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Enjoy Your Quality Time More in a Navy Blue Living Room Décor

Having a navy blue theme in your living room gives a sense of energy and vitality. It will never feel boring or dull every time you enter this room. The modernity and sophisticated look are strongly highlighted by this color. To complete the interior design more, here are some ideas you can have for your navy blue living room décor to accompany your quality time with the family.

Add Subtle Patterns to the Plain Wall

If you paint the whole living room wall with navy blue, you might want to add subtle patterns to it. The patterns bring more fun and vibrant vibe. A geometric pattern or just simple stripes is enough to embellish your living room.

Adding a pattern in the navy blue and white living room is a highly recommended decoration idea for you, you can use the plaid pattern on the carpet and striped on the pillowcase. Both of these patterns work well as they make for a lively, lively final look. Combination of plaid carpet with striped pillowcases from adorable-home.

Framed Art or Photo

You can also hang some framed art or photos to decorate the wall. Not only they offer an aesthetic and pleasant atmosphere, but they also make you cherish and reminisce your special moments.

The wood carving of this ship will look even more attractive if it is equipped with a large canvas painting in a striking navy blue color. Use faux fur pillows for subtle, soft accents. The glass crystal chandelier is the main lighting that you can apply. Use a small table so as not to disturb your space. Large canvas painting from adorable-home.

Jellyfish painting hanging on one side of the living room wall becomes an artistic and modern focal point. You can use colors that are in line with the interior of the living room around it, not forgetting to provide sufficient sunlight through the wooden shutter windows that are painted white. The sunlight that comes into the room avoids the humidity that makes the room uncomfortable. Jellyfish painting with a modern twist from adorable-home.

White Touch

To give a different touch other than the dominated blue, you can add some white aspects to your navy blue living room décor. It can be a white faux fur rug, couch, or coffee table. This color balances the look of your room, so it will not be monotonous.

So that your living room is not just navy blue, then you can add neutral colors like white through some of the furniture in this room, for example on sofas and coffee tables. Navy blue and white are a mix of elegant and casual colors, add a pattern through the fabric that covers the sofa and pillowcases. White color on the sofa and coffee table from homedit.

When you decide on a wall color with navy blue, then the white color on the sofa, ceiling, and fireplace adds a neutral color that makes the room calmer and less boring. Add some frames as artistic wall hangings, you can also provide carvings on the side of the ceiling. Navy blue walls with white interior from homedit.

Modern Chandelier

What kind of living room without a chandelier? A boring one. That is why you need to install it not only to give the lighting but also a cooler look. A minimalist and modern design matches so well with the navy blue color.

Sputnik hanging lamps with several light bulbs are suitable to be applied to minimalist and modern living room decorations. This lamp has a white bulb that matches the color of the ceiling. Use velvet furniture as a luxurious accent that is not boring. Some mirrorless hexagons are modern decoration ideas and give the illusion of a wider and more open space. Sputnik pendant lamp with several light bulbs from homedit.

Adjust the short length of this modern lamp according to the room lighting needs. Its unique shape is an accent that makes the room look more different. Provide natural lighting through tall glass windows. You can use the side table that has wheels underneath to put lavender flower vases and small storage. Add a pattern to the carpet and wallpaper. Set the length of the modern lamp from homedit.

Plant Decoration

Place something that will bring a prettier and fresher feeling to your living room. You can just put one or two plants on a certain spot of the room (ex: in the side of the corner if it is big or in the middle of the table if it is small).

You can try placing greenery on a glossy white coffee table as a fresh and natural decoration. Use a gray pot in a modern style as an appropriate and suitable container. Wooden shiplap walls in a navy blue color stand out when complemented by a green suede sofa. A large abstract painting is a focal point in this room. Green plants with modern style pots from homedit.

Mirror Glass Living Room

A mirror glass furniture item can always go well with any theme or color. It increases the brightness of the room and creates a spacious illusion. The simplicity of the modern look will also be appealingly enhanced with this kind of mirror.

Hang several round mirrors with gold frames on your plain white walls to give a more luxurious and bright color. To create an artistic impression, you can choose mirror frames of different sizes. In this room, you can also add patterns through rugs and pillowcases. The combination of navy blue and white shades will never be boring and it never fails. Round mirror with gold frame from decoist.

Mirror frames with different colors and shapes make the living room atmosphere more artistic. Hang it on a navy blue wall for lovely color contrast. Suede sofa brown is a comfortable sitting area and makes the living room decoration more minimalist modern style. Mirror frames with different colors and shapes from homedit.

Design the best interior for your house and have those navy blue living room décor to make your quality time feels more enjoyable!

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