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7 Elements to Put Together in Creating a Scandinavian Bedroom

The Scandinavian interior design offers not only a minimalist look with less clutter but also a more restful atmosphere with warmer and cozier tones. If you wish for having a Scandinavian bedroom, there are some essential elements you need to consider.

#1 – The Neutral Color Scheme

You may go for the combination of richly deep and bright neutral tones. Opt for dark black walls or cozy navy bed linens for a sense of spatial depth. Or else, you may choose natural off-white walls and mix them up with other shades like grey, cream, or ivory.

Using neutral shades with white on the walls gives a bright and airy impression to the room. Pair it with gray for the perfect contrast and create an eye-catching bedtime look. The wooden floor and a few potted greenery will give it a natural feel and will create fresh air. The large windows will also let sunlight into the room. Wall decorations in the form of framed paintings will also complement the appearance of the room. White neutral shades from thespruce.

A Scandinavian bedroom with white and a tinge of gray will create a bright and airy decor. A natural touch is present on this Scandinavian-style wooden headboard and wooden bench. Additional storage in the form of baskets and stairs will make your bedroom decor tidy and free from clutter. Large, abstract pieces add zing to space, but muted neutrals create an overall calming vibe. This modern chandelier provides a dramatic glow throughout this Scandinavian bedroom. White and gray tones Scandinavian bedroom from thespruce.

#2 – The Wall Panelling

Wall panels are one of the prominent characteristics of eclectic Scandi-style interior designs. For instance, you can select the MDF panels that are also ready-to-paint in the feature.

Replace the headboard with Skandi-style simplicity from the paint-washed MDF panels, mounted vertically behind the bed. They will look great paired with modern platform beds and linen beds. This modern-style bedside table will present an interesting impression for you to try. This gray linen curtain will provide the perfect contrast to your room. MDF wall paneling from idealhome.

MDF wooden walls provide the perfect canvas for couples. Accompanied by grays, whites, and large rectangular windows, paneled bars add a contemporary feel to a simple bedroom. A gray bed will also complete the look of this Scandinavian bedroom. Don’t forget to add a carpet to bring a warm feeling into your room. MDF wooden walls from home-designing.

#3 – The Wood Element

Not only for wall or even ceiling paneling, but the touch of wood is also another important element in your Scandinavian bedroom. You can apply it to your wood flooring. It will also lead to the next furniture essential.

The high-pressure wood of the side tables, vanities and headboard complement the contemporary design with an exquisite appeal. Pair it with white tones complemented by romantic typographic stickers to bring a touch of modernism to this classic Scandinavian-inspired bedroom. This soft fur rug will give your feet a warm feeling. Wooden floor and white wooden headboard from home-designing.

This Scandinavian bedroom look has wooden furniture and hardwood floors to bring a warm feeling to the room. Here are some other typographic decorations with letters in this bedroom setting up a design theme for a more mysterious appeal. The white nuance and the herringbone-patterned wooden floor will also provide a stunning look for you to mix in this bedroom. Hardwood floors on Scandinavian bedroom from home-designing.

#4 – The Furniture Pieces

Look for the renowned mid-century furniture for an authentic Scandinavian touch. Mostly in the finest wood material, these furniture pieces are also famous for their warm slender frames and clean lines.

Using one of the mid-century-style furniture in the form of a leather chair adds a perfect look to a Scandinavian bedroom. You can also add some other wooden furniture for a rustic touch in this bedroom. Using a stone on one of the walls of the room will also be an interesting focal point for you to try. Don’t forget to use wooden floors for a warm impression of the room. Leather chair mid-century-style from onekindesign.

#5 – A Minimalist Touch

For a more contemporary touch, go for a more minimalist interior scheme. You can stick to inspiring Scandi-style furniture selection to keep the clean yet functional look at the same time.

The sting of the minimalist comes to some of this wooden furniture. The warm Scandinavian bedroom design using wooden furniture and wooden floors will impress you nicely for you to try. Using polka dots wallpaper on one wall will also create the perfect focal point of the room. Just add some furniture as it will create the perfect look to the room. Minimalist Scandinavian bedroom from home-designing.

#6 – The Soft Textures

Complement the warm wood element with soft textures for a cozier result. Wrinkly bed linens knit blankets in layers, plushy pillows, and throws or fluffed carpets are common ideas. They can be in muted fabrics or geometric knits, as well as natural tones.

Soft and warm touches appear on the multiple blankets on this Scandinavian bed. Using linen blankets, knitted blankets and fleece blankets will add extra warmth to your room. This matching color will improve your mood after a long day of work. Using white nuance and wooden floors will also give a warm and airy impression. The sconces above the headboard will also provide dramatic lighting. Knitted blankets and fleece blankets from onekindesign.

#7 – Functional and Decorative Decors

Living plants are one of the most common examples of useful plus ornamental accessories. A potted flower or a succulent can be an eye-pleasing and bring fresh purifying air.

These small potted plants add a natural feel to the room and will make it look fresher. You can put it on windows and storage racks. Combined with white nuance and it will give the impression of a spacious and airy room. The window above the bed will provide natural light and make an interesting décor to try. Small potted plants from home-designing.

You may also mix and match your Scandinavian bedroom with other styles like rustic, Boho, or even traditional Swedish.

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