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Minimalist Master Bedroom Decor Ideas

Minimalist style upholds the concept of less is more. It is a clutter-free and all functional style. It is for that reason that decorating a minimalist room is a challenging job. You want to make your room stylish while compendious at the same time.

Decorating a minimalist master bedroom is all about eliminating excessive patterns, strong color schemes, and non-essential ornamental objects. Especially for the master bedroom where we believe is your favorite space in the house, you want to set everything right and purposeful. Below are some minimalist master bedroom decor ideas which may help you with your decorating plan.

Simple Bed

Let us start with the biggest star in the room, the bed. Yes, the bed should first set the example of being minimalist. Choose a bed with a simple bed frame, or no bedframe at all. A box spring or a platform bed is a good bed frame choice, other than that will only be a minimalist let-down.

The platform bed made of leather provides a more modern and elegant feel. Throw a few pillows and bedding on the mattress to make it a warmer, more comfortable bed for all-day use. The leather on this platform bed is also very durable and does not tear easily. You can choose black to make it easier to combine with the surrounding interior. Don’t forget to add some patterns to your carpet and wallpaper to make it seem more lively and energetic. Leather platform beds from elledecor.

Use wood for your bed idea to make it more sturdy and not easily porous over a long period of time. You can paint and varnish the surface of the bed for a smoother texture. Recolor it darker for a more elegant style. Large paintings become artistic focal points. Wooden benches are a comfortable sitting area in this room. Wooden bed frame ideas from onekindesign.

The bed box spring which is equipped with a tufted headboard provides maximum comfort because it has soft and soft touch. Include some neutral colors like white and gray for a lovely color mix. White flowers are a natural decoration that can make the room feel fresher and look feminine. Bed box spring equipped with tufted headboard from onekindesign.

Go All Neutral Colors

Neutral colors are key for a minimalist look. Go for simple palettes, including mid-tone shades and moody dark, and avoid complex color combinations. You may add a pop of color here and there for a pleasant surprise but keep it to a minimum. It should be applied to walls, beddings, floors—literally everything.

White and beige make for a neutral tone that works well in a master bedroom décor. Add a splash of gold to the side of the pillowcase for luxurious color. These colors give the illusion of your bedroom looking more spacious, clean, and elegant. Add a rug under the bed for warm footwear. The combination of white with beige in the master bedroom from elledecor.

Neutral colors in this bedroom decor are not easy to give a feeling of boredom while in this room, you can combine three different colors such as black, white, and beige. Instead of walls with large glass windows as an area to freely enter sunlight into the room. Add a natural accent with the nightstand woodcut. Pair black, white, and beige from elledecor.

The combination of black and white provides a modern and minimalist monochromatic style. You can add another bold color to one of the interiors as a beautiful focal point, for example, the orange color on the chair and one of the pillowcases. Large glass windows let natural light enter the room freely. Monochromatic style master bedroom from elledecor.

Straight Clean Lines

Another master bedroom decor key is by utilizing straight clean lines, but what do straight clean lines mean? It means furniture with no ornate carving or other details usually found in decorating styles. With straight clean lines, your bedroom will feel more opened and airier, making it very relaxing.

If you have a bedroom decoration with limited space, then replace the use of a cabinet with a standing iron shelf as storage. Small shiny nightstands are one of the pieces of furniture that you just have to put on a lamp table. Choose bedding and pillowcases with plain fabrics to give the room a more open feel. Standing iron rack and small nightstand from elledecor.

Display your master bedroom decor in a simple but comfortable and eye-catching way. A plain wooden bed frame with a shiny appearance is enough for the furniture in this room so that it is even more perfect, you can add a nightstand with the same material and color. The forest mural gives this room a more natural feel. Plain wooden bed frame with nightstands from elledecor.

Single Piece of Artwork

If we can be totally honest with you, filling bare space on the walls with photos or paintings to make it whole is not in line with the minimalist concept. However, if you are a die-hard fan of the artwork, you are spared with only one piece of artwork to fill bare space above your bed. Choose one that you love most, or that can pull the look in your bedroom together.

You can choose and use a painting in a color that matches the interior in this master bedroom. Black and white is a color combination that presents a modern monochromatic style, besides that this color combination will never fail for a minimalist room. Choose a larger canvas painting size as a creative focal point. Canvas painting in black and white from elledecor.

Hang this modern touch artwork right above your headboard as your favorite wall decoration and make the room look cuter. This painting is equipped with a splash of gold, giving it a luxurious impression. You can use unique lighting by hanging two lanterns between these canvas paintings. Hanging modern touch artwork from elledecor.

We hope the abovementioned minimalist master bedroom decor ideas can give you some enlightenment.

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