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Top Essentials for Your Awesome Dorm Room Designs

Dorm room would be great if providing comfort and adds functionality and awesomeness in design at the same time. Dorm room designs are typically adjusted based upon the dwellers’ personality. Some people go for peachy-pink feminine hues while others pick masculine modern designs. Some even choose minimalism while others go for Boho style. Nevertheless, whatever your personality, all you need is to create your own unique version, although being inspired by other cool ones never becomes a problem, too.

We recommend some brilliant ideas for your stunning dorm room designs.

Eye-catching Wall Décor

Decorative wall accessory can be necessary for your dynamic aura. Ass-kicking wall décor is a perfect option to make your door room designs fabulous. You can pick some wall decorations, like photo collage, fairy lights, posters, or wood signboards. Hang your tiny string lights in broken white or golden yellow on the wall. Dangle some memorable photos on the string, and there you go!

Hang the photo collage that you have with string lights that has a white light, you can hang it on a wall that is still empty and not filled. It will be better and more attractive when hanging close to the bed. String lights give a room a dramatic feel with a warm touch. Photo collage with string light from digsdigs.

Golden yellow string light can be used as the main lighting in your dorm room decoration, add a wooden board monogram and some paintings to add to your wall appearance. Shinny metallic adds to the glamorous feel. Choose a faux fur blanket for a softer, warmer touch. Monogram wooden planks with painting from digsdigs.

If you want to decorate the dorm room walls, then photo collages and string lights are the right choices that you can try. You can attach a larger number of photo collages to make it more crowded. Hanging plants become room freshener items. Photo collage with additional green plant decoration from digsdigs.

Paste the photo collage on the dorm room wall according to the pattern you want. Hanging string lights resembling a waterfall give a dramatic impression that makes the atmosphere of the room warmer and more romantic. Add a subtle touch by throwing the faux fur blanket over the mattress. Waterfall string light from digsdigs.

Comfy Multiuse Bedding

If you’re into simple and functional décor, comfortable multi-use bedding is your answer. Installing hidden cabinets below your bed is brilliant as it adds more storage for you to use. This pull-and-push installation can be charmed from white-washed wood or streamline modern bedding. Throw some pillows and a comfy blanket to offer more coziness.

When you have an empty space under the bed, use it as a storage idea. You just need to add a wooden box with a large size so you can store a larger amount of goods. With this hidden storage, your dorm room decoration will look tidier and more orderly. Try out this storage idea today. Storage under the bed with a storage box from digsdigs.

Buy and use the right furniture for small dorm room interior ideas, high beds equipped with cubbies storage underneath are smart furniture that you can have. In addition, this mattress is also a comfortable resting place because it is equipped with pillows and blankets made from soft fabrics. High beds with cubbies storage from digsdigs.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirror is a must to have. You can pick a circle mirror with the golden frame as your wall hanging instead of a headboard. Or else, you can choose an adjustable leaning mirror for aesthetic minimalism purposes and full function in use. If you have more space, you can go for a bigger beauty mirror with sophisticated LED lamps. If not, simply dangle some string lights around the frame for boosting the ambiance.

The standing mirror placed in the dorm room gives the illusion of a wider space. You can put it in the corner of the room so that it doesn’t interfere with your space when on the move. Enter several different motifs on the pillow and bedding to add to the impression of an exciting room. The glass windows help the natural light in this dorm room. Standing mirror at the corner from digsdigs.

Hang several round mirrors on the walls of your dorm room for a dramatic room effect. The mirror frame is in gold color, making it a luxurious feel that is not excessive. Hang the round mirror between the macrame and the polaroid photo for a perfect and sweet final look. Round mirror with gold frame from digsdigs.

Multipurpose Cabinetry

Dorm room designs often face a problem of space limit, and multipurpose cabinetry can suffice your need. It is not only for organizing your personal belongings, like accessories and jewelry. It also shares space for a lamp desk or a coffee table. Brilliant, isn’t it?

Store your small items in this wooden cabinet to display a neat and orderly dorm room decoration. This cabinet is equipped with several drawers so that it can be used for more storage. For a more efficient time finding your favorite book, you can place it on the top surface of the cabinet. Cabinet is equipped with several drawers from digsdigs.

You can use this standing cabinet next to the bed to store some of your favorite books, besides that this cabinet can also be used to display several ornaments that can enhance your dorm room decor. Don’t forget to add yellow glowing string lights for cute and lovely lighting. Multi-function standing cabinet from mymove.

See, it’s easy to go for stunning dorm room designs. Make yours real!

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