3 Tips on Planning Your Modular Kitchen

A modular kitchen is a simple, stylish, modern, and flexible way to design your kitchen. It mainly focuses on cabinets, allowing you to choose them based on their functions that come in “modules”. For example, one module can offer standard shelving, while other modules can offer storage made for wine, spices, etc. This design is highly customizable according to your preferences and needs.

Identify Your Ideal Furniture Positions

When planning to design a kitchen, be aware of how you can move comfortably from your refrigerator, sink, and stove. Deciding the layout of your kitchen is very crucial, so sketch your kitchen space and calculate the space between them.

Another thing to think about is the height of your countertop. Ensure that the space between your cabinets and your countertop is ideal. Therefore, you can easily reach the upper shelves.

When you do the layout of kitchen furniture, don’t place the refrigerator, stove, and sink too far apart. Because some of these interiors work continuously. When you are cooking and you need food, you don’t take it too far, because the stove is placed close to the refrigerator. Choose a refrigerator with a larger size so that you can use it more for storing all the food stocks you have. Do not place stoves, refrigerators, and sinks too far from ofdesign.

You can use the top area of the refrigerator as a smart storage idea. The marble kitchen island, which is equipped with chairs and storage racks, is multifunctional furniture that makes it easier for you to move around while in this modular kitchen. Don’t forget to add a few floating racks on the stove to store some of the kitchen spices that are often used when cooking. Floating rack on the stove for storage of kitchen ingredients from ofdesign.

You can add a bench to the kitchen island decoration so that it can be used as a dining area at the same time. Cover this wooden bench with soft and soft foam. Add a floating rack above the sink to put some kitchen utensils that have been washed clean, this rack will be more effective and efficient when used. Place the refrigerator next to the kitchen island to make it easier for you to take stock of food and drinks. Kitchen island that is used for the dining area simultaneously from ofdesign.

When starting to design a modular kitchen, start with the right arrangement and decoration. You might consider an L-shaped kitchen decor. This kitchen layout design consists of a refrigerator, microwave and oven placed close together. This modular kitchen decoration makes it easy for you to move when you are cooking in the kitchen, besides that this kitchen can also be used by more than one person. A kitchen island equipped with a storage rack is a smart furniture idea. Refrigerator, microwave, and oven are located close together from ofdesign.

Consider Your Safety

One of the most important aspects of a kitchen is the safeness. Plan a proper gas piping with no leaking possibility is a must.

Apart from that, consider having a curved countertop edge to avoid any injuries when moving around the kitchen. Regarding the floor, try to get a slip-resistant one. If you can’t stand cooking fumes, you should install an exhaust fan to vent it out.

The curved edges of the kitchen table will be safer for your children while playing or running in this room. Not apart from that, you must also pay attention to floor decoration, you can choose a stone floor that is not easily slippery when splashed by water or cooking oil. Provide sufficient lighting through chandeliers and glass walls to support your kitchen activities at night. Curved edge of the kitchen table with stone floors from homedesignlover.

Use wood on the kitchen island idea to give it a natural and environmentally friendly feel. In order for your cooking activities to be safer and more awake, it is better to use a countertop with curved sides to avoid injury while in this kitchen. Don’t forget to add a few chairs on this kitchen island for a dining area that saves space more effectively and efficiently. Wooden kitchen island with curved sides from homedesignlover.

Complete your modular kitchen decor with the right and suitable furniture and interior. Installing a blower on the roof of the kitchen will reduce smoke from your cooking. The minimalist kitchen table will be safer when using curved sides, pay attention to the footwear in this kitchen decoration. Wooden herringbone floor reduces slippage because it has a slightly rougher and less slippery surface. Wooden herringbone floor from homedesignlover.

Kitchen Lighting

Lighting is an essential part of modular kitchen planning. For the daytime, consider using natural lights to lighten up your kitchen. Meanwhile, at night, use overhead lighting along with under-cabinet lights to light up your countertop. Make a color harmony between your furniture and your nightlights to add an aesthetic touch.

When the morning starts, you can turn off this hanging glass bulb in the modular kitchen decor. You can use the transparent glass roof to enter sunlight into the room. With this glass roof, you will save more on expenses when paying monthly electricity bills. Natural light through the transparent glass roof from ofdesign.

Instead of using walls with large glass windows to enter sunlight into the room, when it is getting late and at night then you can turn on classic chandeliers as the main lighting in this kitchen space. Hang this lamp right above the kitchen island. Give it a natural texture with the herringbone floor. Lighting through classic chandeliers with large glass windows from ofdesign.

The combination of ceiling lights with glass windows is a lighting idea that you can do in your modular kitchen decor. Ceiling lighting in yellow gives a warm impression, open your glass windows during the day to change the air circulation in the kitchen decor. You can add a bold color to one of the kitchen walls with a yellow color. Combination of ceiling lights with glass windows from ofdesign.

Modular kitchen is popular because it is affordable and works well with limited space. For a first-timer in designing and owning a kitchen, this looks like a safe choice. Are you interested in getting one?

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