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Make Your Own Sanctuary with a Bohemian Bedroom Décor

A boho or bohemian style is quite popular and loved by many people, whether as an interior design or fashion style. Its artistic and free-spirited style gives a more carefree and vibrant atmosphere to anything is around it. Especially when it comes to a bedroom, which is the most important room in a house, applying a bohemian bedroom décor can be so much fun. Here are some tips you can follow to make the most aesthetic and comfortable room you could ever have.

Neutral and Earth Tone

It is important to choose the right color if you want to embrace the bohemian theme more. Make sure you do not use black for your bedroom because it does not fit with this style. Instead, use a lot of earth tones such as soft warm brown, rusty red, peach, orange-red, or bronze. Add neutral tones to make you easily combine it with other colors.

The feel of this bohemian bedroom is dominated by neutral colors on the walls of your room. Combined with the pink on the curved headboard, this provides the perfect contrast. Wooden floors and ceilings with wooden beams add a warm impression to the room. Add wall decorations above the headboard and a rattan chandelier to provide a focal point for the room. Green plants are added in the corner of the room to give the room a natural impression. Neutral colors and pink wall bohemian bedroom from apartmenttherapy.

This boho-style beauty works really well in smaller spaces. Using warm brown tones will provide a charming bohemian bedroom decor. Focus on creating a beautiful, artistic space with a few key pieces. Some potted green plants in this room give a natural impression so that you will feel more at home for a long time in your bedroom. Warm brown tones bohemian bedroom from nextluxury.

Accents and Patterns

A boho look is all about accents and patterns. They are what make a bohemian design immaculate. Give it a good mix on the wall and the furniture items so it will look festive and vibrant. Apply it to the flooring or rug can also emphasize this theme.

A throw blanket and rug add color amidst the white walls. Keeping the rest simple allows the tribal print to come out at the front and become the main talking piece of the room. This will be the perfect focal point for decorating your bedroom. Added green plants will give a natural impression into the room. Tribal patterned blankets and rugs from designideasguide.

Accents and patterns add a neat look to your bohemian bedroom. Add a geometric pattern to the rug for a cozy atmosphere. Pair it with warm, natural colors for an inviting tone. Keep the color scheme simple so bold colors play in softer tones. Don’t forget to add wall decorations above the headboard to create the perfect room look. Geometric pattern rug from designideasguide.


Natural lighting from the sun cheers up your bohemian bedroom décor more. That is why it is good for you to have a big window that radiates the sunlight as well as the fresher breeze from the outside.

The bohemian bedroom decor with the addition of large windows will provide the sunshine and fresh breeze from the outside. Combined with the dark blue walls, the space extends to appear larger and draws attention to the wooden bed frame and white sheets. The turquoise chairs and patterned rugs add movement. The wall decoration above the headboard and contemporary pendant lights are the focal points of the room. Bohemian bedroom with large window from designideasguide.

Curtains are tied at the ends to create a relaxed and bohemian atmosphere. The natural space created by the large windows will give a calming impression allowing natural light to enter the room. Don’t forget to combine it with hanging greenery to create a natural impression in the room. Wooden floors and wicker baskets will give you an attractive appearance for you to try. Large window with tied curtains from designideasguide.


Put some decorations to enhance the brighter atmosphere of your bedroom. Some plant decorations suit perfectly in this theme. They give you improved air quality and add a more cheerful tone that will reduce your stress.

Adding bedroom decorations to give a natural impression by adding some green plants that you should imitate. You can also apply a rainforest theme that runs throughout the room from elephant accents on the bed to vines that act as canopies. Color is added by parrots and other tropical birds. In this way, it will give the perfect room decoration. Vines at canopies bohemian bedroom decor from designideasguide.

This bohemian room uses wall decorations in the form of hanging plants with macrame ropes. Pair it with a tufted chandelier to spice up and draw your attention to it. It fits perfectly with the semicircular mirror hanging over the bed and adds just enough character to make it feel good. Add a bohemian patterned floor rug to give the room a warm impression. Hanging plants with macrame ropes from designideasguide.

Some Handmade or Vintage

Do not forget to have at least one or two handmade or vintage stuff in your boho room. They are aesthetically pleasing and bring an authentic look. It can be a knitted blanket, antic chair, and table, or hanging dreamcatcher.

This bohemian-style bedroom is furnished with handcrafted furniture. The rattan matting on this bedside table adds to an eye-catching look and will be the perfect focal point. Don’t forget to add any piece of furniture in the form of a canopy is a great way to create a roomy feel and this one does it with light materials. The all-white theme helps maintain a dream-like state. Rattan beside table from designideasguide.

Added handmade furniture in the form of a rattan side table that blends well with tassels on the bed and cream pillows. The green color of the bed and plants add more variety to give the space a cohesive look. This will provide an interesting bohemian bedroom decor. Don’t forget to add fringe to the walls for the perfect decoration. Rattan side table from designideasguide.

With those inspirations of bohemian bedroom décor, you will turn your ordinary room interior into an extraordinary one and experience a whole new and different vibe from it.

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