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10 Brilliant Elements That’ll Charm Your Minimalist Interior Architecture

Going simple and functional is the key featured in minimalist interior architecture. A clean design enhances simplicity and elegance. The elements required are ideally related to a reduction in form, yet remain functional. The color picks are generally monochromatic. The concept maximizes the chance to earn space value for both aesthetic purposes and spacious use to breathe deeper.

We recommend several elements that’ll boost your interior architecture with a touch of minimalism.

Monochromatic Color Palette

Thinking simple is the key, and a simple monochromatic color palette can work for your minimalist interior architecture. If you are afraid to have too limited color picks, no worries. You can simply combine the color shades. Mixtures of tints and textures can also level up the ambiance of your beautiful space.

Black and white is a color combination that creates a monochromatic style in your minimalist living room. When your walls are white, the furniture used is glossy black. If you choose a wooden floor, repaint it with a color that matches the furniture you have. Minimalist black and white living room from archify.

Play with patterns and motifs in the interior of your living room to give a minimalist and classy impression, no need to worry about a black and white combination. Because this color has become popular this year. The gray cement walls give a hint of a charming industrial touch. Carpet becomes footwear that is warmer when in use. Black and white living room interior patterns from archify.

Cover your sofa with white cotton fabric. To include a monochromatic style in your living room, using a modern fireplace and dark glossy floors is the right idea and combination. Instead of walls with large glass windows to let in sunlight easily. White cover sofa with dark color fireplace and floors from decoraid.

Reductive Design

Less is more. Going minimalist goes with reduction, and that also means everything in your design. Avoid unnecessary installation in your space, and occupy what matters the most. Clean, streamlined design with a touch of modern interior architecture adds value to your space. Adding more effect is not recommended in minimalism. Going simple and reductive is the effect.

Do not use furniture excessively to get a space that is more free to move, organized, and tidy. In this minimalist living room, you only need to use furniture that is often used, the rest you can put it in the warehouse. The compulsory furniture that you must have is a sofa and a coffee table. Floor lamps provide lighting that illuminates the area around the room well. You can try these decorating ideas into your living room for a fabulous makeover. Avoid using excessive furniture from elledecor.

Use matching colors on the furniture that you use in the minimalist living room to harmonize the elegant color tones. No need to place cabinets for more mobile space. White is a color choice that can give the illusion of a room that looks wider and cleaner. Living room furniture with matching colors from elledecor.

Form and Function

Interior design in minimalist concepts underlines the focus in form and function. Clear and simple shape is used rather than other experimental accent effects. The functionality must be clear. It fulfills the function, adds value to your space, and highlights the material form that’ll make the space minimal yet aesthetic.

Make your bedroom wall a storage idea that doesn’t take up a lot of space. This built-in storage makes your space more effective and efficient. You can put a small TV and some of your favorite books. Black and white are the dominant colors in this room, creating a minimalist and modern monochromatic feel. Bedroom wall with built-in storage from decorilla.

Apart from being used as a room divider, the wall can also be used for TV stand ideas and built-in small storage. You can use the rest of the wall space that is used as a TV stand to place ornaments that can beautify your living room, for example, a transparent glass vase containing water plants. The green linen sofa provides a fresh color contrast when placed in a neutral living room. Wall divider with built-in TV stand and small storage from decorilla.

The kitchen island can double when it is equipped with a high stool, with this you can enjoy dishes on the kitchen island. Make the bottom of the kitchen island with a hole for the comfort of your feet when you eat at this place. Use marble material on the kitchen island for a luxurious and modern look. Place small plants on top for a fresh indoor decoration. Multi-function kitchen island from decorilla.

Material Picks

Adjust your materials with the color palette you have picked for your minimalist interior architecture. Light brown wood and broken white décor can be its perfect match. You can also install clean glass and metal materials for going more modern yet elegant. Remember to consider colors, textures, and materials you have chosen for staying simple, and beautiful, warm-welcoming space is all yours.

Brown wood on your furniture and floors will be even more perfect if placed in a living room with white walls. The combination of the two will be even more perfect if it is equipped with a snake plant that makes your room fresher. Give this room a little classic motif on the small carpet, don’t forget to use the floor lamp as the main light in your living room. Furniture and floors are made of brown wood from elledecor.

You can get a classy modern look by using the right furniture. You can choose a dining table with a metal material, choose a glass material to coat the surface of the dining table to make it smoother. White walls are a neutral decoration idea, combining furniture with any material and color. Use sheer curtains to easily let sunlight into the room. Dining table made of metal and glass from elledecor.

Those are some brilliant elements that’ll level up your interior architecture in minimalist design. Give it a go!


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