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Side Table Decor Living Room to Add a Prettier Touch for the Interior

When it comes to a living room furniture item, having a side table as a complement is a must. It is really versatile and gives a prettier look for the whole room. You can place it in any corner you desire and use it as you like. But to have a prettier modern touch, you might need a side table décor living room. Here are some references you can follow to make this significant corner of your house looks more amazingly sophisticated.


Having foliage on a pot as a decoration is never a wrong choice. It offers you a brighter and greener look to the corner of your living room. Not only giving you an aesthetic benefit but also a functional benefit because you will be able to enjoy a healthier and fresher breeze that comes from it.

You can use the side table as an area to display foliage vases. Choose a white ceramic vase for a more luxurious look, you can also add a few other decorative items besides this vase for a sweet finishing and finishing touch. It will be even more functional when used to store small items that are often needed at any time. Foliage on the ceramic vases from ballarddesigns.

Choose a metal side table in gold for a classic touch that doesn’t go overboard. This side table has several levels so it can be used to place foliage vines and some of your favorite books. Choose a vase with a unique shape and different from the others as a beautiful focal point in this living room. Foliage vines on the tiered side table from ballarddesigns.


Putting some flowers on the side table helps you create a good first impression of your house to the guests. The beautiful and colorful petals support the homey ambiance of the living room. Moreover, after you are having a long and tiring day, flowers make you feel better faster and set up your mood immediately.

Roses are room decorations that you can put anywhere you want, including in your modern living room decor. Emphasize this modern style with a tall shiny gold vase. Other ornaments that you can use is cups and mirrors. Wall-mounted mirrors provide bright light and make the room appear wider. Rose decoration from stylebyemilyhenderson.

When you want the side table decoration to be more feminine and bold in color in this living room, then you can display the blooming flowers with a striking yellow color. Place these flowers in a green vase for a contrasting and beautiful container. The glass side table displays minimalist and modern decoration ideas, besides that the glass material is also not easily porous so it is durable and sturdy for a long time. Yellow flowers bloom in a green vase to provide a contrasting color from stylebyemilyhenderson.


A vase can always add an elegant and sophisticated look to anything around it. You can customize it by yourself or just purchase the one that has already been aesthetically designed. Fill it with plants or flowers might bring a better finishing for the side table décor living room.

Select and use a white flower vase with the main ingredient of ceramic. Ceramic material has strong durability, but it is also suitable for modern living room decorations. Choose a flower vase that has the same color as the room. You can use it to plant colorful flowers to sweeten the room and refresh the area around it. White ceramic flower vase from theturquoisehome.

Not only using plain ceramic pots, in this room, but you can also choose the surface of a patterned vase. Ceramic vases are a trend this year. Place it on a round wooden side table for a warm and fresh feel. On this table, you can also put a table lamp, several books, and other decorative items at the same time. Ceramic vase with pattern surface from theturquoisehome.

Mug Decoration

You do not always have to use a mug as an item for drinking. With being beautifully painted, a mug can be placed on your side table in your living room. You can use it as a substitute for a pot or vase, or just put it as it is without being filled with anything.

Mugs are not only used as a place to drink, here you can use them as decorative items placed on a side table. Choose a mug with ceramic material and a unique shape. A mug with a slightly rounded shape makes it a distinct decorative item. What makes this mug more interesting is that it has a combination of two different colors, light gray and white for a neutral and casual mix. A mug with a slightly round shape and two different colors from theturquoisehome.

Sweeten the appearance of your side table with decorative items in the form of a small mug. Another item that you can put together on this table is a table lamp and your favorite book. You can use a side table with drawers as a smart storage idea and save space. This drawer will store some of your small items more safely and more effectively when they are needed. Side table decoration with modern small-sized mugs from theturquoisehome.

Mini Table Lamp

A mini table lamp makes it easier for you to add subtle lighting to your living room. There are a lot of designs you can choose that can give a bomb look for your living room interior. Enjoy it when you spend your free time while reading a book.

Take advantage of the side table area to put a table lamp as additional lighting for your minimalist living room decor. This table lamp can also be a multifunctional decorative item. Other lightings that you can apply in this room is floor lamps and ceiling chandeliers. Side table lamp as additional lighting from stylebyemilyhenderson.

Table lamps are the right lighting when you want to read a book or magazine at night. This lighting will more detail illuminate the writing in the book. Choose a side table with a ceramic container. Complete the look of this table lamp with a small flower vase on the side. Table lamp with a ceramic container from ballarddesigns.

Pour your creativity and design the best living room with those side table décor living room ideas. You will no longer feel bored by the basic look of this part of the house.

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