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20 DIY Mason Jar Chandelier for A Rustic Lovers

Mason jar is so lovable. There are many things that you can make with it. You can use it in kitchen, bedroom, living room, anywhere. So many things that you can do with it especially if you are DIY-lover, DIY mason jar chandelier for example.

DIY mason jar chandelier will help you gain the amazing rustic lights and ceiling light fixtures without getting expensive with the precious rustic appeal. Mason jar itself is easily available, free of cost to get and has the brilliant transparent glassy appeal that makes them perfect candidate to make this DIY project. So do not throw away your mason jar and check out these 8 DIY mason jar chandelier below for a rustic lovers like you. This list of mason jar chandeliers is really going to show that how to illuminate your home and spaces beautifully with the homemade Mason jars lights.

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Spice up your space with this handmade chandelier that is made of Mason jars and comes with a wooden box installed to the ceiling that holds all the electrical cables inside connected with the power supply cables by following custom circuits.

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