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9 Best Ways To Upcycle Old Maps

If you ever subscribe to National Geographic magazine, you will have a pile of old maps lying around and do not know what to do. Do not dare to throw away the old maps and atlases. Conversely, why not give them new goals by increasing them into something new and unique? You just need some repurposing and upcycling ideas and you’ll be on your way to your next craft project!

If you want an ambitious project you can try this idea, it is to install your old map on the ceiling of the house. You will need some help from others in the process, but the results will be worth.

Use the old map as room decoration. By adding into the bedroom decoration like this. Able to give a simple impression but a lot of information in it.
If you want to use your old map so it doesn’t become a used item. Use decorations like this, by using it as a wall decoration. Give a good impression and look creative.
This time with material from around map. Can make it a backrest on your chair. Because it has nice decorations and beautiful motifs.
You can make ornaments from round ribbon. By stacking several maps and can look good and has a very attractive decoration.
The ornaments can be made from map material. By giving as a motif glass containing a candle. So that it can provide a dazzling decoration.
Only by adding decorations to the old map. Can increase the decoration of the lights become more attractive and beautiful.
You can make toys for children. Only with old map paper can be a simple toy propeller. So that makes your child happy
This star-shaped hanging decoration. You can make it from a used map, which can give you beauty for an attractive decoration and impression.
Your old map can be a wall decoration for decoration. That way the decoration will be more interesting and good.

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