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Living in an Apartment? Try These Flawless Living Room Layouts

Whether for eating, lingering, or watching TV, people love using the living room as a place for entertainment. It is especially true for those people who live in an apartment as it tends to be compact.

As the family grows bigger, the space function grows as well. From being the place for entertainment, it has now become a multipurpose room. Thus, developing an apartment living room layout can be tricky. Here we have prepared some flawless samples for you.

A Touch of Formality

A formal living room would suit those of you who also use the space for a home office. You might need it to be casual and serve the purpose of an entertainment room but keep it formal to help you focus on working.

One thing you should keep in mind when arranging this kind of layout is, it should be simple and tidy. So, arrange the sofa facing two chairs with a coffee table in between. Install some built-ins on one side then place your desk on the other side.

The appearance of formality in the living room is highly recommended for modern home decor to make it look neater and lighter in view. You can try this simple arrangement, for example with a yellow sofa equipped with a rectangle table, it will be more harmonious when you combine it with the leather chair in front of it. A layout like this makes your living room feel more spacious and open. A simple but formal layout from realhomes.

When your living room feels monotonous and boring, then arrange the living room furniture layout right in front of the modern fireplace. The coffee table is always a piece of furniture that sits in the middle of sofas and chairs for easy reach from all directions. Cover the legs of the furniture in this room with rattan woven rugs for additional footwear that looks natural and environmentally friendly. Pillows are complementary accents that add warmth and comfort. The layout of living room furniture in front of the fireplace from realhomes.

Arrange the layout of the furniture in the living room as minimal as possible to present a more formal feel when used as a home office. For example, the same long sofa and brown leather chair are facing the teak coffee table. This layout looks simple but feels more comfortable when used for various formal and informal events. As a sweet finishing touch to this room, you can add random greenery. Formal furniture layout from realhomes.

You can use this linen sofa overlooking the coffee table as a comfortable home office area and provide a more different atmosphere. Don’t forget to add two chairs as additional seats that can be used for your family or friends who come. Carpeting provides an elegant finish that never goes out of style. Linen sofa and chairs facing the coffee table from realhomes.

Relaxing View

When one decides to get a more relaxed living room layout, one thing to be considered is that it should incorporate a view. For an apartment, the view can be a large glass window facing the outside world or a beautiful fireplace. In this case, we arrange the sofa facing a small screen above a built-in fireplace. Then spread other decors like a flowerpot and a standing lamp all around.

The window is a source of views that you can enjoy while in the living room, you can install this window in one corner of the wall with a larger and wider size. Besides that, the advantages of using transparent glass windows are that it can enter as much sunlight as possible so that it makes the room feel brighter and more open. Don’t forget to repaint the window frame in a color that matches the feel of the room so that it blends in perfectly. Large corner windows from housebeautiful.

The more transparent glass windows you use in the living room, the easier it will be for you to enjoy the outside view in detail and clearly. When you use the curtain on this window, you can open it by pulling the curtain upwards. Green plants that are placed near the window will thrive because they get enough sunlight. Transparent glass window from housebeautiful.

Instead of using a wall with floor-to-ceiling glass windows, it will spoil your eyes to enjoy the beautiful outdoor view. You can relax on this sofa while enjoying the coffee or tea that is served. The sheer curtain is the right layer because you can still enjoy the view freely, this curtain serves as an accent that protects you from excessive sunlight. A tufted sofa with leather material becomes a comfortable and soft sitting area. Instead of using a wall with high glass windows from housebeautiful.

Simple and Comfy

Simplicity is bliss for some people. How simple a room can look; some furniture remains paramount. Opt for a sectional sofa and arrange it in the center of the room with other furniture, such as a coffee table and a footstool.

Buy and use a sectional sofa that you can use for a relaxing area by stretching your legs to make it feel more relaxed. Blankets are additional items that you can wear when the weather starts to get cold. To maintain the color scheme of this room, you can choose a sectional sofa with harmonious color, white being a neutral color choice that is easy to combine with other furniture around it. Sectional sofa accented with additional blankets from housebeautiful.

The appearance of the living room will look more luxurious when using the appropriate choice of furniture. This velvet sofa in dark blue is a beautiful and charming pop color, the next furniture you must have is a white coffee table with a light material so that it is easier to move when needed. The combination of blue and white makes for an elegant and never boring combination. Blue velvet sectional sofa from housebeautiful.

This sectional sofa that forms a semicircle is suitable to be combined with several other furniture such as coffee tables and chair linens. This furniture will be a comfortable relaxing area for the whole day. Don’t forget to throw pillows in several different colors for a more colorful and cheerful look. Provide adequate illumination through glass chandeliers and white light table lamps. Sectional sofa forming a semicircle from housebeautiful.

Those are three options of living room layout you can copy. Choose one that suits your taste the best.

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