10 Best Ideas for Rustic Elegant Wedding Decorations

A beautiful wedding comes with elegant wedding decorations, and rustic touch is a perfect pick these days! Both indoor and outdoor weddings require special elements of décor. Thus, it is better for you to consider the possible obstacles and challenges before you go. Pretty wedding décor with rustic touch is ideally charmed by natural elements, like flowers, wood, and leaves. Once well-arranged, beautiful wedding decoration is all yours!

Dig deep into our list on rustic elegant wedding decorations below.

A Sky Full of Stars

Bringing all the stars lower can spread the amazement. Hundreds of mini LED white lamps installed medium-high upon the guests are great to see. These tiny lamps are perfect for both indoor and outdoor elegant wedding decorations. Also set some lanterns, rustic lamps or candles around the hook. Feel the charm of the lights!

This wedding shines, thanks to the never ending little LED lights. This style will give the impression of a star-filled sky on your outdoor wedding day. This rustic wedding style, it brings warmth to the invited guests. Adding linens in the center of the table, country lamps or candles, and tableware around the table will create a dramatic impression. Warm white LED lights from brides.

Sparkling charm is all kinds of wedding styles. The canopy of twinkling lights gives off a star-filled impression combined with a thin fabric. To accentuate the lush table view using linens and straight lines provide some contrast to the distinctly feminine table look. Don’t forget to add some centerpieces in the form of glass candle containers, cutlery, and white blooming flowers. With the addition of this candle, it will create a dramatic impression. Canopy with twinkling lights from brides.

This tiny LED light may not provide much light for daytime celebrations, but it will create the illusion of a star-filled sky. The masculine iron pergola gets a little bit of fun for your wedding day party. Don’t forget to combine a wedding table equipped with blue linens, several candle holders, cutlery and blooming flowers to beautify and enliven your wedding table. Tiny LED light and iron pergola from brides.

Touch of Flowers

Elegant décor isn’t complete without flowers. Floral arrangements can be anywhere! On the arch and the aisle, on the guest chairs, and on the welcoming photo booth, the flower is the star. Simply take several colors in rustic saturations, like broken white, light peach, or calm pink, and adorable floral décor is ready to adorn your wedding day!

This white blooming garland adds to the look of this country wedding day. You can also tie some flowers on a white chair and add some candles and a runner rug to maximize your wedding look. Don’t forget to add tiny and tiny ceiling-mounted LED lights to give it an eye-catching look. White blooming garland from brides.

A few touches of countless flowers and the warm glow of candles and garlands of bulb lights will complete a rustic wedding look. White blooming flowers are placed on the pillars and added with candles to provide dramatic lighting so that this wedding day feels so attractive. This LED light will attract the attention of your guests and make your wedding more attractive. Garland blooming flower with LED light from brides.

Wrapped in the warm glow of pillar candles and a few touches of countless flowers, an outdoor fireplace, and a string of bulb lamps, this winter wedding isn’t cold at all. White blooms are placed on the pillars and added with candles to give a dramatic light so that this wedding day feels so attractive. White blooms and bulb string from brides.

Blanket of Nature

What’s better than inviting nature closer in your wonderful day? Having an outdoor wedding reception effortlessly embraces the nature surrounding, but you can surely make a dream wedding indoor with a blanket of nature, too. You can employ some natural elements, like leaves, twigs, branches, or an artificial fountain. Some people even go further by having an artificial lake with real plants and lanterns on their indoor wedding décor. Just like in a movie!

The water feature basically needs a candlelight and a glittering ceiling as it reflects warm light, adding to the dramatic look. This pool adds so much charm to the setting with an interesting view. At night the pool gives an attractive appearance and will grab the attention of many people. Add some wooden chairs around the pool to complete your wedding décor. Water feature and candlelight rustic wedding from brides.

Set the mood for cocktails by complementing the old fountain with garden roses and orchid strands spilling from each tier. This country-style wedding will grab the attention of the crowd and you have the idea of a movie-like wedding. Putting a fountain in the middle of the event is a very good idea and you can try it now. Old fountain with roses and orchid from brides.

Rustic Wood Décor

For your elegant wedding decorations, you can install skillfully-carved wood signs for your wedding signature. Stacks of wood can also be a good décor to beautify your rustic wedding space. Wood can also cover your candles, too!

A rustic and winter wedding centerpiece of a piece of wood, wooden mountains, and lanterns are great to decorate your wedding table. Place it on a tray made of wood and use white linen so that it will make a more rustic feel. This wooden ornament can also be a great decoration to beautify your rustic wedding room. This deep red lantern provides a dramatic glow and will grab your guests’ attention. Wooden mountains and wooden tray from weddingomania

Using chunks of wood with carvings will enhance the appearance of your wedding table. Don’t forget to add greenery to give the decor a natural touch. Pine leaves are added and combined with blooming flowers to add style to your table. These wood carvings make for perfect sculptures and will catch the attention of your guests. Wood carvings centerpieces wedding table from weddingomania

It’s a perfect chance to make your dream rustic elegant wedding decorations real!

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