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Moving Furniture Ideas to Help You Readily Transform Your Space

Versatile furniture is rare. Commonly, furniture manufacturers produce whole furniture—a whole sofa, a whole bed frame, a whole cabinet, and so on. Unfortunately, such furniture does not give you the flexibility to alter your space whenever you like.

Nevertheless, modular furniture or moving furniture has begun to flourish too in the market. They offer you the versatility, for easier space transformation and furniture movement or mobility (well, in case you need to move, that is!)

Here are some unconventional modular or moving furniture you may want to incorporate at home.

Modular sofa

You can occasionally rearrange a modular sofa set into a loveseat or even a sectional, giving your entire living room a fresh look each time. In fact, if you wish, you can detach its individual modules and convert them into accent chairs and ottomans too.

You can choose a modular sofa in a monochromatic living room decor for a more versatile look. Choose white to make it easier for you to combine it with the interior around it. The advantage that you can get from this modular sofa is that you can stretch your legs in a relaxed manner. Throw several pillows with different motifs and colors. White sofa modular from hgtv.

Another option for a modular sofa is a leather sofa with a predominantly dark brown color. In this living room, you can combine it with a few pillows with a splash of brown too. You can change this modular sofa as a comfortable reclining area throughout the day. Some of the red brick walls give it a natural industrial style. Leather modular sofa with dark brown color from hgtv.

Sofa bed

A sofa bed is not only convenient for a small space. This piece of moving furniture will serve you well, not only for occasional space transformation but also for the practicality of movement.

The sofa bed is furniture that you must have. Because this sofa will be more multifunctional when in the living room, you can use it to lie down and relax at the same time. Throw in pillows and blankets to give a warm impression when the weather starts to get cold. Choose this sofa bed with a soft and comfortable texture, for example, polyester. Polyester sofa bed ideas from apartmentlist.

The velvet material on the sofa bed makes you want to linger on this sofa for a long time. You can change the look of this sofa quickly for the needs you need. Pastels are the right color and give a more colorful atmosphere, don’t forget to add green plants as natural freshener accents. Some wall decorations are artistic living room design ideas. Pastel velvet sofa bed from apartmentlist.

Stackable drawer cabinet

Made of multiple, stackable drawers, this piece of moving furniture allows you to convert whole side cabinet drawers into individual, under-the-bed storage drawers.  Detach them this way for convenient transport will certainly help you a lot!

To make the space under the bed more useful, then you can remove some of the cabinet drawers into individual pieces for clever hidden storage. You can use this drawer for the safe storage of several pairs of shoes. Usually, this drawer is made of wood which is equipped with a vintage holder. Wooden drawer storage under the bed from shelterness.

To avoid messy and cramped bedroom decorations, you can use the area under the bed as proper storage. The right container that you can try is a wooden drawer that is equipped with wheels, so it will be easier for you to store or retrieve items that are stored. This storage will be more effective and efficient. Storage drawers equipped with wheels from shelterness.

Attachable platform bed

Without changing your bed frame, you can upgrade or downgrade your bed to a king-size or queen-size with this platform bed frame. Simply detach them all for practical moving or attach as you need to fit your new bed size.

Adjust your platform bed to the size of the mattress you are going to use. This platform bed will be more to change so it doesn’t take a long time to change it. The LED at the bottom of this platform gives a modern and minimalist feel, for a cooler and masculine look you can choose a platform with a dark color. LED platform bed from decoist.

The low platform bed which is equipped with a queen mattress is a combination that makes the bedroom decor look more minimalist. The rest of the platform bed becomes a beautiful art and makes your room look even more different. You can use melamine wood which will appear shinier. Cover your hardwood floors with animal skin rugs for a soft and warm touch. Melamine wood low platform bed from decoist.

Rearrangeable shelf system

This moving furniture shelving system allows you to assemble its modular box components into a shelf of your own creativity. You can use them all in one room or leave some for another. Place them all in a similar orientation or combine different orientations as you like. You can also put them close together or space some of them out. It’s really up to you!

Best still, you can even make your own rearrangeable shelf from used pallets or vegetable boxes.

Separate several drawers individually to serve as a floating rack idea that can decorate your walls with elegance. In addition, you can try this floating shelf layout in different ways, the combination of vertical and horizontal is a smart choice. A floating rack made of wood will be more durable and environmentally friendly. Floating wooden rack from wonderfuldiy.

Besides being able to be used as wall-mounted rack storage, this pallet box can also be converted into a standing cabinet when stacked. You can use this pallet box rack as an idea to store some of your favorite books according to your needs. With this shelf, you can organize several books that are often or rarely used easily and neatly. Storage pallet rack box from wonderfuldiy.

So, look out for other moving furniture ideas out there to inspire you more on the subject, and happy hunting!

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