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Transforming Your Antiques into Stylish Wooden Furniture

Antiques are often too dear to waste. They carry tons of memories from generations. The dresser passed down from your granny or the European sofa that your great grandfather had since the Word Word II, and so on. Yet, despite their unique stories, they may not exactly be the right fits for the modern home you are moving into. So, what could you do?

Check out these amazing, antique transformations that convert these antiques into some stylish, wooden furniture appropriate for your new home.

Refurbishing an old accent chair or sofa

Sometimes, all it takes are simple cleaning, repainting, and repolishing works. Lo and behold, you’ll have brand new chairs and sofas rightfully fitting for your new, contemporary home.

With cushions, revamping them is not really difficult if you set your mind into it. Dismantle them, replace the foam and battering, pick new material and color for layering, and put them together as you like. Voila! It will be as if you have bought new wooden furniture.

Do the cleaning on your sofa velvet for a better appearance. You should also repaint for a more modern and contemporary finish. Add a striped rug as an accent that emphasizes the modern living room decor. Place the rubber plant in the corner of the room so that it doesn’t interfere with your space. Cleaning of velvet sofa and repainting of wooden furniture from elledecor.

Small wooden tables will appear shinier when re-varnished. Do this polishing on all wooden furniture, this is done to produce a more contemporary and cleaner living room. Weathered wood provides a warm and environmentally friendly feel, so wood is highly recommended for your home style. Refinish wooden furniture from elledecor.

The wood on the chair will appear cleaner when you polish and repaint it with a matching color, namely brown. Replace the foam on the sofa with floral patterns for a more classic look. Vintage rugs are also items that emphasize a simpler room. Hang some wall decorations to keep this room tedious. Replace the foam on the sofa with floral motifs from elledecor.

Repurposing your granny’s dresser

Antique furniture was often made of excellent quality wood. Your granny’s dresser is an example. Well, repurposing it may transform one piece of antique into two modern wooden furniture and decoration you won’t object. With some refining, repainting, and polishing, the mirror part will make an excellent wall décor, the table part side console table. How wonderful, isn’t it?!

You can turn the dresser function into a smart classic vanity. The black metal handle accentuates old reused furniture. Here you just need to add a wooden mirror frame as a complementary item that complements your vanity. Paint with white as a neutral color that you can pair with any interior color around it. Change the function of the dresser to classic vanity from theshabbycreekcottage.

Paint the outer surface of the dresser in glossy blue color. This dresser can double because here this furniture is used as a TV stand and storage. Own this smart furniture to save your space more effectively and efficiently. Multi-function dresser TV stands from theshabbycreekcottage.

The functions and uses of a wooden dresser can also be changed into a more portable wine storage cabinet. You can add wheels to make it easier for you to move them from one place to another. The gold handle becomes a must-have vintage focal point. Sweeten the look of this furniture by placing frames and greenery on top of it. Wooden dresser changed to wine cabinet from theshabbycreekcottage.

Upscaling an antique, multi-storey cabinet

Multi-storey cabinets are rarely trending nowadays. So, you can “break” and transform it into several wall shelves. With the help of your neighbour’s carpentry skill and ingenuity in the application of paint and polishing, you’ll have stylish wall shelves ready to put up your contemporary displays.

Of course, you wouldn’t mind letting go the glasses, would you?

For a more modern look, you can paint and refinish it on a floating storage rack. This shelf is produced from antique cabinet pieces so it really saves costs. Take advantage of this shelf as a storage area for books and some ceramic ornaments that can beautify your room. On-budget floating rack storage from thespruce.

If you want to turn your wardrobe into an open storage shelf then all you have to do is repaint it white to make it look more neutral when combined with other interiors around it. You can display some of the ornaments on this shelf as a beautiful and antique display. Try this open shelf idea in your home for more effective storage. Turn cabinets into open storage shelves from thespruce.

Transforming an old, intricately-carved bed frame

An intricately-carved bed frame is highly precious in the old days. However, not many modern, minimalist homes would have them today. So, what do you do with it?

Again, get a local carpenter to skillfully convert it into a decent indoor or outdoor bench with underneath storage. Not only this wooden furniture will work in your contemporary home, but it is also highly practical.

There’s nothing wrong with changing the bed frame into a blue wooden bench that attracts attention. Don’t forget to carve the sides of this bench in a contrasting color, namely white. You can add foam on the top surface for a softer sitting area. The built-in storage drawer underneath you can complete with a helper storage basket. Wooden bench equipped with a storage drawer from remodelaholic.

Take advantage of the weathered bed frame again as an outdoor bench which is very useful for a relaxing area in the morning or afternoon. You can repaint with white for a more minimalist look. Adding a wicker basket underneath makes for a smart storage idea without taking up a lot of space. Recycle outdoor bench with woven basket storage from remodelaholic.

Now, what other antiques do you have? Truly, no transformation is impossible. You’ll just need to bring out your creativity and dare to act upon it!

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