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3 Fun Kids Bedroom Design Ideas That Everyone Loves

Creativity is key when designing the kids bedroom. No matter what decor style to use, their room should always be a comfy space to sleep, a fun area to play, and a perfect environment to grow. And what about your children’s room? If you’re seeking the best design inspiration, read on to figure out some incredible decorating ideas to build the fun bedroom that your children will love. Let’s check them out!

Set the Right Theme

First, get to know what your children like or dream about and make them as your main decor inspiration. If your kids adore sailors, for instance, then a boat bed is the perfect choice to set up a sailor-themed bedroom. Or for girls who admire princesses, a canopy or carriage bed can transform their sleeping area into a beautiful wonderland that gives them a better night’s sleep.

If your daughter likes cartoon princess Isabella, then using a carriage bed frame is the best furniture idea that will increase children’s imagination to be more beautiful. Don’t let the kid’s bedroom decor look plain, royal wallpaper with mountains adorns this room as a whole. Carriage bed frame with royal wallpaper from kidsomania.

Choose iron material for your carriage bed frame idea to make it more sturdy and not easily porous when in use, then you can repaint this bed frame with white. Give a little feminine motif to the bedding and dolls that are thrown on the mattress. Covering the bottom carriage bed frame with carpet flowers is a beautiful interior idea. Iron carriage bed frame from kidsomania.

Another choice idea for decorating girls bedroom is applying a white canopy over the bed. This canopy appearance will be more beautiful and dramatic when equipped with string lights that have ambient light and warm the atmosphere of the room. The faux fur rug is soft footwear suitable for children. White canopy decor with string light from thespruce.

Canopy is an additional accent that never fails to decorate a girls bedroom. At the top of the canopy, you can add a strand of white roses wrapped around the paperboard. This sheer canopy gives children the imagination of going to a beautiful wonderland. The horse toy is a suitable focal point in this room. Sheer canopy with white rose accents from thespruce.

Say No to Empty Walls

There’s no reason to keep your kids bedroom walls empty. Consider installing wall shelves where you can store their toys and turn them into eye-catching decorations. Otherwise, fill the walls with beautiful artwork or wall decors to create a fun atmosphere. From butterfly stickers, creative letters, to star garland ornaments, the options are countless in the market – helping you pretty up their room in a flash.

Don’t let the walls in this kids bedroom decor be plain and boring, you can install animal wallpaper which is equipped with cloud accents on the top. The colorful interior in this room gives a more cheerful and energetic feel to the room. You can start from the carpet and curtain selection. Animal wallpaper with cloud accents from home-designing.

The yellow paint wall will look more beautiful when equipped with the paper butterfly decoration that is attached around this wall lamp. Yellow and white are a combination of contrasting colors, making this child’s bedroom decoration more beautiful and colorful. The yellow color gives off a bright and passionate impression. Yellow paint wall with butterfly accents from home-designing.

This star dominant wallpaper will be more colorful when perfected with the alphabet and house and tree ornament accents at the top of this star wallpaper. Choose and use the interior of more than one color to make it seem more cheerful. A mix of yellow, purple, and blue will work nicely and perfectly. Star wallpaper equipped with the alphabet from home-designing.

Don’t Forget the Play Area

Last but not least, create a play area inside their room. For a small bedroom, think about using space-friendly beds like a loft bed, bunk bed, or cabin bed – all won’t consume a lot of floor space and help you provide a large area for your kids to play. After that, you can also add a small tent to let them camp indoors, or bring them some poufs and faux fur rugs to create cozy playing spots.

In order for your children to feel more at home and comfortable in the bedroom, you can replace the regular bed frame with a playhouse bed frame made of wood that is environmentally friendly. Re-paint this bed frame with white for a modern and minimalist look. Add a ladder to get to this bed frame, the faux fur under the bed with several pillows becomes a warm and soft relaxing area for the child. Do not forget to use a large transparent glass window to make it easier to enter sunlight into the room. Playhouse bed frame from housebeautiful.

There’s nothing wrong with adding a faux fur swing to your child’s bedroom decor as a safe and comfortable indoor play area under your supervision. You can hang this swing on the ceiling of your room with a strong and sturdy rope. Not only a playground but in this child’s bedroom you can also add some furniture such as a sofa equipped with pillows for a relaxing area that pampers your body to relax while raising children. Faux fur swing from housebeautiful.

This wall-mounted rock climbing game is easily applied to a child’s bedroom decor. You just have to hang it on the unused and empty part of the wall, to protect and protect the children when they fall to the floor, you can add a soft and soft faux fur floor pillow. You can try this game idea in your child’s bedroom decoration. Wall-mounted rock climbing from housebeautiful.

Those are some incredible ideas you can try to build an adorable kids bedroom. Again, take notes that your children’s interests should always be your source of inspiration when designing their room. So, are you ready to decorate their sleeping space now?



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