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Types of Stone Fireplace for Your Home

A stone fireplace is a classic piece that can elevate your home. Nowadays, there are many options, from traditional to modern ones. To narrow it down, you can choose your fireplace based on its type of stone. Each stone has its characteristics; take your time to feel them and consider which one that suits you best.

Limestone Fireplaces

Limestone is a porous stone made out of calcium carbonate. Because they are quite easy to cut and carve, it has been used since old times.

There is a range of budgets if you are getting this type of stone fireplace. It is suited for gas and electric fires because the limestone might crack due to the heat that comes from solid fuel burning. The appearance of limestone is light and matte colored, and it has a sturdy looking, making it suitable for modern or traditional styles.

A light gray limestone fireplace with a mantle that features a tv niche flanked by polished sconce lamps. A fireplace overlooking white benches, a dark wood-stained coffee table, and a cream sofa under a white chest ceiling complete this classic living room décor. You can add a brick wall accent to your fireplace to create a sturdy fireplace. Light gray limestone fireplace from decorpad.

The gorgeous living room offers a limestone art deco fireplace under the flat-panel television. A white roll-arm sofa, with white and blue cushions and leopard print cushions, is placed on a cream-colored rug on the spindle coffee table. The white nuance and wooden floor will add a warm and airy impression to the space. Limestone art deco fireplace from decorpad.

This limestone fireplace has sturdy decor making it suitable for the traditional style of your home. This fireplace is suitable for gas or electric fires. A gold-leaf curved French mirror hangs between the glass and brass chandeliers under the white plank ceiling. A gold-leaf coffee table sits on a blue and brown geometric rug in front of a white and brown tie-down sofa and a brown and cream sofa with blue cushions on it. Limestone fireplace with curved French mirror from decorpad.

The living room has a limestone fireplace against a red brick wall under a blonde framed ceiling. Add a leaning antique french mirror thrown over the fireplace. A sconce lamp will provide the perfect lighting and create a dramatic impression. The lightweight limestone look has a solid look making it perfect for modern or traditional styles. Limestone fireplace with brick wall from decorpad.

Granite Fireplaces

Granite is a very sturdy rock that has various colors depending on its minerals. It is a durable stone and therefore used for multiple purposes. A granite fireplace has a striking shining color, and you can further polish it for a luxurious finish. Although it is durable, it can still crack due to the heat of solid fuel burning. It prefers gas and electric fires.

Consider how a blazing fire would accentuate the rich beauty of mahogany in a granite fireplace. This wooden coat will add a touch of rustic to this rustic living room. Its high contrast variety attracts attention and easily pairs well with almost any home décor style. This decoration will last a long time, but can still crack due to the heat of burning solid fuels. Wooden granite fireplace from msisurfaces.

Taking advantage of the beauty of granite attached to a modern living room fireplace will create the perfect décor. You should use electric and gas fireplaces because this granite material can crack with any type of solid fuel. Place it in the middle of the living room to provide a warm and cozy decoration. Modern living room with granite fireplace from msisurfaces.

The elegance of a white granite fireplace works perfectly in a traditional fireplace installation. You can combine it with a red brick wall for a stylish look. Using this fireplace you will have a striking shining color, and you can polish it further for a luxurious finish. Using gas and electric fires is the perfect choice for you to try in your home. White granite fireplace from msisurfaces.

Marble Fireplaces

Marble is a limestone that has undergone a process called metamorphism. It is known for its veined and swirling pattern, and has a sense of luxury and used by many sculptors. Unlike limestone, marble is highly durable and can withstand all types of fires, including solid fuels.

Marble fireplace has a light color, and you can either polish it up or just leave it being natural. The only cons are prone to stains and chipping.

Decorate a very tiny fireplace with a frame of several large marble pieces. These pieces will serve as a fireplace, making the fireplace look a lot bigger than it actually is. Adding marble accents will help the fireplace hold bold mirrors, ornate chandeliers, and all the other pieces that make a statement in your space. Combined with white nuances, it will create the illusion of spacious and airy space. Hang antique mirrors on the right and left to complete the perfect french living room decor. Small marble fireplace from mydomaine.

If you are choosing marble for your fireplace, consider going bold with your choice. High contrast marble might look attractive and luxurious in a more restrained setting. You can try this decoration to appear bold without overloading your space. Applying a white overcoat and complementing it with framed paintings and sculpted sculptures will provide the perfect living room decor. This marble fireplace design is perfect for Paris-style home decor. Black marble fireplace from mydomaine.

Using this high-to-ceiling marble fireplace gives the room a unique décor. This fireplace provides a modern look and is worth trying in your living room. Combined with white paint nuances, high curtains, and a few other modern pieces of furniture this is the perfect look. This gold accent coffee table gives your home a glamorous look. Floor to ceiling marble fireplace from mydomaine.

Those are three common stone fireplace types. Each gives their own vibes, looks, and feels. Have you decided yet? Choose the one that suits you and your home.

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