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Luxurious Bedroom for Your Fancy Taste

The fact that the bedroom is the most private part of the house, it is natural if you want it personalized and be able to reflect your impeccable style. However, sometimes you encounter a stumbling block such as where to start revamping your bedroom to satisfy your craving for lavish design.

Particularly if you are on a budget, creating a luxurious bedroom just does not seem to be a realistic idea. We understand that dilemma, and that is the reason we are here. Below are some luxurious bedrooms for you to try without breaking the bank.

The Patterned Walls

Patterns are crucial to be put in every room. It can serve as a focal point and personality reflection. There is no quickest way to show your expensive style preference but to channel it through patterns. There are a variety of wall patterns you can choose from to create a lavish look, such as geometric or fresh rainforest patterns.

With this black geometric patterned wall, it will create an elegant look in your luxury bedroom. With shades of gray, you will bring a warm and calm impression to the room. Adding contemporary lighting to the right and left of the bed provides dramatic lighting. Don’t forget to combine it with gray furniture to provide a matching contrast to your luxurious bedroom.  Geometric wall accent bedroom from home-designing.

This black accent wall with geometric patterns is complemented by extra space to easily and neatly store your books. Adding an industrial-style wall lamp with a combination of gray and white room nuances creates the perfect look. This large chapel under the bed gives a cozy feel to the room. Black geometric pattern with bookshelves from home-designing.

Attract bees to your feature wall design. This dark gray beehive goes in and out to create an eye-catching texture for a luxurious bedroom that’s the perfect focal point. A double pendant lamp made of brass adds a luxurious impression to the room. This hidden lighting behind the wall provides dramatic lighting for you to emulate. Gray honeycomb pattern wall from home-designing.

The White Bedroom

A white room reflects cleanliness, tidiness, and elegance. Therefore, it looks expensive. If you do not want to make your room pale and sterile-looking, making it black and white in monochromic style. To maintain its elegance, do not let the black be dominating.

The white master bedroom with gray tones gives a monochrome impression. This room has stunning and very attractive walls and a classy carpet floor. Recessed lighting behind the wall and scones lights give it the perfect look. These sheer white curtains and black linen drapes provide an attractive decoration for you to try. White master bedroom from homestratosphere.

Applying white shades to a luxurious bedroom with a mixture of black on the furnishings adds to an attractive appearance that you can try now. Don’t let black dominate your room because it will be a stuffy and cramped room. Can only apply black color to some classic furniture and chandeliers. You can also use a wardrobe with mirror doors to give your bedroom a spacious impression. White nuance and black furniture from residencestyle.

Appearing monochrome in this luxury bedroom gives a calm feeling and will look spacious because of the white accents on the walls of the room. Don’t let pale white dominate your room. Pair it with a black bed and black curtain to the ceiling to provide the perfect contrast and will be the focal point of your bedroom. This white track lighting provides the perfect lighting. Black bed and black curtain from residencestyle.

Artful Room

Art is essential to create luxurious bedrooms. We do not intend to turn your bedroom into an art gallery here, but the point is to incorporate art into your room. It can be as simple as hanging one huge piece of art on the wall, hanging geometrical light fixtures in the ceiling, or bringing in sculptural furnishing depending on your room style and your budget.

Black bedroom is not easy. The extra luxury black walls contrast with the large abstract paintings, light floors, and emerald green accent walls. When using black in the bedroom, make sure there is plenty of contrast and light to make sure the room doesn’t feel too closed off. Contemporary chandeliers and natural lighting from large windows will create the perfect décor. Large abstract paintings from home-designing.

If you don’t want to stick to traditional artwork, consider having a few items on hand. This abstract design is mounted on a hidden wall and protected using a large sheet of glass. The addition of hidden lighting will create an attractive room decoration and will become the focal point of your luxurious bedroom. Contemporary ceiling chandeliers, large rugs, and floor-to-ceiling curtains add to the elegant look. Traditional artwork from home-designing.

The Eclectic Style

Eclectic style embraces diverse elements such as textures, time periods, and colors. Simply choosing the furniture in different colors will do. However, there are several things to note, such as maintaining a focal point. Even though things seem to be ‘scattered’, you must not forget focus or a focal point in the room, an eye-catching element.

Creating an eclectic bedroom is about finding the right balance between what you like and what your bedroom really needs. Eclectic bedrooms that are sophisticated and modern to vintage and retro. Adding a white wallpaper with an animal pattern will be the focal point of the room. Paired with pink, you can also add a white framed painting for the perfect contrast. Some eclectic style furniture complements the look of your luxurious bedroom. Eclectic bedrooms with animal wallpaper pattern from decoist.

A splash of floral wallpaper and orange hues for this eclectic bedroom is the highlight of this luxurious bedroom. Combined with some contemporary furnishings and table lamps on the right and left of the bed, it creates dramatic lighting. This white mattress with a tufted headboard makes for the perfect contrast. Floral wallpaper and orange wall from decoist.

Those are some luxurious bedrooms you can try. Feel free to copy one or two, and give your bedroom a new look.

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