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10 Fabulous Accent Wall Bedroom Ideas You Can Steal

Bedroom is the center of intimacy, and an elegant accent wall bedroom can be the best focal point to give aesthetic effect and exhibit your signature. There are hundreds of options for you to try. You can style your wall with wallpaper, photo collages, or wood collections. Wall hanging décor indeed gives a unique accent to your wall. You can simply paint it bold and strong, too.

Get inspired with these fabulous accent wall bedroom ideas you’ll love.

Wallpaper Accent Wall

Wallpaper for accent wall bedroom offers flexibility. You can change it whenever you want, and, voilà, the atmosphere of your bedroom changes instantly. Floral wallpaper is still trending. Its pattern offers a whimsical effect to your space. Or else, style your wall with other playful patterns, like dots, Boho-style feathers, geometrics, or chevron.

This warm, modern bedroom features sepia-colored wallpaper and a cantilever table lamp. You can achieve a masculine look with this nude and off-white floral wallpaper. Indirectly, your bedroom will look attractive and will steal people’s attention. Combine with some other furniture to complete the look of your bedroom. Lotus metallic gold and off-white floral from elledecor.

Another great color to create a bright look for your bedroom can bring a cheerful impression with this modern wallpaper design. The combination of irregular lines and geometric shapes has an attractive wallpaper appearance making it suitable for both children and adults who love contemporary art. This wallpaper will appeal to you and create the perfect focal point. Combining with some brightly colored furniture will complete the look of your bedroom. Colorful geometric wallpaper from elledecor.

A stylish bedroom that creatively combines neutral colors and floral prints offers the effect of a serene space. With gray and yellow floral motifs, this will change the appearance of a comfortable bed. With this classic style bedroom, you can combine it with a wooden bedside table and a comfortable bed. Adding a scone light above the headboard will provide dramatic lighting. so you have to try it now. Gray and yellow floral motif from elledecor.

Artistic Gallery Wall

Wall hanging décor remains a bomb for your accent wall bedroom. To share a vintage look, you can hang some antique photos on the wall. A salon-style photo wall is also brilliant. For getting some teenage tone, you can simply style your wall with a photo collage of friends or family. However, the hangings don’t have to be photo frames. You can hang your artwork collections, like hanging sculptures, artistic wood signs, or some antiques, too!

Bright patterns and colors bring this cozy bedroom to life. The metallic accents really stand out and the brutalist sculpture adds dimension to the room. You can place it on the headboard to the appeal of the room thus creating the perfect focal point of the room. And of course, this cheerful sculpture is a stunning work of art in your bedroom. Brutalist sculpture on bedroom from housebeautiful.

Horns can be rough, cool, or even glamorous depending on how you style them. Go for the metallic version and you can place it over the bed to give the room a focal point and grab people’s attention. You can add some other furniture to complete the decor. With this idea, you will create a vintage look to the room and create a stylish look. Wooden horns on bedroom from housebeautiful.

In this Scandinavian-style bedroom, asymmetrical gallery walls warm up the atmosphere, making it feel more personal and comfortable. For an affordable wall art look, mix framed pieces with vintage ribbons or your own piece of art. Combined with white color to create an airy look. Scandinavian-style bedroom with gallery wall from housebeautiful.

Boldly Painted Accent Wall

Going bold is another option for a strong accent wall bedroom. You can paint them in bold colors, like blood red, fresh orange, elegant purple, or emerald green. Hang one or two picturesque decorations on it. You can also splash some refreshments by setting planters around the focal point.

A dramatic bedroom will always fascinate you. Having this bedroom concept arouses curiosity that makes you want to be in the room again and again. Consider using this bedroom as a sample. The blood red walls will give this modern bedroom a bold look. Pair it with white accents for the perfect contrast. Blood red paint walls from housebeautiful.

If you find black and gray looking too plain, consider applying a dark green like this one. A dark and natural feel fills this bohemian-style bedroom. You can also pair a white painted wall for the perfect contrast. Adding greenery will give a natural impression to the room as well as create the focal point of the room. Dark green and white wall from shelterness.

Wood Accent Wall

A rustic accent wall bedroom? Wood accent wall can suffice the warm ambiance. You will unexpectedly be amazed with the natural sensation from wood textures. Install reclaimed wood accent wall for sharing stunning plus unique sophistication. If you’re into deep cold white design, opt for white-washed wood for your space elegance.

This modern, rustic style bedroom doesn’t need a lot of decoration. You just have to play around with a white reclaimed wood pallet that you stick to one of your bedroom walls. The following ideas will help you create a relaxing space that exudes casual warmth without feeling cluttered. The white nuances and wooden floors give a warm impression and give your bedroom an enchanting look. White reclaimed wood palette wall from thespruce.

In this farmhouse bedroom, taking the masculine edge of the reclaimed wood wall and a stone fireplace with checkered curtains will give a contrasting look. The small wing chair on the right will give a cozy feel to a country bedroom. These decorations give off a warm impression with the all-wood furnishings and will make for a stylish look. White reclaimed wood wall farmhouse bedroom from thespruce

Those are several amazing ideas for your accent wall bedroom. Pick your favorites!


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