Types of Kitchen Countertop Materials

Choosing kitchen countertops surface material is the first step of designing a functional kitchen based on your needs and lifestyle. There are lots of options available, and each material has its pros and cons. The countertop is where most of your cooking will occur, activities like cutting, kneading, using your appliances, etc. Here are some materials that might interest you.


Marble is a natural stone material commonly used for making kitchen countertops. It has that luxurious look and an extremely high price tag; the material is usually used only for a section of a kitchen countertop that requires heatproof and waterproof. However, it is prone to chipping and etching.

Marble is a porous stone and easily stained. Therefore, it needs to be sealed properly and you must clean it continuously.

Marble countertops provide the perfect kitchen decor that will make your kitchen look more glamorous. Pair it with a Carrara marble backsplash for a complete décor. This French kitchen with white nuances and wooden floors gives your kitchen a warm and airy feel. A classic pendant lamp is added to make a dramatic room decor. Marble countertops with white nuances from onekindesign.a

In this fabulous kitchen use a gleaming white kitchen cover made of marble countertops. Combined with dark gray tiles for the backsplash to make it stand out even more. Combined with this marble countertop, it will create a glamorous and luxurious-looking bedroom decor. Several white cabinets were added to balance this classic kitchen décor. Marble countertops from onekindesign.

Look luxurious by applying a white marble table complete with a wooden kitchen table. Equipped with lighting above the kitchen island will provide the perfect decoration and create the perfect lighting. The white nuances of the French kitchen will give a roomy and airy impression. This wooden floor will give a warm impression to your kitchen. White marble countertops with wooden kitchen table from onekindesign.

This attractive kitchen uses a marble countertop. Combined with a marble backsplash will also give the room a luxurious impression. The French-style kitchen, complete with beige nuance and large windows, will give the room the perfect look. The lighting above the kitchen makes the room the perfect focal point. This window will provide natural lighting so that the room looks spacious and spacious. Marble countertop with marble backsplash from onekindesign.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel countertop offers a more contemporary and industrial look, and it is a good choice of material. It is durable, easy to clean, and heat resistant. A good quality stainless steel countertop isn’t cheap, so avoid getting thin material as it will easily bend. Stainless steel is also noisy if bumped, and it can be easily scratched (not a cutting surface).

Stainless steel kitchen countertops are a great idea for kitchen remodeling and new kitchen designs. Stainless steel goes well with any kitchen furniture, utensils, and kitchen colors, from black and white kitchen cabinets to colorful contemporary hues, creating contemporary kitchen designs with an industrial feel. The stainless steel worktop design can be combined with the stainless steel wall tile and backsplash designs. Stainless steel kitchen countertops from lushome.

Stainless steel makes worktops resistant to moisture, rust, and corrosion. Stainless steel countertop ideas are great for small kitchen designs. This material allows the modern kitchen to stay clean and beautiful. Traditional or contemporary kitchen designs with stainless steel countertops look unique and bright. The stainless steel countertop is a fantastic decoration for the modern kitchen. Stainless steel countertop with wooden cabinet from lushome.

Using a stainless steel countertop will make a stainless table that is easy for you to clean. You can also use stainless steel cabinets to provide the perfect modern kitchen decor. The contemporary kitchen design with stainless steel countertops and glass cabinet doors will give a room look that is perfect for you to try. Stainless steel countertops and glass cabinets doors from lushome.

Butcherblock (Wood)

Butcherblock or wood countertops will add a beautiful warm look to your kitchen. They are relatively easy to clean, not prone to chipping, and cracks. It does a good job of hiding cuts and scratches, making it an ideal countertop for those who enjoy baking because you can knead and divide your dough on the surface of the countertop.

However, a wood countertop needs periodic sealing to prevent germs inhabiting the wood’s surface and also to prevent any water from penetrating the wood and causing it to separate. If there are any scratches below the level of finish, you must oil it to prevent water from entering.

The kitchen table looks rustic but inviting in this cooking space. By using a kitchen table that is waterproof and safe for food, this kitchen does not need a lot of money and is easy to maintain. Using a butcherblock wood table will give an attractive appearance and a warm impression. Decorate your kitchen with greenery in a vase so that it becomes the perfect place to cook your family’s favorite food. Butcherblock wood countertop from hgtv.

The rich European walnut block top adds character to the multi-functional island offering preparation space and a place for family and friends to gather as meals are prepared. This countertop will create rustic decor in your modern kitchen. Add a small sink to complement your kitchen decor. Multi-functional butcher block countertop from hgtv.

Kitchens with cut tables will often look better with age. The butcher block countertop with a matte finish on the sink and the shabby look of the window trim in this kitchen creates a simple vibe that will age beautifully with time. Using this decoration will create a rustic look in your kitchen. Pair it with open wooden shelves to show off some of your cutlery collections. Butcher block countertop with sink from hgtv.

Those are common kitchen countertops types from different materials. From the list, you can choose either wood, steel, or stone.  Take your time and consider which material suits you, as it costs a lot of money and will likely to stay over the years.


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