How to Perfectly Design a Boho Kitchen

Short for bohemian, a Boho style always emphasizes a free-spirited and hippies lifestyle. There are no definite rules to design a boho interior or decorating. It fits well to be applied to the kitchen so you can enjoy your cooking or any other activity with more fun and enjoyable. But to enhance the carefree and aesthetic look more, you might want to take a look at the list below so you can perfectly design your own boho kitchen and create the best corner of your house.

Color and Tone Selection

If you want a satisfying whole boho look, you can use the common bohemian color or tone such as warm earthy colors. You can mix and match it with neutral tones such as white, grey, or beige. Add some patterns and textures to bring a more unique style. The colors, patterns, and textures give the kitchen interior look vibrant and calming at the same time.

Kitchen cabinets in white color will be easier to combine with other kitchen interiors. Colorful ceramic backsplash gives a beautiful and distinct color to this kitchen decor. The rattan basket in the small cabinet is a good storage helper and keeps the room away from clutter. White kitchen cabinet with rattan basket as storage helper from shelterness.

The combination of gray and white in kitchen cabinets and open shelves is the perfect match for modern bohemian kitchen d├ęcor. The colorful carpet accentuates the bohemian style in an instant. Use a wooden countertop so that it is easier for you to clean it when it starts to get dirty, besides that the wood material is also very durable and not easily porous for a long time. Combination of a gray cabinet with white open shelves from shelterness.

When you choose a bohemian kitchen with a dominant white color, you can try splashing gray in one of the cabinets to add a neutral color. For a bold color, you can create it by applying the Boho carpet on the stone floor. The hexagon ceramic backsplash adds a clean and modern feel to this kitchen decor. Kitchen cabinet in white with a splash of gray from shelterness.


Make sure you purchase the right furniture items to fill your bohemian kitchen. Choose the aesthetic and unique design such as a solid wood open cabinet, rattan basket, or patterned wallpaper. You do not need too many kitchen items that do not have any significant use, so it will not look cramped and ruin the aesthetic.

Get rid of unused furniture or items from your kitchen to get rid of the cramped and cramped kitchen atmosphere. U shape is the right kitchen layout for a small room. Take advantage of the entire kitchen cabinet as a closed or open storage idea. Hanging rope storage makes for a safe fruit storage idea. Add colorful rugs to add color to your white kitchen decor. Kitchen cabinet as open and closed storage from digsdigs.

When you have a kitchen cabinet in orange, then you can paint the kitchen walls yellow to provide striking color contrast. Put all utensils and kitchen necessities in this cabinet so that the room still looks neat and clean. Take advantage of an open cabinet to store some of the kitchen necessities that are often used. Orange kitchen storage cabinet from digsdigs.

The long wooden floating shelf is an open storage idea that is more effective and efficient when used. Don’t forget to use patterned wallpaper for a more colorful and energetic kitchen look. The combination of green and yellow on the wallpaper is a beautiful focal point in this bohemian kitchen. The tulips placed on the kitchen island are a sweet finishing touch. Long wooden floating shelf with patterned wallpaper from digsdigs.


Having some decoration to put in your boho kitchen offers a more cheerful atmosphere. You can place floral, foliage, or vase decorations. Having plants not only adds a catchy look but also brings fresher air to the kitchen, whereas vase decorations offer you a sophisticated and livelier color for the interior.

Place some greenery in different areas, for example on the top of the refrigerator, on wooden storage racks, and on the small kitchen island. The more green plants you apply, the fresher this kitchen space will be. You can choose this green plant with a small size so it doesn’t interfere with your cooking activities while in the kitchen. Place greenery in the kitchen with several different areas from digsdigs.

Include several types of greenery into your kitchen as decorative items that refresh the room to the maximum. In this kitchen you can also choose containers and pots with different materials and colors, vines are also one of the favorite green plants for bohemian decoration ideas. You can put this plant in an open cabinet and on top of the countertop. Several different types of green plants differ from digsdigs.


Do not forget to consider the proper arrangement of your kitchen interior. If there is a window, you need to place the sink facing it. That way, the natural light from the sun will shine the kitchen and enhance the bohemian theme more appealingly. Organize all the utensils accordingly to prevent the clutter that will ruin the whole boho look.

The more storage you have in decorating the kitchen, the tidier the appearance of your kitchen will be. Place all your kitchen utensils in their place, for example on a driftwood shelf or in a storage cabinet. In this Boho kitchen, you can use a transparent glass window facing the sink to provide enough sunlight into the room. The idea of lots of storage space and transparent glass windows from elledecor.

Use open shelves in your kitchen decor for an easier and more effective storage idea. You can hang this open shelf between the glass windows. The bigger the glass window you have, the more sunlight will enter the room. This light helps the lighting in the kitchen so that it does not need electricity during the morning and during the day. Open shelves that hang between the glass windows from elledecor.

It is not that hard to nail a boho kitchen when you all the basics about it. Enjoy your newly designed interior and have fun with it!

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