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Tips on How to Achieve a Modern, Classic Look Kitchen Cabinet

Apart from the functions to store your kitchen necessities, cabinets also set the look and styles of your kitchen. Deciding on their designs can be quite tricky because if the design becomes outdated, replacing it will cost a lot. However, there are modern, classic look kitchen cabinet designs that can last for years, or even timeless.

Shaker-Style Cabinets

Shaker-style cabinets are known for their recessed-panel doors and simple design. These cabinets are said to be around for many years. They are usually seen in farmhouse kitchens, but they will also work with other variety of styles.

Make your kitchen decor more colorful with a minimalist bright blue shaker kitchen cabinet, you can combine this cabinet with a nickel pull that is brushed to match an antique oven. Use cabinets as a more effective and efficient storage idea, with this kitchen decoration, will be more neat and orderly. You can try this cabinet idea into a modern farmhouse kitchen decor. Minimalist style shaker kitchen cabinet from thespruce.

This shaker kitchen cabinet in white look is even more hidden because it doesn’t have any knobs at all. You can repaint kitchen cabinets with white color that matches your kitchen walls. Hardwood floors provide a warm, neutral color that complements the kitchen as a whole. Do not forget to add a glass lamp as the modern main lighting. White shaker kitchen cabinet from thespruce.

Colored Cabinets

Aiming for a modern, classic look kitchen cabinet is still quite tricky even if you are using simple colored cabinets. Although it is a great way to add personality to your kitchen, the color is limited to neutral colors like gray, blue, and white. Those example colors give a huge modern-yet-classic feel.

So that the kitchen decoration is not boring and more colorful, then you can repaint the storage cabinet with white, then paint the kitchen island in dark blue. The combination of these two colors makes the kitchen decoration more minimalist and modern. You can add chairs in the kitchen island area to serve as a dining table as well as to prepare food simultaneously. A marble countertop gives the room a luxurious feel. The combination of white and blue kitchen cabinets from elledecor.

The nuance of a modern kitchen with a combination of gray and white is a modern and minimalist impression. If gray is applied to the cabinets then try white on the countertops and backsplash of your kitchen. Always use wooden floors in the kitchen area to avoid slipping due to slippery. You can place the glass vase above filled with water plants on the surface of the kitchen island as a decoration that refreshes the room perfectly. Gray gray kitchen cabinet with countertop and white backsplash from elledecor.

Floating Cabinets

Floating cabinets give that contemporary effect, which makes a memorable kitchen. The floating lower cabinets expose your flooring as well as making free space. To emphasize the floating effect, you can simply add lighting beneath them for more glow.

Use a floating rack made of wood for an open and efficient storage idea. You can polish and repaint it white for a more contemporary look. Apply this shelf on the backsplash surface that is still empty and unused, with this the kitchen decoration will be more neatly organized. Floating wooden shelves polished and repainted from homedesignlover.

Choose stainless steel for floating shelf ideas that are applied to your modern and contemporary kitchen decorations. This stainless steel material will be stronger to store large amounts of kitchen needs because it has a sturdy texture and is not easily porous. This rack can be applied on the stove for easier reach when cooking. Floating stainless steel rack storage from homedesignlover.

Bamboo Cabinets

If you are thinking about an eco-friendly option, the green-like solid bamboo cabinets are for you. Bamboos grow very quickly, making them a good alternative for wood. Search for high-quality solid bamboo cabinets (avoid ply or veneer), and they will look good for many years to come.

Add a natural accent to your kitchen decor with a refined bamboo cabinet to make it look more shiny and clean. Put sunlight into the kitchen to prevent these bamboo cabinets from mushrooming and causing unexpected porosity. This floating cabinet is a very effective and efficient storage idea. This blurry glass cabinet door makes for safe storage so you don’t see the clutter inside. Re-polish bamboo kitchen cabinets from hgtv.

High Gloss Cabinets

Another viable option is high gloss cabinets. They have a reflective surface that can brighten the kitchen, which makes them suited for a contemporary-style kitchen. The main advantage of getting high gloss cabinets is they are easy to clean.

If you have a modern and minimalist kitchen d├ęcor, then using a glossy white cabinet is the right and suitable furniture idea. White is a neutral and natural color that makes it easy to mix with other interiors around it. Pallet wood floors are a natural accent that you can apply to this modern kitchen, choose two different colors for a cooler and more elegant look. White high gloss cabinet from homedesignlover.

Minimalist high gloss cabinet has a luxurious and shiny appearance. This cabinet is suitable if applied to modern and contemporary kitchen decorations, you can combine it with countertops and chairs that have matching colors. The textured wooden floor becomes warm and smooth footwear. Minimalist high gloss cabinet from homedesignlover.

The glossy white color of this high gloss cabinet shows its overall luxury. Add white LED lights for suitable cabinet lighting, another color that you can apply in this kitchen is black. The black color on the countertop gives a different impression and color that presents a contemporary monochromatic style. In addition, transparent glass windows also provide natural sunlight that brightens the room. White high gloss cabinet with LED from homedesignlover.

Those are options of a modern, classic kitchen cabinet look. Having a timeless design means that you just need to do daily maintenance to keep their style from aging. Which one are you going to get?

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