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3 Lifelong Furniture Hacks You Must Know

If you are a hobbyist in doing your own interior design, you may find yourself craving to transform your personal space every now and then. If you have much money, having such a hobby is perfectly OK. Otherwise, it would be good to learn some of these lifelong furniture hacks to help you fulfill your redesigning impulse.

1. A lovely ottoman from a simple coffee table

The first amongst the furniture hacks you will need to learn is how to transform a simple, wooden coffee table into an elegant ottoman. With basic materials such as foam, batting, and a lovely piece of cloth—along with superglue, a drill, and a staple gun, you’d be able to rework them onto your straightforward coffee table. Your clothing selection is the key!

Also, feel free to decide if you’d like it tufted or plain.

You can use trays if you want to have a flat surface for storing items on your ottoman coffee table. This attractive design has a special place in the middle for the detachable tray. So that you will not have trouble storing your coffee in a glass. The wooden legs give this ottoman a solid feel. Ottoman coffee table with trays from homedit.

The idea of ​​throwing out an old coffee table and replacing it with a backrest is the perfect living room look. You have to make sure that the combination of these elements fits into your lifestyle. An ottoman coffee table is great for someone who likes to stand up straight and watch TV but not so for someone who likes to serve drinks and snacks at a coffee table. Coffee table ottoman with leather material from homedit.

If you’re not a fan of button-down tufted backs, there are always other design options you can explore. How about an ottoman coffee table with a flat upholstered surface. It has a neat and simple look and is a great design if you want to emphasize cool fabric patterns. Several backrests were added to give it a stunning look. Rustic ottoman coffee table from homedit.

The focus on the ottoman coffee table and its role in the living room gives the ottoman a classic look. The ottoman table can actually fit in your living room so that it will create an interesting room for you to try. With wooden legs and soft ottoman pads, you can use this as a seat too so that you have interesting multifunctional furniture. Leather ottoman coffee table from homedit.

2. A clean bench from two side chairs

Other furniture hacks you may get your hands into are converting your outdated side chairs into an indoor or outdoor bench. You can remove all the seat parts of the frames and only reuse the back support and two hind legs. Besides, you may reuse all frames for better support.

Similar to how you build an ottoman cushion, do a simply DIY cushion for your bench and throw some pillows to spice it up.

Give an old thrift store chair a new look with this incredibly simple DIY project. Remove the chair, make two simple rectangular squares from the length of the wood, and attach them to the back of the chair. You will have an affordable bench with vintage European appeal. This classy piece will look comfortable at home in your entrance or dining area, or even at the foot of your bed. White two side chair from bobvila.

This DIY blended side chair makes your home look more attractive. You can make your own by adding a wooden box in the middle of the chair. Using this furniture will be the perfect decoration of the room. Place it in your yard for the perfect garden decoration. DIY blended side chair from scraphacker.

3. Ottoman storage and a wall shelf from cabinet drawers

When you have that cabinet for so long, there maybe one day you’d get bored with it. Now, take out some of the drawers and replace them with rectangular baskets for storage. Alternatively, simply treat them as shelves and put your display items up in the empty space.

As for the extracted drawers, transform them into a couple of other things: ottoman storage for your living room or study, and one or two wall shelves—or even a few display cabinets with added legs—for your bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom. These furniture hacks will give you multiple benefits from single, original furniture.

You can add DIY wall storage from the drawers to create a unique room decor. You can make your own by gluing together some of your drawers to create multi-functional storage. To decorate this storage, you can glue the paper in a geometric pattern to give your living room an interesting décor. So it will be the perfect focal point. Wooden drawer storage from designsponge.

DIY wall storage from used drawers is one interesting idea to try and will create a neat room decor. You can add paint to this drawer board to decorate a drawer that attracts people’s attention. This way you can add some ornaments and keep it neat. Place it against the wall of the door to create a stunning display. DIY used drawers storage from pillarboxblue.

Decorate this multifunctional living room with an attractive round coffee table. This leather ottoman storage adds to tidy room decor and will save you a lot of clutter. The neutral color is bright enough with the addition of throw pillow colors to give the room an interesting decor. This bookcase behind the sofa will create a neat decoration for any space. Round leather ottoman storage from homedesignlover.

The three ottomans in this living room are also a place to keep your things neatly stored. This storage will provide the perfect decoration and will give a unique look to your minimalist living room. Completed with gray sofa and gray carpet to give a warm impression to the room. White shades and several wall galleries and ceiling windows will complement your home decor. Three ottomans storage from homedesignlover.

For more inspirations, do keep a lookout for more DIY furniture hacks other people have accomplished.

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