches painted white will create an interesting space for you to try. Don’t forget to add a natural feel to the room with large windows and some greenery for fresh air into the room. Layout newsroom from snacknation.

Casual Layout

Everyone enjoys the vibe they get from a living room. The space offers so many things everyone wants in spending their time working or getting some inspiration. A large table to put a laptop and a soft sofa are just some of them. Apparently, that idea can be great for office furniture layout.

A job that only needs a sofa to work will suit this layout. Putting one long, big table in the main work area will be enough. Then you can design the rest with a whiteboard to post graphics and progress. A large window to let in some sunlight and creative décor items are necessary as well.

You can add a large sofa in the office and complement it with a table to provide a relaxing workspace. Don’t forget to add some modern wooden chairs and chandeliers for dramatic lighting. Large floor rugs will give you comfort so that your feet will stay warm while you are working. These wall decorations will provide the perfect focal point of a room. Black large sofa from bocadolobo.

Google Office-Inspired Look

For a big company like Google, innovations are everything. New, fresh ideas should be produced every single day from any department. Without a push, employees won’t produce anything. As Google does, creative design is the answer.

Slides, beehive rooms to craft some ideas, you name it. Design it any way you want as long as it gives everyone a place to relax. Out-of-the-box furniture will help them get some inspiration.

A google office-inspired decor with its design fosters an energizing and inspirational work environment that is relaxed yet focused, and full of activity. You can use large curtain dividers to provide thinking space for your employees. Equipped with a work table set and lighting from floor lamps will attract the attention of many people. Pair it with wooden floors to create a warm room. Large curtain dividers from archdaily.

This unique design from Google Kanto uses a honeycomb design that is painted white to attract people’s attention. Equipped with a semicircular bank and table will provide extra comfort when you are doing work. Don’t forget to add colored lights to give your full concentration while working. Using floor rugs also gives the room a warm and inviting appearance. Honeycomb design office from archdaily.

Unique office design inspired by google using a vehicle cutout like the image above. You can add wooden benches and tables to give a comfortable impression to the room. This half curtain provides privacy so that it will make the appearance more attractive. This antique chandelier also creates a dramatic room decor. Don’t forget to add a fluff quilt to complete this office décor. Office design inspired by google from archdaily.

Looks unique with the google office design using this semicircular room for discussions with other employees. This method will attract people’s attention with its unique and inviting shape. You can complement the inside look with benches and workstations so that your employees will stay comfortable and energized while doing work. The right lighting will also fully support this office decor. Semicircular room on google office design from archdaily.

A google-inspired outdoor office with colorful furniture will create a dancing and inviting office décor. Like the picture above, using a circle table and chairs and using orange color will make your employees feel at home for a long time because of the unique design and will get fresh air in the outdoors. Don’t forget to add a tulip statue decoration to complement your office décor. Outdoor office with colorful furniture from archdaily.

Office ideas from google will offer you a cheerful and fun space. You can add a unique shaped sofa and some colorful ottomans. Adding a red curtain and complementing it with a small bar for employees to work is a brilliant idea. To relieve stress from work, you can also add a game of billiards so that it will make your employees happy. The wooden floors and white nuances here give a roomy and warm impression and are worth trying now. Billiards game on office decor from archdaily.

Need any more office furniture layout? You name it.

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