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The Best Outdoor Dining Table Options for Alfresco Gathering and Feast

Having breakfast in the backyard or holding a dinner party on your lovely patio is a perfect moment to spend with your beloved ones. All you need is the right dining table materials, especially for outdoor occasions. You have to consider not only the durability and comfort but also the appearance as well as maintenance.

Teak Outdoor Dining Table

Teak is perhaps the most popular hardwood for outdoor furniture pieces. It offers resilience and durability from elements like water, wind, or rust. With the appropriate maintenance, it can withstand open-air conditions all year long. Oak or other hardwoods can be great solutions for outdoor dining sets as well.

When you need a different dining atmosphere, then try the outdoor dining room which is equipped with a teak wood table set. This wood material has a hard texture so that it does not make it easily porous and rotten. Don’t forget to cover all of this furniture with rattan rugs for a more elegant look. Dining table set teak wood covered with woven carpet from digsdigs.

The outdoor dining room is the right area to get a different feel and atmosphere. Place green plants with a transparent glass vase as a centerpiece for this teak dining table to make it look more natural. Cover wooden chairs with cushions to make them softer and smoother. Teak dining table with a green centerpiece from digsdigs.

HDPE Outdoor Dining Table

HDPE of high-density polyethylene lumber is a type of recyclable synthetic resin used to produce plenty of fine-quality, stylish, and durable outdoor furniture. Perfect for a dining set for alfresco purposes, this material is not only highly resistant to water, wind, and rust but also spills and hot. Moreover, they are available in varied attractive color options

This HDPE outdoor dining table surrounded by minimalist white chairs seems more minimalistic and modern. Besides that, white is also a favorite which is often used in several home decorations in any style. At this dining table, you can eat a meal while looking at the outside, which is not so boring. The flower vase on the table in blue is a striking focal point. HDPE dining table surrounded by white chairs from home-designing.

When you choose HDPE dining table with white color, then for dining chair ideas you can choose a different and more striking color, for example orange. These two colors make a really beautiful mix and will work well in any outdoor decor. Besides getting fresh air, you can also enjoy the view and the cool outside atmosphere. White HDPE dining table combined with orange chairs from home-designing.

Aluminum Outdoor Dining Table

Aluminum is considered as another popular option for outdoor dining table and set. This metal has features of lightweight yet durable. It also withstands certain elements, such as water and rust. You can put it outside all year-round and still looking good.

Aluminum is the right outdoor furniture material because it has a strong and smooth texture. In addition, the aluminum material will also be more resistant to all weather in winter or hot. Repaint this aluminum dining table with black color to make it appear cleaner and not look shabby, the flower vase is a decoration that refreshes the atmosphere when eating a meal. Repaint the aluminum outdoor dining table from home-designing.

Use aluminum for your outdoor dining table idea, choose a material that is thick and has a soft texture. Matching the materials and colors of the dining table with chairs to get a more beautiful color tone, green is a color choice that can blend perfectly when placed behind your house. The more chairs you use, the more you can accommodate your family or friends. Match the colors and materials of outdoor dining tables and chairs from home-designing.

Softwood Outdoor Dining Table

You may go for pinewood or other softwoods for your outdoor dining set options. Even though they aren’t as good as hardwoods, still, they are more affordable and plentiful. For outdoor use, you have to do the semi-regular basis of maintenance of protective re-varnishing and re-staining.

It is summer but you still want an outdoor dining room decoration, so adding a teak roof is the right idea that you can emulate. Don’t forget to use tables and benches as comfortable dining room furniture to use all day long. The advantage of using softwood furniture is to get a smoother and less rough surface of tables and chairs. There’s no need to repaint it for a more natural, vintage feel. Softwood dining table and benches without paint from shelterness.

Another dining room idea that you can try is to make the most of the back porch of the house. Maybe you can put some outdoor furniture such as wooden pallet tables and benches for a comfortable and environmentally friendly dining area. This wooden bench will accommodate more of your friends or relatives so it is very economical and more effective when in use. Pallet wood outdoor dining table from shelterness.

Wicker Outdoor Dining Table

Wicker is undoubtedly appealing for alfresco dining or gathering. However, this material surprisingly does not have a weather-resistant feature. They are lightweight and vulnerable to harsh winds. Still, they can be an alternative for a special occasion only.

Re-paint the dining table and woven rattan chairs with brown color to make them look shinier and look new. Choose a round dining table to save more on your outdoor space. This table manner with dominant red color gives a more luxurious and charming impression. The pillow above this chair becomes a soft and smooth surface so that it prevents you from hard furniture. Round woven rattan outdoor dining table from photos.hgtv.

If you want outdoor furniture that is more natural and environmentally friendly, then you can try woven dining tables and chairs without paint at all. You can place a flower vase on the table as a beautiful and more elegant decoration. This woven outdoor furniture will work best when placed in a backyard that has a wider area. Outdoor wicker dining tables and chairs from photos.hgtv.

Don’t forget to know the size of your outdoor space to put the dining table and set, as well as how many people you will accommodate.

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