Here’s How You Want Your First Apartment to Be

For those who have lots of experience with decorating, decorating the first and new apartment won’t be a problem. However, some people will find it challenging. Depending on the size, type, and shape, decorating an apartment is different from one another. Even nomads can experience first apartment décor work every time they move into a new one. As long as you stick to the basics, everything will be fine.

Blend Well the Colors

First of all, color is everything to any room. For a safe look, select a natural base as it will last longer than any bold colors. Besides, you can mix-and-match it with other colors. If you love colorful items, choose soft-colored ones. They look good when blended.

Avoid using striking colors in the decoration of the living room apartment because it will only damage the eyes when you see it. The white nuance is enough to decorate the living room with a more elegant look, plants become an additional accent and color that cools the room as a whole. Striped carpet also provides a neutral color that is not boring. The living room of the apartment with white shades from housebeautiful.

The white nuances in the living room will feel more colorful when you include some natural interiors such as woodcut coffee tables and rattan woven rugs. This natural interior would work better as it has an eco-friendly accent. Don’t forget to add a built-in wooden shelf as an open book storage idea. White shades living room with an interior accented with natural from housebeautiful.

Match the color of the dining room with the existing furniture to make it look more unified and elegant. The combination of white and black presents a modern and contemporary monochromatic style. The green plants that are used as windowsill are also an additional color as well as a natural room decoration and soothing the surrounding area. Monochrome color dining room with a touch of green windowsill from housebeautiful.

Treat the Window

After the living room, windows will be the next objects to be viewed. So, use all your creativity to make it look pretty and better. You can hang curtains made of paper or plastic materials. But striped Roman shades and flowing curtains will also do.

The horizontal striped Roman curtain that is applied to the bedroom window of this apartment can be folded up in the morning before noon to perfectly enter the sunlight into the room. Besides that, the colors on these curtains also make the feel of the room more colorful. This rope light has a low size so it is very suitable for the lighting at night. Horizontal striped Roman curtain from housebeautiful.

Match your striped Roman curtain color with the surrounding furniture for a more blended and perfect color scheme. The combination of yellow and white on this curtain looks more elegant and is suitable for installing on neutral-colored window frames. This yellow coffee table and sofa make the living room feel brighter and more colorful. Yellow and white striped Roman curtain from livingetc.

The flowing curtain is the last choice that you can try to cover your glass window. The sheer flowing curtain is easier to wash as it has a slight fabric texture. Don’t forget to keep using white on the curtain so you can more easily harmonize it with other interiors around it. Colorful furniture gives the room a more cheerful impression. Sheer flowing curtain from livingetc.

Blend Eyesores Well

First apartment décor doesn’t always go well. A new space usually has a little secret that will ruin your room plan. But don’t get discouraged. Your plan will go as well as you imagine as you can blend the eyesore well.

As the picture shows, the designer disguises the radiator using a metal cover. Then, he arranges other interiors like there’s nothing wrong. The disguise includes installing floating bookshelves and arranging a sofa and a coffee table.

These built-in wall bookshelves bring out an artistic style when complemented by some beautiful vintage paintings. Complete with a chair and a small coffee table as a complement and compliment when you read a book. You will feel more comfortable and relaxed in this room. The flower on this coffee table is a beautiful decoration and gives a feminine impression. Built-in wall bookshelves from housebeautiful.

So that the corner of your living room is more useful, then you can install a minimalist floating shelf with several levels so you can store more of your favorite books. This vertical shelf really saves your floor space so it is suitable for those of you who have limited apartment decorations. Repaint this wooden shelf with white for a cleaner and more modern look. Minimalist corner bookshelves from housebeautiful.

Split the Room Beautifully

If you live in a studio, splitting the room is a great alternative. Use a creative separator like benches, tall bookcase, screens, hanging a separating curtain on a rod. The idea is not to make it obvious.

To save studio apartment space more effectively and efficiently, you can use a standing wooden cabinet as a multifunctional room divider. This shelf can also be used to store several books and ornaments as room decorations to make it look more beautiful and beautiful. Repaint this divider standing rack with white color for a more minimalist and modern look. Minimalist divider standing rack from hgtv.

Use some smart and multifunctional furniture for studio apartment decoration ideas, usually, these apartments have limited space so you have to be smart in choosing furniture. The bed, which is equipped with a high headboard, becomes a room divider between the bedroom and the living room. You can choose it from softwood to make it appear more natural and on budget. The last message you can do is no need to repaint these wood materials, leave them in their original colors. Multifunctional divider room headboard from housebeautiful.

We hope that your first apartment décor work doesn’t cause you any struggles.

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