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10 Gorgeous DIY Wedding Decorations

A wedding is a ceremony where a couple vows to enjoy the rest of their life together in joy and sorrow. While there are some similar characteristics in every wedding, in a way, there must be some elements that are unique for each couple. Some might prefer the more intimate backyard wedding while some might love having a huge party in a resort. Nevertheless, both are great as long as the couple enjoys it.

When it comes to your wedding, you have to keep in mind that it is you and your partner’s day. Thus, it is important to keep things as you love. You can hire a wedding organizer to speed things up with the preparation, but you could also opt in for some personal touch. One of the ways is to make DIY wedding decorations. While it is fun, remember that the DIY pieces still need to synergize with the theme to make it more wholesome. Check out some DIY ideas below.

Personal Floral Centerpieces

Commonly, some if not all tables in a wedding are already reserves for the special people, be it the families, friends, or acquaintances. Usually, you know every each one of them and have particular memory about that certain person. Thus, to appreciate that certain person for coming to your joyful day, you can create a personal floral centerpiece, choose flowers that remind you of them and put it in a pretty vase.

The centerpiece of a rose blooming in bold colors makes this wooden table look more passionate and beautiful. You can make a flower box container to give it a more natural impression, add a table number frame for a sweet and perfect finishing touch. This DIY flower wooden box adds a vintage impression to a wedding decoration that is not out of date every year. DIY flower box centerpiece with table number frame from hgtv.

The wooden slab used to place the glass vase provides a rustic touch which is very trendy in this year’s wedding centerpiece decoration. You can put several different types of flowers to give color to the dining table that you will wear. Don’t forget to add aromatherapy candles which can give a more relaxed and calm feel. You can also add table numbers so that your guests sit on the chairs and tables that match the invitation, this number idea makes it easy for guests to find the table they are going to. Slab wooden tray with glass vase from hgtv.


Not only a wedding decoration centerpiece with flowers in bloom, you can also combine it with succulent plants planted in green glass vases. This centerpiece decoration makes the guests amazed. Wooden slice becomes a tray or container that adds a natural rustic impression, you don’t need to repaint it to make it look more natural. You can try this centerpiece decoration idea this year perfectly. Combination of flower centerpiece with succulents plants from countryliving.

Make your wedding decorations as simple as possible but still look elegant. Use the DIY rectangle flower box centerpiece as a focal point on the dining table of guests who attend your wedding. You can apply several flower colors to make it look more colorful and beautiful. DIY Box centerpiece made of wood will last longer and last a long time. DIY rectangle box centerpiece from countryliving.

Personalize Guest Cards

Make this DIY wedding decoration might need a bit more effort. However, if you tailor-made the guests’ cards and write special notes to the receivers, they might keep the cards as a special memento.

Give a different impression to your wedding decoration with place cards that are equipped with key accents and shiny ribbons. The key combination with ribbons provides perfection, rustic and chic. Attaching a name tag on this card will look more attractive and not boring so that it will make invited guests more excited to attend your wedding. You can try it out for a rustic wedding style that’s popular this year. DIY keys place card from rusticweddingchic.

Apply rosemary sprigs on each place card to add a DIY impression to your wedding. This card is suitable for a simple winter wedding event, although simple it still looks charming. You can print the name in black on each of these white cards to make it look more clear and contrast. This card does not cost a lot of money when making it so it really saves on expenses. Place card plain white with rosemary stalk from rusticweddingchic.

This natural wood slice can be an area to put place cards at rustic-style weddings, you just need to stick the name tag on the top surface of the wood slice clearly. These place cards add to the natural beauty of winter weddings. In addition to its affordable price, this place card makes it easy for invited guests to find the area they will occupy when attending your event. DIY wood slice place card from rusticweddingchic.

DIY Wedding Bouquet

Each flower has a certain meaning. If you are also a believer of this sentence, create your personal bouquet! Personalize the flowers as much as you like. Make the bouquet unique and represent you. This should not be too difficult; you can pick the flowers from your own backyard or buy it from a local florist. Add some memento like the fabric from your mother’s wedding dress to make it more special. Arrange it corresponding to your heart and it will be the most exceptional bouquet for your wedding day.

Flower bouquets are items that must be present at weddings. You can combine several different rose colors into one, add a little green vines to add a beautiful aesthetic impression. This colorful bouquet of roses complements the bridal portrait to be more beautiful. When this flower bouquet is juxtaposed with a white lace bridal kebaya, the color will be even more striking. Bouquet of colorful roses with vines from townandcountrymag.

When the flower bouquet has not been used, then you can place it in a glass vase filled with water to keep it fresh when used for photos or during events. You can tie this white flower bouquet with colorful leaves together with a gold ribbon. The appearance of the bouquet will be more perfect when used, you can try it at your wedding this year to make it look more charming. White flower bouquet with gold ribbon accents from townandcountrymag.

These white roses in bloom will be more useful at weddings when transformed into a beautiful bouquet. You can add several other types of plants that have different colors, for example, lavender. These green leaves add a fresh impression that is not easily boring. Pay attention to this flower arrangement in order to keep using the right elements and layout, you can make it more modern or traditional. Both will be a trend this year, choose one style to complete your wedding event. Modern style white rose flower bouquet from townandcountrymag.

Those are some gorgeous DIY wedding decorations you can try!

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