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Perfect Your House Decoration with a Large Wall Decor Living Room

When it comes to a house interior, you need to make sure you choose the right furniture and decorations. Design it with your creativity and suit your personal taste so you will enjoy it more. Especially for a living room that reflects the first impression of your house, a good choice of its decorations is important. These ideas of a large wall décor living room might get you inspired creating a special room of your house.

Framed Art

When it comes to wall décor, a framed art should be on your list. It brings a vibrant and more aesthetic look especially, to your living room. Having it in a big size makes the room feels elegant and artistic, although it is just one framed art.

A large ocean painting will grab attention and set the tone in a small space. You can add a white frame to give it a charming look and it will make your white living room more vibrant. Having it in a large size makes the room feel elegant and artistic. Combined with a brown leather sofa and wooden table to complement the minimalist living room decor. White frame ocean painting from architecturaldigest.

Light and shadow provide an all-encompassing theme in this large wall living room. The stunning artwork in the background enhances the effect. Even if the image is not perfectly coordinated in terms of color it will give the room a stunning appearance. You can use black frames for the perfect look. Black frames large painting frame from home-designing.


If you do not want to put anything on your wall, you can just paint it with any color and pattern. The patterned living room wall gives a colorful and cheerful ambiance that can please every guest. But you need to make sure you do not paint any bold patterns that will ruin your living room look.

Look great by adding a large painting on the sofa with a geometric print that stands out against the neutral background. You can pair it with soft brown tones to create a warm impression. Combined with hardwood floors and soft carpets, it gives a warm look. The rich texture of the furniture seems to complement the work of art. Large painting from home-designing.

Decorating a tall room is a bit difficult. While getting a large vertical painting can create an eye-catching décor like the one above, you can use an abstract painting in nude colors to provide the perfect contrast to the ambiance of your living room. This large painting would make the perfect room focal point and you can try it out now. Vertical large painting from home-designing.

Wooden Letters

Any wooden stuff never fails any interior design. The color offers an earthy and natural look effortlessly. Having it as wooden letters in your large wall décor living room is a perfect choice to give a touch of art to your house.


The initial rustic lettering is at the heart of this wall design. A tall mirror framed by a window reflects the room. A galvanized wall vase filled with understated fall flowers. Above the letter and vase hung a sign inscribed. The whole setting is done in beige and brown tones with a weathered look. It will look great in a farmhouse style. Rustic lettering wall decor from homebnc.

Country house decor can be elaborate or very simple. Above the French doors hung a “Home” sign from distressed wood. The wood color blends beautifully with the eggshell walls. The clean lines of this sign match the understated living room decor. Don’t forget to add linen curtains to complement this farmhouse-style home decor. “Home” wooden letters from homebnc.

Photo Collage

Put certain photos that give you a special memory in your living room and organize it into a collage. This will make you reminisce about those past moments in a very special way. The collage you create also forms a deeper meaning to the photos.

Adding photo collages of different sizes will give the room an interesting decoration. This will make you reminisce about past moments in a very special way. Attach it to the wall above the sofa to give the room the perfect decoration. Pair it with hardwood floors, pink carpet, and a gray sofa for a contrasting look. Photo collage on wall from architecturendesign.

Several photo collections with colorful frames and attached to one wall will provide the perfect focal point in your living room. You can reminisce about your past with this kind of decoration. Combined with an L-shaped sofa, coffee table, and soft fur rug creates the perfect look. Photo college colorful frames from architecturendesign.

Hanging Plants

Having some hanging plants on your living room wall not only completes the look of the interior but also brings you fresher and healthier air. The maintenance is also very easy, so you do not need to worry about any difficulties.

If you’re looking for a new way to decorate a blank wall or something new to add to your gallery walls, consider living walls. You can use hanging plants in the corner of the room for the perfect display. In this way, it will make your room fresher. A few potted plants placed on the table will provide the perfect decoration for the space. Corner hanging plants from thespruce.

Floating Shelf

A floating shelf requires a little amount of space yet offers you many functions. You can place anything such as books, plants, vases, mug decoration, or framed art and photos. It is easy to install but has great strength to support any stuff.

Hanging all in one row, you can actually use a floating shelf instead of a bookshelf. If all of your books are the same size, you can hang the shelves separately from each other. You can also place a framed photo on top of a floating shelf for neat and uncluttered decor. White floating shelf from hgtv.

Complete your large house interior by rocking those large wall décor living room ideas and enjoy this special corner anytime!

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