10 Amazing Indian Wedding Decorations

A wedding is most likely happening once in a lifetime for many people. Therefore, it is a very joyful occasion that needs to be handled with care. It is the day where a couple vows to live together for the rest of their lives. Hence, it is common for people to spend a lot of money on the preparation just to make it a special day to remember. While some elements of a wedding are universal, there are still some unique things at every wedding.

A couple might put their personal experience and taste to the wedding, for example, some couple loves to have a native Indian culture in their wedding. While it might not be their tribe, to have the Indian wedding decorations might be very personal to the couple. If you are one of those people, check out some of the decoration ideas below.

Dream Catcher

A dream catcher is quite popular nowadays since it was promoted successfully through some popular movies. Thus, many people love to have this decoration. It is believed that this item can catch a nightmare so that it is usually found it the bedroom. At a wedding, a dream catcher symbolizes that only a good dream can pass through in the couple’s life. Hence, it is a great item to have at a wedding.


Make your wedding the most beautiful moment of all time. Prepare the bridal decorations that you will use during the event by decorating them as attractively as possible. For example, by using a colorful dream catcher to decorate the roof of your wedding decoration. Use a dream catcher with a variety of sizes. For a symbol of hope that your marriage will always have a beautiful life. Colorful dream catcher for wedding decoration from wedmegood.

You can use a dream catcher for an Indian-style wedding decoration that looks simple but attracts attention. Hang each dream catcher using a white strap on a green background to provide lovely color contrast. Paper flower ornaments make a sweet complement and finish. Indian wedding ideas are very on a budget so it really saves on expenses. Dream catcher equipped with paper flower ornament from wedmegood.

To enliven your outdoor Indian wedding, hanging some dream Cather on a tree is the right idea. You can tie it lengthwise so that it will be photographed during a photo session. Choose and use a dream catcher with one color, namely white to display an elegant style, besides that white is also easy to mix with other decorations. White dream catcher hanging from a tree vertically from wedmegood.

Wedding moments are the most beautiful things to remember. Therefore there is nothing wrong if you decorate with unique things. For example, by using Indian wedding-themed decorations. By adding a series of dream catchers that you can use for the background in the photo booth. So that’s where you get unforgettable documentation. Dream catcher decor for background on the photo booth from justdial.

The aisle is the center of attention of the guests who attend your wedding. Make it as beautiful as possible by decorating it with the theme of an Indian Wedding. The little thing you can do to show the theme is to use some typical Indian Dream Catchers. That way it will further strengthen your Indian wedding theme. Indian typical Dream Catcher from wedmegood.

Native American Indian Vase

This is one of the most important and popular Indian wedding decorations. In the Native American culture, the vase is the representation of the unity in the wedding. It is a double-neck vessel with two symmetrical spouts. The spouts symbolize two people and when it is linked into one vase, that means the two couple is now in unity. Every tribe has its tribal pattern it the vase, you can pick the one you like the most.

To perfect your American Indian wedding theme, don’t forget to add one of the most distinctive traditions to Indian weddings, namely the vase ceremony. The bride can wear all white clothes for a more elegant look, it will be even more harmonious if you use a white ceramic vase decorated with charming gold knick-knacks. The ceremonial vase that is used can be adjusted to the one you like and the most favorite. Ceramic ceremonial vase decorated with gold knick-knacks from theguardian.

A wedding with an American Indian theme is incomplete if it doesn’t use a vase ceremony. This event is a symbol of the joining of two people in one marriage bond. This vase ceremony is considered important because it has a sacred marriage symbol. You can choose a vase with a ceramic main ingredient to get a luxurious impression. Besides that, ceramic materials are also easier to clean when they start to get dirty, their unique and classic motifs make this event even more popular. You can try this vase ceremony for your wedding event. The vase ceremony as a symbol of the union of two people from weddings.lovetoknow.

In the vase ceremony procession on the American Indian wedding theme, you are given the opportunity to drink the water that has been filled in the vase. You shouldn’t miss this moment with the usual. You can give water to each other so that it becomes a sacred and romantic event. Instead of a ceramic vase, you can try a clay vase decorated with black paint. This vase ceremony takes place when all invited guests have attended your wedding. A wedding ceremony vase with the main ingredient of clay from weddings.lovetoknow.

Native American Indian Basket

The basket is not specifically used for the wedding. However, it also holds ceremonial purposes. The white inner coils symbolize birth and the black other coils represent struggle and pain. In the last outer side, the color is red which represents marriage. The red symbolizes the mixing of two blood.


One more thing that you should not miss in carrying out the American Indian wedding theme, namely the American Indian Basketball. One small thing but it really influences your American Indian wedding theme. With this distinctive feature of this American Indian basket, it is different from any basket. The fiber material is woven to form baskets and decorated with tassels made of rattan to add to the distinction of your American Indian wedding. American Indian rattan basket from palmstrading.

If you want to create another look using the American Indian Basket you can use it as a delivery vessel for your American Indian wedding. The coils are combined in black and white to make a unique American Indian motif. That way your American Indian wedding will be perfect. Basket with American Indian motifs from eventsbyshowstoppers.


Those are ten amazing Indian wedding decorations you can put on your special day!

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